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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Sasuke exiting the dome. In front of him are Hinata, Shisui and Zero.

Zero: What was that?
Sasuke: Some sort of astral projection of Qadehar's. He tried to kill me with that. I used the dome to make sure that he won't escape.
Hinata: I tried to use Byakugan but you placed a seal on the dome to stop me doing it.
Sasuke: I completly sealed the dome. I didn't knew what kind of powers he was wielding.'s over.
Sasuke thinking: Good job, that i placed that seal. If she would have seen Naruto, it would have only destroyed her current morale.
Shisui watches the whole scene silently.
Zero: That was an interesting display of power, Sasuke.
Sasuke: Yeah...i had no choice but to destroy that meteor...
Shisui: Haven't you noticed anything?
Sasuke: The lake.
Shisui: Exactly. The blast from your clash destroyed everything but the lake. The lake it's intact.
Hinata: It could be the place where the next object it's hidden.
Sasuke: Now...let's see what awaits us.
Sasuke walks on the lake and looks around him.*
They all go where Sasuke is.
Sasuke: Well...there is only one way!*
He suddenly dives, quickly followed by his team. They swim towards the bottom of the lake and soon they reach some sort of a door. Sasuke opens it, and they go through it. *They find themselves in a giant underground cave.
Shisui: Amazing. Who did this?
Sasuke: The Beyonders. They hid the objects here.
Hinata: But i don't get it...why?
Sasuke: I don't far as i know, only Vishnu was aware of their existence. Why he didn't use them...that i don't know...but i know one thing...we need them!
In the middle of the cave rests an altar. On the altar, on a piece of silk there is a red jewel shaped as a magatama.
Sasuke: The Magatama jewel!*
He grabs it, and a surge of power runs through his body just by touching it. Sasuke it's amazed.
Sasuke: So much latent power!*
He turns around and looks at Hinata, Shisui and Zero.
Sasuke: We...are one step closer to our target!*

The panel shows Raiden's palace. He sits on his imperial chair and looks at a man bowed before him. A man dressed in red.

Raiden: So...i suppose that you accomplished the mission that Naruto gave you?
Yama: I did, master.
Raiden: And, what about Konohamaru?
Yama: I made him search for the Totsuka sword. From what i know Sasuke Uchiha already acquired the Magatama jewel. But without the Totsuka sword, both the jewel and the Yata mirror are useless.
Raiden: And when Konohamaru will get his hands on the sword, the plan will almost be over.
Yama: Yes, master.
Raiden smiling: Tell me, does it feel to deceive the people who consider you their friend?
Yama: Well, assuming that i was on your side since the begginning and that i played so well my role, it's not so hard anymore. It was a tough job when Vishnu was alive...
Raiden: So...Yama...i suppose that you will not fail for any of your emotions.
Yama: I never did, Master. And i won't do it. To me, Uzumaki Naruto it's just a pawn, and the Celest City it's the residence of the weaklings. They considered me weak, Vishnu thought that i neeeded protection...but they never saw my true power. I showed them mere shadows of my real power...the god of the death is more powerful than any other Beyonder!
Raiden laughs: You are indeed my man, Yama. They had Quintrix as a spy...i have you. They didn't discover you, but we did discover Quintrix. Anyway thank you for giving him to me.
Yama: Naruto thinks that Quintrix went on a personal quest.*
Raiden: With Quintrix out of the way, and Vishnu dead...the kid doesn't stand a chance. And once he will master the inner powers of the City...i will truly became the Creator!

The end.

Next chapter: Konoha's power.
Naruto faces Raiden -and it's serious this time.
The situation changes. Sasuke and his team will fight a death match.

Also...i will work on some sort of a databook. It will take a week or so i think. It will show information about Naruto, Sasuke, several Beyondera and their powers and it will reveal lots of backround details about the characters.
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