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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

And the second chapter it's up guys. Enjoy it.

Chapter two: Brothers...forever.

The scene present Quintrix kneeled before Raiden.

Raiden: Quintrix...are you ready to leave the hell?
Quintrix barely speaking: What do you mean?
Raiden: I mean that i will forgive your treachery...if you're ready to do as i command.
Quintrix: And what's your command?
Raiden: Go the the Earth...and assassinate Zero. I belive that you know the boy. He is currently with Uchiha Sasuke.
Quintrix smiles: Fuck you Raiden. I won't do as you wish. You can kill me if that's what you want. But i won't do as you will.
Raiden smiles: You think that you actually have a choice, Quintrix?
Quintrix: I think i have a choice Raiden. You can steal my liberty, my life, my powers...but you cannot have my soul!
Raiden: Everything it's relative. You will do it Quintrix.*
He makes a few steps towards Quintrix, and touches his forehead with two fingers.
Raiden: Ninshu! Mind breaking!
Instantly Quintrix's eyes goes white as his mind it's controled by Raiden's power, but in the next second Quintrix spits Raiden's robe.
Quintrix: Not even you can control my mind, Raiden...not even you.
Raiden grabs him by the neck and slams the god into the ground.*
Raiden: Take him back in the dungeons. Torture him until he is nearly dead. But don't kill him yet.
Invisible servant as he grabs Quintrix: *Aye, Raiden-sama.
Raiden thinks: I haven't seen this coming. It seems that they seek the three treasures. They already posses the Yata Mirror...the next one should be the Totsuka sword, or the Magatama jewel. Hmm...i must send someone to protect those two. I cannot afford to expose myself near that boy. I think that it's time to summon Naruto here.
Raiden: Bring me Uzumaki Naruto.*
Invisible servant: Got it Raiden-sama. He will be here in a couple of minutes.

The panel shows Naruto walking around with Yama in the Celest City. Suddenly the former Hokage turns around. Nobody is behind him, yet he felt something.

Naruto: What do you want?
Invisible servant: The Creator wants to speak with you.*
Naruto: Stop calling him like that. He is not the Creator. What does Raiden want with me?
Invisible servant: I don't know, Lord Vishnu...i know that he summoned you.
Naruto: Fine. I will come. Yama...go back to my tower. Wait there for my return.
Yama: Got it.
Naruto vanishes in a flash of light.

The scene shows Naruto appearing in front of Raiden.

Raiden: Naruto...
Naruto: Raiden...what do you want?
Raiden: Stop being so angry at me. Afterall you are under my command.
Naruto smiles menacing: For now.
Raiden: Hmpf...i need you to send two Beyonder teams to the Earth. They need to protect certain locations.
Naruto: What certain locations?
Raiden: It's not your concern. You will do as i say, without asking more questions.
Naruto: Since when the Celest City sends people to Earth to deal with the problems there, if it doesn't affects the flow of time?
Raiden: Since i assumed my role as the Creator.
Naruto: You're not the Creator Raiden. Take that out of your mind. You will never be the Creator. Now tell me...what locations need protection?
Raiden: The places where the Magatama jewel and the Totsuka sword are hidden.*
Naruto smiles: And...who is seeking them?
Raiden: Your old friend, Sasuke. I nearly killed him, but i decided to spare his life.
Naruto: Or something stopped you. Let me was a power beyond your own?
Raiden: Uzumaki will do as i said...or i will eradicate Konoha in an instant.
Naruto: I will send Beyonders. But it's useless. You know that if they will end up fighting Sasuke...they will lose.
Raiden: Then send those who cannot lose!
Naruto: Fine...i will think about it and send them. Where are those two objects hidden?
Raiden: One it's in the Hidden Mist. The other one it's in the Hidden Sand.
Naruto makes a handsign and starts vanishing.
Naruto: Got it. Beware, seems that the dance has started. And i don't think that it will end well for you.
Naruto completly vanishes leaving Raiden alone.
Raiden thinking: The brat is right. Zero's power was above my own power. The kid has something about him...that silver hair and that power to negate energies...he reminds me of someone...Someone i used to now...many centuries seems that i cannot remember...

The scene presents Sasuke, Hinata, Shisui and Zero gathered around a fire, somewhere in a forest.

Sasuke revealing the mirror: So...this is the Yata mirror.
Zero: It's said that it can deflect any attack that comes at it.
Hinata: It can...but it won't.
Shisui: What do you mean?
Hinata: The legends says that only when you have the three objects at one place, you will be able to achieve their power. The one who masteres them becames a god.
Sasuke: So we need the Magatama jewel and the Totsuka makes sense.
Zero: I know that the Totsuka has the ability to seal anything that cuts...but the Magatama jewel...what's it's power?
Hinata: It's said that it has the power to break the boundaries. But what boundaries...that i don't know.
Sasuke thinking: The boundaries of has the power to access all the dimensions of the illusion called time and break them...more holds the power to crush Raiden!
Sasuke: We must regroup ourselves and start searching for the other two objects. But, just as before...we have no starting point.
Shisui: So what's the plan? How are we going to find those two objects?
Sasuke: Well...based on our encounter with Raiden, i assume that he will send someone to protect those two objects. It means that we have to trace their energy once they reach the Earth.*
Hinata: But how? None of us is a sensor, or has Sage Mode abilities.
Sasuke: I have a plan!
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