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Re: homosexuality is it just......

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Why, what causes it and exactly how it beneifits a species to have it, is still unknown and some rather touchy questions to get into.
Could be like the bonobos, where sex is used instead of fighting to keep the peace.
(I'm quite certain the gay community will be happy for proof that they are genetically natural but will quail at the idea of describing it fully for the potential genetic "therapies" that could arise to remove it from unborn children - of course, just one of the many issues our growing genetic species will have to wrestle with.)
This. Bigots already call homosexuality a disease, which means that there just has to be a cure. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it, yadda yadda yadda.
A common citation of common and accepted homosexual practices is Rome, the previous height of civilization which has only recently been surpassed...
Don't forget Sparta. Homosexuality and pederasty were important to the Spartan way of war and whatnot.
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