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Re: homosexuality is it just......

I was reading some neat research about homosexuality. My thought was:

Behavioral traits, unlike eye color or hair color, are very complex as they have genetic, structural/developmental (physical structure), dietary and socio-cultural causes. Something like depression can have as small of a root cause as a point mutation which codes for a now deficient enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase which plays a role in transforming tryptophan into seratonin. The same depression could be due to environmental conditions like a lack of sunlight, social exposure or... the list goes on. My point is that teasing out genetic vs. experiental/ developmental causes is really difficult to do outside of a very cruel laboratory.

I was thinking that so many things could be the cause of the brain conditions that lead to homosexuality, but if there indeed is a genetic component that plays an important role, how would it get passed on to future generations? Gays aren't motivated to procreate with a member of the opposite sex that is capable of passing the genes on. A few things could explain why, although gays ostensibly shouldn't reproduce thereby thinning their genes from the gene pool, we still see gays today.

(this is of course assuming that in most cases genetics play an important role, without which homosexuality would be highly unlikely)

1) gay people get pressured to reproduce anyways, in undesirable pairings, thereby passing the genes on.

2) Homosexuality is ultimately dependent on a variety of factors, and many gays don't even know that they are homosexual.

I found this option to be intriguing

3) much like sickle cell anemia, the genes controlling sexuality and reproductive desires somehow benefit or are just as effective when a heterogeneous mixture is expressed - that is to say, a male expressing some female traits or vica-versa may be beneficial to sexual fitness.

4) Some other more complex analysis of hormonal development, enzymes, diets etc...

Anyways, I am no authority on the subject, but I wanted to put my two cents in. What do you think?
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