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Re: One Piece 662

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
That is very true. I mostly meant that this arc didn't really show us anything on the same scale as say the Nami arc, Alabasta, Skypeia, W7/Enies Lobby, TB, SA, IP, and MFW.

But yeah, Foxy Pirates did bring us the awesomeness that is Afro Luffy and his equally amazing ring side assistant. Chopper learns what it means to be a true pirate as well. lol
Oh yeah, his coach/trainer/assistant.. XD

For everyone who just has to see afro luffy again now..

Well ofcourse it wasn't comparable to any arcs wrt story progression. As someone said, seems like oda just did this while he was vacationing somewhere on the beach. I did like Zoro-Sanji tag team though. thoroughly enjoyable..

Thats it.. I'm watching it again today!
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