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Re: Magi 87

Wow I dont know why I completely forgot about that picture so that does answer my question on the vessels. Quite happy though quite like Amon hes pretty cool and I've loved Alibaba's Djinn Equpiment design so far so I cant wait to see how Morg's will look.

I didnt want to mention to much above as I havent figured out how to do that hide and show thing yet. But I'm quite looking forward to seeing this guy from the Kou Empire, the one who has conquered 3 Dungeons so far. Would love to see one of Sinbads Generals or Sinbad Vsing him.

Also the Prince guy hes actually quite interesting looking forward to seeing more and knowing more about him. I think theres a good chance he will have vessel with him too. But I cant help but see him as a melee fighter like Morg too, perhaps its cause of the speed he showed.
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