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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows the team advancing towards a giant lake.

Sasuke: This is where it should be. Around the Fumo Lake.
Shisui: Sasuke...something doesn't feel right.*
Sasuke smiles: I know. Someone waits for us. And i think that it'a a Beyonders. Otherwise we wouldn't have sensed his presence so fast.
Zero: His energy it's overwhelming. He is different than the fodders that we've met before.
Hinata: Why is he here?
Shisui: We will find out soon. We're just about to encounter him.
Sasuke: Everyone stay back. I have the experience in dealing with the Beyonders.
Shisui, Hinata and Zero stops right behind Sasuke. Zero makes a handsign and pushes a barely seen barrier in front of him. Hinata activates her Byakugan and Shisui his Sharingan.
Shisui: What did you do, Zero?
Zero: I placed a barrier. If anyone comes in our range to attack us, the barrier would egate his powers.
Hinata: Good thinking.*
Shisui: Yeah. Now let's see who our beyonder is.
Sasuke activates his Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and makes a few steps forward.
Sasuke: Come out. I know that you're there.
A shadow manifests around him and from the ground a man emerges.*
Unknown: My name is Qadehar. Who are you?
Sasuke: I'm Uchiha Sasuke.*
Qadehar: Uchiha Sasuke...heh...who would have thought that i would have to confront the God Slayer himself.
Sasuke: you're aware of my moniker.
Qadehar: Of course. The whole Celest City knows it. Everyone tells the story about Nirriti falling at your feet at the front gates of the Celest City. And how you killed several high ranked beyonders. Everyone knows you, Sasuke. And i'm sorry that you're my enemy.
Sasuke: Your enemy? Then, i guess that you were sent here to protect something?
Qadehar smiling: Like you wouldn't know. Here, and there is another place in the Hidden Sand that it's protected.
Sasuke: You're giving quite the intel here. Are you sure that your master allows that?
Qadehar with a grim: Raiden it's not my master. Lord Naruto it's my master.
Hinata surprised: Lord Naruto...!?!
Suddenly Qadehargathers his powers.
Qadehar: And now...Uchiha Sasuke...i'm sorry...but i cannot let you pass!
Qadehar claps his hands and several powerful earth spikes emerges from the ground at a high speed towards Sasuke's head. Sasuke jumps and avoids them, bur Qadehar simply claps his hands again. This time nothing happend.
Sasuke lands on the ground and looks at him.
Sasuke: Nothing?
Suddenly the whole ground gets seriously shaked. From the ground a giant sphere of rocks breaks. It has the same effect as Pain's Chibaku Tensei. The sphere attracts large portions of the surroundings. Zero smiles.
Zero: It cannot affect us. We cannot be dragged into the sphere, since the attack gets negated in our area.
Sasuke activates his Susano'o and uses it's arms to hold himself on the ground. The sphere gets bigger and bigger, and soon the sky cannot be even in all directions.*
Qadehar: I'm sorry, God Slayer. But this is your end.*
Qadehar: Earth nature power! Meteor birth!
The giant rock that it's the size of several mountains starts descending to the ground!
Sasuke: Shisui...can you still use the body flicker?
Shisui: Aye!
Sasuke: Take them out of here. Now. If you're in the range of 50 miles...i don't know if you will survive. You have about 15 seconds before the meteor hits.*
Instantly Shisui grabs Hinata and Zero.
Hinata screams: What about you Sasuke!?! We are not leaving you here!
Sasuke turns around with his back at her, looking up. Dark, dense and powerful chakras start spinning around him faster and faster. Slowly the chakras start envelop him.
Sasuke with a changed voice, nearly to a demonic one: Shisui...come back here when the smoke will go away.*
Shisui gets scared for a moment, then vanishes with the other two.
The panel shows Sasuke's face. His eyes are closed, as chakras are gathering around his body. Suddenly he opens his eyes revealing the Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
Sasuke with a low voice: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan...Demonic ways...- he shouts- Shadow's power!
He instantly gets enveloped in a tight black chakra armor, wielding a long chakra made black sword, instrad of his regular sword and his hair grew longer and changed it's color, becaming nearly white.
Qadehar extremly shocked: What it's that form...!!?
Sasuke: It's my new power mode. Instead of using my powers to create a black hole and hit you with a powerful dark energy beam, i use it to turn all that energy in a dense chakra shroud. This is one of my most powerful forms.
Qadehar tremmbling in absolute fear: What do you mean?!? This is not your all powerful form?!?
Sasuke as he looks at the meteor: Hell no...
Sasuke makes a swing of his blade towards the meteor.
Sasuke shouts: Demonic wave of destruction!
He launches from the blade a powerful dense wave of dark chakra towards the meteor.*
Sasuke turns around and looks at a frightened Qadehar as the wave approaches the meteor. His Susano'o slowly starts manifesting.
Sasuke smiles menacing: Yeah...that's right. That's why they call me the God Slayer!

The panel shows Shisui, Zero and Hinata several miles away from Sasuke. Shisui kept dashing away with the two youngsters, in order to save their life. He stops and puts them down.

Shisui: This should be far enough. We are about 80 km away right now.
Shisui thinking: Even with my space time technique i was barely able to escape.
Hinata screams: And Sasuke!?! What will happen to him?
Zero: Hinata...don't worry...i've seen Sasuke in a far worse situation. I'm sure that he can handle the things there.
Hinata: Zero, there is a fucking meteor coming at him! How should he be able to stop that?!?
Suddenly a powerful light is seen and the group watches how a giant dark slash wave goes towards the meteor.
Shisui with a low voice: This is it...
The wave hits the meteor at full power. The explosion caused it's amazing, equalling the explosion of an atomic bomb. They can see the blast even from that distance. Everything it's decimated in it's way. The blast goes for about 50 km.*
Shisui: And that's Sasuke's real power. He is beyond our level, Hinata...
Hinata: Let's go Shisui!
Shisui looks at the smoke that slowly fades away. They start dashing st high speed towards the previous location. As they approach it, the scene of the disaster it's astonishing. Everything was wiped out. Not even the bugs survived. They soon arrive at a ten km long crater and hundreds of meters deep. Everything was destroyed, but the lake it's untouched by the blast. It's like nothing happend.
Shisui thinking: Strange...
Zero: Look! Down there!
Hinata: Byakugan!*
Hinata scouts the crater.
Hinata: It's Sasuke! He is alive! And Qadehar it's also alive but barely standing!
Shisui: We will stay right here and wait for Sasuke to end it. We don't need to interfere.
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