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Re: Magi 93

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
If Morgiana isn't paired off with Alibaba then she should get the Djinn. Morgiana would need to be with Alibaba in order for her weapon to become a HHV right? If she isn't near him then it shouldn't happen.

To many people relying on fire if Morgiana becomes a HHV user for Alibaba than ideally she'll use fire as well. 3 out of 3 for the main cast being fire users? I somehow doubt that.
I agree with you on the fire powers man, dont get me wrong the fire moves so far have been pretty awesome I mean I love Amon's sword just an awesome sword. I think Aladdin is initially thinking of fire techniques due to that guy from the Kou Empire, there Magi having used Ice moves. But he also did show he can use multiple elements, so I think this is really only the beginning for Aladdin, also he did have fire magic with Ugo so would be just expanding probably on the knowledge he has. I think after this dungeon is conquered he might learn some Water techniques from the female mage, the one who Sinbad apparently felt up haha (( sorry this manga series im miserable at the names )).

I think that Morgiana should get the Djinn as I would like her to get much stronger without having to rely too much on Alibaba as thats how house hold vessel work if am right.

But I can also see why the prince would get this Vessel too as him and this Djinn seem to be alike.
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