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Re: homosexuality is it just......

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Soon? Centuries after the fact for you is "soon"? Sparta had its sexual peak in the IV Century BC and only fell IV century AC. That's 700~800 between the events. It also took centuries for Rome and Ancient Egypt.

Also, you got it backwards for Japan. Meiji Japan was more liberal sexually than Edo's, and the same thing can be said about post-WW II and pre-WW II.
I find it funny, because Sparta was Roman (monarchy during the time of Amino Domino). Really funny seeing how many historians have the fall of Greece (as a nation) circa 500-400 B.C., depending on which you choose to believe. Then you have the Persians having a small rule until the monarchy in Rome took over. (Not getting into the whole Roman monarchy and democracy thing, but they are two different entities on how the empire was ruled and governed.)

And then Japan, really.... kinda funny how in ancient Japan, pre-Edo (sorry, because this is the era that I meant for Japan), polygamy was the norm. Prostitution, homosexuality among men, and bestiality were common forms of sexual activity for that era.
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