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Re: homosexuality is it just......

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Yea and it's not an issue for me either but the old addage people fear what they dont understand... I think that if there is a scientific explaination of how homosexuality isn't a choice but something thats ingrained in a person .like a peanut or shellfish allergy then people could stop faulting people for "choosing" to be different and see that they are doing nothign more than being who God/Nature designed them to be.
The only thing I'll come back on this comment is no one chooses to be discriminated against, with gays/lesbaian/bis I think for them whether it was in their childhood years or teen years or even adult years something just clicked for them, perhaps they we're drawn to the same sex and just always looked at the same sex for they we're fascinated by their presensce and beauty. Maybe I didnt understand your little comment here but again no one chooses to be discriminated against.
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