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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Panel zooms out showing the two walking to the direction of Iwagakure. Scene switches to Iwa, showing the alliance army rushing about, making sure everyone who needs medical attention has it.*
Tsunade: We must take care of everyone and prepare to go back to support Naruto and Sasuke.
Sakura: Aye!
Gaara: Should we send a recon team?
Mei: That would be wise.
*Oonoki stirs in his bed, while Ei lays unconscious. A horn is sounded. Kitsuchi rushes into the tents.*
Kitsuchi: Hokage-sama, Mizukage-sama, Kazekage-sama, we have reports from a sentry.
*All three kages rush out of the tent as Sakura takes over the medic duties. The three runs up to Iwa’s gates.*
Tsunade: What news?
Sentry: We don’t know the outcome. Once the sky darkened and there was a huge explosion, we left. After a mighty wind nearly knocked us over on our way to here, we high-tailed it to here.
Gaara: What about Sasuke? Or Naruto?
*The sentry looks down.*
Sentry: I’ve never departed from a post early until now. I apologize.
Kitsuchi: Given the circumstances, I’ll tolerate it this time.
*Kitsuchi turns to Tsunade.*
Kitsuchi: So what now?
Voice from down the walkway into Iwa: How ‘bout some ramen?!!!
*The crowd at the gate turns to see Sasuke and Naruto walking towards Iwa. A huge roar begins at the village gate and starts to spread. Scene switches to outside the Tsuchikage’s office. Oonoki is now using a walking cane, while Ei is bandaged up. The five Kages stand before Naruto and Sasuke.*
Tsunade: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke… the two of you have shown the bravery that each shinobi should strive for. This day would not be possible without either of you. For that, we thank you.
*Both Sasuke and Naruto bow.*
Ei: Will you keep your word, Uchiha Sasuke?
*Sasuke looks at Ei.*
Sasuke: Aye, Raikage-sama.
Ei: Then all charges against Uchiha Sasuke have been dropped, that is if Konoha will drop their charge.
*Ei looks at Tsunade then Sasuke.*
Ei: What do you say, Hokage-sama?
Tsunade sighs and then yells: All charges have been dropped.
*There is an uproar amongst the crowd. Scene focuses on Naruto and Sasuke.*
Naruto: So you still want to fight?
Sasuke: I need to train first.
*The scene switches to a conference room at night, with all 5 Kages, their advisors and guards, Sasuke, and Naruto.*
Oonoki: Being the eldest kage here, it is the toughest for me, but is it time that we commit to one… kage.
*The group looks at Naruto. Naruto steps forward.*
Naruto: No. That is too much power, and too heavy of a burden for one person to bear.
Oonoki: Even you?
Naruto: Aye.
Oonoki: Why the stern face Naruto?
Naruto: Because, I have….
*The shinigami appears to all in the room.*
Shinigami: Because now he has an idea of what lies ahead… not only for him, but for all of you.
*Everyone in the room shrieks back but Naruto.*
Shinigami: A few friends wanted to wish you well in your endevours, Naruto.
*All of a sudden; Hashirama, Tobirama, Sarutobi, and Minato all manifest before Naruto. They’re all smiling at Naruto.*
Oonoki: Unbelievable.
Tsunade: Grandfather… Uncle Tobi…
Kakashi: Sensei…
Minato: Now that we have been allowed to pass on, we know what awaits you, son.
Hashirama: Continue forward. And you *looks at Sasuke* become what the Uchiha were meant to be. *looks at Tsunade* You’ve made me proud, Tsunade-san.
*Hashirama fades out with Tobirama and Sarutobi. Minato remains.*
Minato: You look great son. I saw the girl who holds your heart. *elbows Naruto* Nice catch by the way. *clears his throat* But you will need her on your journey. Keep her close. *looks at Sasuke* Your parents would be proud Sasuke.
Sasuke: Thank you, Yondaime-sama.
*Minato fades out.*
Shinigami: The two of you have protectors. When you come across them, they will test you. Show them your worth. Until then, do not worry, for they will show themselves to you when you will need to prepare for what is next.
*The shinigami fades out. Everyone stares in amazement at Naruto and what just happened. Scene fast forwards to the next day, as each respective village is set to leave and return to their homes. New friends are shown saying goodbye to each other. Scene focuses on the five kages, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, and Naruto.*
Oonoki: It was a pleasure, Naruto-sama.
*Oonoki bows before Naruto.*
Naruto: Same here, Tsuchikage-sama.
Oonoki: Don’t be calling me that anymore.
*Kitsuchi walks up behind him wearing the Tsuchikage robe and hat.*
Kitsuchi: Let us know when, and we will send help, anytime. You have my word.
*Naruto smiles. The Mizukage walks up to both Sasuke and Naruto.*
Mei: To think that two of the most handsome men in all of the land are here before me… in thought: Why do I have to be so much older than them.
Kiba whispers to Choji: She’s such a cougar.
Choji whispering back: No kidding.
*Sasuke bows before her. She bows before both and leaves. Gaara walks up to Sasuke and Naruto.*
Gaara: Now that I know there will be a next time, don’t hesitate.
Sasuke: Aye.
*Gaara holds out his hand to Sauske. Sasuke is hesitant, but shakes Gaara’s hand. Gaara then shakes Naruto’s hand and leaves. Ei walks up with Killer Bee.*
Ei: Ready Sasuke?
Sasuke: Aye.
Sakura: Do you have to leave now?
Ei: Yes, he does.
*Sasuke turns to Sakura and takes her face in his hands.*
Sasuke: This time, I will come back for you.
Naruto: No you won’t.
*Everyone looks at Naruto.*
Naruto: She’s going with you this time.
*Naruto turns to Hinata.*
Naruto: And you’re coming with me.
*Naruto and Hinata flash out.*
Tsunade yells: But you’re supposed to be the new Hokage!

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