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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Yama walking towards Konoha. At the gates he is suddenly surrounded by several fodder nins who don't know him.

Fodder: Who are you?
Yama: I'm here to see Konohamaru. Tell him that Yama it's here.

The scene presents Yama in Konohamaru's office.

Konohamaru: I cannot belive that you're here! How is he doing?
Yama: Naruto is fine. He assumed his position as the leader of the Celest City. He sent me here to give you something, Konohamaru.
Konohamaru: What is it?
Yama hands to Konohamaru a kunai designed like Minato's FTG kunais.
Konohamaru: And what should i do with this?
Yama: He told me to tell you that if Raiden attacks Konoha, channel Sage energy through it and throw it in the air, right in the middle of Konoha.
Konohamaru having a revelation: I see...well then...we should be prepared.
Yama: One more thing...
Konohamaru: What is it?
Yama: I think that you should send someone to Sand Villagge.
Konohamaru: Why?
Yama: I think that being in the possession of an ancient treasure would be an assett for Konoha.
Konohamaru: An assett? Treasure? What treasure are you talking about, Yama?
Yama: A sword so powerful that you will allow you to defy Raiden. The Totsuka Sword!
Konohamaru: The Totsuka sword it's just a legend.
Yama: No it's not. I assure you that it exists. And it's sealing powers will allow you to became more powerful than Naruto was, if you manage to master it. I will give the exact location. With it, not even Raiden will be able to stop you!
Konohamaru: But why didn't you told Naruto about it? Maybe with it, he would have been able to stop Raiden.
Yama: I didn't knew about it before.*
Konohamaru: Hmm...i trust your word Yama.*
Yama: Of course. Did i ever gave you a reason to doubt my words?

The panel shows Sasuke, Shisui, Hinata and Zero dashing at high speed through a forest.

Sasuke: We should be close the the Hidden mist by now.
Shisui: Tell me again...who are we searching?
Sasuke: A guy called Ao. I met him before. He is one of the best sensors out there.
Zero: But why not seek help from Konoha?
Hinata: should have realised until now...we severed all our ties with Konoha. In order to protect Konoha, we no longer belong there. If we still have any alliegience to the vilagge and Raiden decides to wipe us out, he will also destroy Konoha. But if we don't have any loyalties left...
Zero: We can save everyone.
Shisui smiling: We are actually a team on renegades right now.
Suddenly he stops smiling. Sasuke stops in front of them. Instantly Shisui gets back to back with Hinata and Zero prepares his handsigns.
Sasuke: They are here.
Shisui: What do you think...the Kumo nins?
Sasuke: No...these are part of the Assassination team from the Hidden Mist.*
Zero:They don't care who you are...they will just assassinate everyone that comes over the border unannounced.*
Hinata: And with a four cell team like ours...
Sasuke: They are hunting us. And that's the good news.
Hinata: How is that the good news?
Sasuke: Because Ao is the leader of the assassination team.
Instantly he takes out a kunai and blocks several needles thrown at him. He even manages to catch one and looks at it.
Sasuke: Poisoned needles. These guys think that we are low ranks.
Hinata activatimg her Byakugan: There are four at three a clock!
Sasuke spins while making handsings.
Sasuke: Time to make them come out! Fire release! Pheonix fire jutsu!
He releases several fire balls at the direction pointed by Hinata. Instantly a man jumps from the trees avoiding the flame. At the same moment Shisui appears behind him and looks straight in his eyes.
Shisui: Sharingan!
The man falls on the ground. Shisui caught him in a genjutsu.*
Another one dressed like a Konoha ANBU but wearing a mask simmilar to Hanzo's dashes towards Sasuke with a sword on his hand. As he dashes he makes a couple of handsigns
Hunter-nin: Hidden mist jutsu!
A dense mist surrounds them immediatly.
Sasuke shouts to the others: They are going for silent assassination! Watch your backs!
Shisui thinking: Dammit! With this mist they've restricted my Sharingan's powers! It seems that i have do it in the clasic way.
Hinata activates her Byakugan being able to see on a limited field.
Zero makes a couple of handsigns and restrics any use of ninjutsu on a radius of two meters around him.*
Sasuke throws his sword into the ground. The sword has thin electrical surges around it.
He simply closes his eyes and waits for the attack to come.*
The scene shows Zero. Suddenly he turns around and catches a man's hand.*
Hunter-nin: But how...!?!
Zero: I restricted the use of chakra around me. So when you approached my powers allowed me to sense your chakra. Thus i knew where you're coming from.*
Zero breaks the man's hand, turns him around and hits him at the back of his neck.*
*The panel shows Hinata. A man appears behind her, trying to strike the Hyuuga down. But she simply turns around and intantly hits the man 64 times, blocking all his chakra points.
The scene shows Sasuke. He waits for the attack with his eyes closed. A man slowly moves towards him in perfect silence. Nevertheless, Sasuke gathers a bit of chakra in his palm and shots the man in the shoulder with a chidori spear.
Hunter-nin: You didn't even heared me!
Sasuke: The moment you approached me, i knew your location. I threw that sword into to ground for a reason. It stream electricity all around the battlefield. Electricity combined with my own chakra. So when you touched the ground next to me...
Hunter-nn: You knew...
Sasuke: Exactly...
Sasuke streams more current through the chidori spear paralyzing the attacker.
The panel shows Shisui. He waits for the attacker. Suddenly a man appears behind him and slashes his back. Shisui vanishes revealing himself as a clone. The real Shisui hits the hunter with a fireball.
Sasuke turns around and looks at the nearby trees.
Sasuke: Come out.
A man lands in front of them.
Ao: It's nice to see you again Uchiha Sasuke.
Sasuke: Same here, Ao.
Ao: Int's interesting to watch you fighting...with human level attacks.
Sasuke: It's not like i would go out against these guys.
Ao: Actually, these guys are one pf the best hunter-nins in the Mist.
Sasuke: The standards are low this days, huh?
Ao: Actually not. You're simply too powerful. You lost sight about the levels of a regular shinobi.
Sasuke: It may be true.*
Ao: I've heared a bad rumor about you...that you attacked the Raikage?
Sasuke smiles: Not without having his consent.
Ao: Well, i didn't expect to see you here anyway..I thought that some random rougues were passing the border.
Sasuke: Well, Ao...we were actually searching for you.*
Ao: Let me want to know of there has been any disturbance lately?
Sasuke: How perceptive.
Ao: It was something...something different than felt like the Beyonder's energy.
Sasuke thinking: I knew it! Where, Ao?!?
Ao: Near The Fumo lake in the north.*
Sasuke: Thank you old friend!*
Ao: May i ask you what you're searching for? I know you and you're not the one to seek power. And you have a team with's something for Konoha?
Sasuke:'s not a mission. It's a personal quest, but as you said...i don't seek the power for myself.
Ao: But you seek the power.
Sasuke: For a greater good.
Ao smiles: They all say that...
Sasuke: What will you report back, Ao?
Ao smiles: That i haven't found anyone, and i haven't seen anything. Now go, Sasuke! Before my men wakes up!
Sasuke and the others quickly vanishes, leaving Ao alone.
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