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Re: homosexuality is it just......

if you want to get technical, the roman empire rose and fell numerous times. why do you think you different greece eras as you've mentioned? it's because of the many times that rome rose and fell.

rome reached its pinnacle when it was labeled as the great democracy, no one refutes this information and history. it held the most land, and as a single civilization, had the highest population.

when i say demise, or fall i'm talking about that era no longer reaching its prominence and being in a serious decline.

if you seriously want to go tit for tat, this could go on forever, considering how much history you are looking at. especially considering the roman empire, you're looking at numerous conspiracy theories. the point is, at the fall of the egyptian empire, the fall of japan (end of the warrior so to speak ie. shogun era), and the fall of rome; people were getting freaky with any and everyone and thing.
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