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Re: 581 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
^ You are new so I will be blunt.
He's been here for almost a year, so he's not really "new".

Sage mode is not just some jutsu you pick up and use like most others. The first step of it requires having an animal contract just so you have the proper animal summons that know how to do sage mode. If you don't have that than you can't do sage mode.
Technically...this has never been verified. The only requirement to Sage mode via the toads is a large chakra pool. This is why Sage training was only given to Jiraiya and Naruto, they have/had massive chakra pools. Why/how Kabuto managed to get Sage training via the snakes...I don't know. He hadn't ever really shown a large chakra pool.

Then there is the ritual itself for having sage animals bond with a person. The toad sages would fuse with Jiraiya to allow him to maintain Sage mode for an extended period of time, collecting the Nature chakra for him while he moves. Naruto, because of the fox, can't fuse with the toads. That's why he developed the usage of the shadow clones to gather chakra and extend his time in Sage mode.

That requires the actual animals be willing to work with you. Kabuto has an agreement with the snakes which is why they are willing to work with him. They are not just some chakra made beasts. They are actual snakes that are willing to work with him thus if sasuke wants to even get those snakes to work with him at all he would have to make an agreement with them.
Or, and this is a wild stab, the snakes are working with Kabuto because he has incorporated Orochimaru's DNA into his own body. Orochimaru had the blood contract with the snakes. That contract passed to Sasuke when Oro tried to take him over, and now Kabuto has it.
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