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Re: homosexuality is it just......

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
what do you define as the fall of rome? because hell, what do you define as the birth of rome? because if you're talking about democratic rome (which is a laughable statement, but that's what several historians call it) only lasted circa 200 years. rome was the first true democracy to the known world. that is what i'm referring to. at its sexual peak, you have orgies, homosexuality, beastiality, some weird shit going on. you had celebritism going on. you also had political corruption, and what was once the greatest army on the face of the earth, becoming stretched too thin to patrol it's borders. enter the germanic tribes, mongols, and muslims. boom, fall of rome.

when a lot of people refer to rome in the past, they're talking about democratic rome, when it was ran by its senate, and caesar was a figurehead. not the other way around, when rome was a monarchy. which this in and of itself opens a whole new can of worms, which can get really difficult.

back to the point, do i think the peak of sexuality played some role in each demise no matter how small, yes. Do i think it was the source, no.
Oh for fuck's sake, what twisted timeline are you referring to? Did you suddenly forgot there was a Roman EMPIRE after the Roman Republic that everybody and their mothers refer to when the Roman Empire pops up? This isn't rocket science. Although if you're talking about the Roman Civilization, started with the Roman Kingdom at 753 BC and ended with the Roman Empire at 476 AC.

Yes, when the Roman Republic ended, orgies and homosexuality and whatnot were the rage, but the Roman Civilization did not decline at that point. On the other hand, it gained more than half of both territory and population at the peak of the Empire. Due to the expansion and later conversion to Christianity, such levels of debauchery preceded the fall of the Empire by centuries. CENTURIES.

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
I find it funny, because Sparta was Roman (monarchy during the time of Amino Domino). Really funny seeing how many historians have the fall of Greece (as a nation) circa 500-400 B.C., depending on which you choose to believe.
That'd be Classical Greece. Now you're forgetting Hellenistic Greece that lasted as a whole until 146 B.C, funny how you forget stuff. Also, Sparta had a special status in the Roman Republic/Empire, due to laconophilia.

Then you have the Persians having a small rule until the monarchy in Rome took over.
Persians having a small rule? Talk about a vestigial rule: 10 years in the first invasion (without Athens and Sparta) and roughly 2 years in the second invasion. And what was from 492-481 BC and 480-478 BC, the romans only got Greece in, as I said, 146 BC.

If that's enough to consider the decline of a nation, then many European countries are fucked, considering Napoleon and Hitler.

And then Japan, really.... kinda funny how in ancient Japan, pre-Edo (sorry, because this is the era that I meant for Japan), polygamy was the norm. Prostitution, homosexuality among men, and bestiality were common forms of sexual activity for that era.
Now I'm worried about what exactly you think "declining nation" means. Although Japan never reached the well's bottom, it had 2 major events that placed Japan on hot water: the Edo Period, due to various restrictions and seclusion from foreign influences and WW II because of nuclear mushrooms and other shenanigans.

So... how did you miss that, between the Momoyama Period and the Meiji Restoration that pulled Japan out of the crapper, 265 years passed? Seriously, the more I talk about this, the more I think it's sexual restrictions that might doom nations, not the other way around.
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