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Re: One Piece 662

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
Not the Foxy Pirates. lol
What do you mean? That arc gave us Afro Luffy! What more can anyone want?

My fav is SA, short, action packed esp the way it ended.

Alabasta was really good, fights were sort of okay but the fun quotient of that arc was too high, not to mention Ace.

I was quite bored in skypea arc.

W7/EL was pretty good, the story development, epic fights it was all there. And ofcourse SUUUPPEERRRR!! Its really admirable how well has oda transformed franky from a legit villain to one of the most loved crew mates, keeping his character intact all the time.

TB arc was kinda boring, but that produced zoro's best fight to date. Ryuuma vs Zoro was just too epic.

Marineford somehow didn't live up to my expectations, navy was almost always owning the pirates. None of the WB crew except for WB himself could have stood up to the top 5 fighters in the navy. Marco was good but from what i saw, he definitely would not have been able to match any of 3 admirals, let alone garp and sengoku. It was too one sided. All this without any of the shichibukai doing anything substantial in the battle.
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