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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A New Evil Appears
*Scene opens with Sakura and Sasuke on the road to Konoha.*
Sakura: You ok?
Sasuke: Yeah, just didn’t sleep well last night.
Sakura smirks: Well that’s because you wouldn’t play with me.
Sasuke looks at Sakura: No, it wasn’t.
*Sakura frowns.*
Sakura: I was just kidding.
*Sasuke puts his arm around Sakura’s waist and then flickers out of the scene. Next panel shows the two jumping through the tree branches.*
Sasuke as they are traveling: Play time will come.
Sakura turns to Sasuke: Did you mean what you said last night?
Sasuke: Of course.
*Sakura leans in and kisses Sasuke on the cheek.*
Sakura: So when is this going to happen?
Sasuke: How bout when we get to Konoha?!
Sakura screams: YAY!!!
*Scene switches back to the travel lodge. Several men in robes are searching through the room that Sasuke and Sakura stayed in last night.*
Fodder A: Found anything?
Fodder B: No.
Fodder C holding a black light to the bed: And no DNA either.
*Another man enters the room.*
Fodder D: We must hurry back to Iwa and report this to Grand Marshall Ryu.
*As the men leave, one grabs the innkeeper by his collar.*
Fodder D: Next time you should be more willing to cooperate. You don’t want to upset Lord Ryuden.
*The innkeeper looks on sheepishly mumbling. The man drops the innkeeper and the group leaves. A robed figure stands up and walks to the innkeeper.*
Figure: Do not fret patron. Their time is coming.
Innkeeper: Why didn’t you help me?
Figure: I’m not here for you. But I would not have let them bring harm to you or anyone here.
*Scene switches to Naruto walking down the streets of Konoha.*
Voice from behind: Naruto!
*Naruto turns to see Kiba and Shino.*
Kiba: Naruto, wait up.
*Kiba and Shino run towards Naruto.*
Kiba: How come didn’t you guys invite us last night?
Naruto: Huh?
Shino: Hinata told us about last night, at Ichiraku’s new place.
Naruto: Oh, sorry. It was more that we were invited. It’s something that Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, and Kurenai-sensei have done for the past three years themselves.
Kiba: No biggie. Yoah, Momma!
*Kiba gawks as a full-figured woman walks past the group.*
Shino: We really need to get you to settle down.
Kiba: I’m going to sew my wild oats while I can. I’m aiming for Mizukage-sama next.
Shino in thought: Oh lord… He never shuts up about Anko, and if that happens, he will definitely never shut up about her.
Kiba: C’mon Naruto, you know you think Mei is hot. You’ve dreamed about her… know what I mean!
Naruto: I’m married man.
Kiba: But you’re a guy. You can’t tell me you don’t think of another woman at times.
*Naruto stops, turns to Kiba and puts his hand on his shoulder.*
Naruto: You don’t know what kind of woman I have.
*Naruto flashes out. Kiba is left standing there. He then gawks at another woman as she walks by.*
Kiba: Hey momma, won’t you come home with daddy tonight?!
Shino in thought: Its times like these I wish Naruto would take me away to wherever he has went.
*Scene switches to the Hokage’s Office, with Tsunade, Shizune, and Hinata in it.*
Tsunade: After further consideration, we have decided to promote you to jounin. Congratulations, Hinata.
Hinata bows: Thank you Tsunade-sama.
*There’s a knock at the door.*
Tsunade: Come in.
*The door opens and in walks Kakashi, Gai, and Anko.*
Kakashi: Are we interrupting something?
Tsunade: No. If anything, congratulations are to be given to Hinata. She’s now a jounin.
Might Gai: Ahh, the essence of youth! Great job Hinata.
*Gai gives Hinata a thumb up pose.*
Kakashi: You should be a jounin having to put up with Naruto all the time.
Hinata: It’s not as bad as you would think.
Tsunade: What is it Kakashi?
Kakashi: Raikage-sama and Tsuchikage-sama are in agreement that we need to keep an eye on Otogakure.
Tsunade: And what do you think Anko?
Anko: Something doesn’t feel right. Requesting permission to gather more intel on Otogakure.
Tsunade: I’ll grant it under one condition.
Anko: Aye.
Tsunade smirks: Kiba accompanies you.
Anko growls: Aye Hokage-sama.
*Anko storms out of the room.*
Shizune: Are you sure that’s a good idea?
Tsunade: No matter how lewd he is, Kiba is our best tracker next to Naruto. And with Naruto prepping to go back to the Land of Whirlpools with Hinata, Kiba is our best option. Kakashi… you will accompany them.
*Kakashi droops. Hinata giggles.*
Shizune: You know she’s had a thing for him since she returned.
*Gai pats Kakashi on the back*
Gai: I’m sure he will show her his essence of youth!
Kakashi: Shaddup!
*Kakashi clocks Gai, knocking him through a window. Tsunade gets up and walks over to Kakashi.*
Tsunade: You’re going to make sure she doesn’t kill Kiba. Dismissed!
*Everyone leaves her office. Scene switches to atop the Hokage Mountain. Naruto is seen meditating. The scene focuses on Naruto’s subconscious.*
Kurama: What is it Naruto?
Naruto: You felt it last night, too, didn’t you?
Kurama: Yeah.
Naruto: Do you have any idea of what I’m searching for.
Kurama: It’s about the Uzumakis. That’s all I know.
Naruto: But how can the Uzumakis be her descendants when her two sons were the Uchiha and Senju?
Kurama: I don’t know. I just know that I get a serious eery feeling everytime that shinigami is around.
Naruto: How come?
Kurama: So you haven’t felt it?
Naruto: Felt what?
Kurama: His power?
Naruto: Not really… I mean I know his power level is far beyond ours, but no, I haven’t actually felt it.
Kurama: It’s tremendous and frightening at the same time.
Naruto: So this is what has been on your mind for over two years now?
Kurama: Not just this. I got a feeling from that wind the day you defeated the juubi. Last night, I got the same feeling.
Naruto: We’ll be alright; we have a protector, remember.
Kurama: That’s what frightens me.
*Scene is switched to Konoha’s main gate as the sun is setting. Kakashi, Anko, and Kiba are setting out on their mission, as they start to leave, they meet Sasuke and Sakura coming into Konoha.*
Kakashi: Sasuke… Sakura…
Sakura: Kakashi-sensei
*She runs to Kakashi and hugs him. Sasuke comes walking up.*
Kiba: Sasuke *Kiba shakes Sasuke’s hand*
Anko looks over Sasuke and bows: Sasuke
Anko in thought: What a hottie. If she hasn’t tamed him I will!
Kiba: Sakura, is that you?
*Sakura hugs Kiba now.*
Kiba in thought: Holy shit. She has boobs now!
Kakashi: So you’re back from Kumo, for good now?
Sasuke: Aye. I have a message to deliver to the Hokage.
Kakashi: It wouldn’t have to deal with Otogakure, would it?
Sasuke: No. But I heard Suigetsu is now its leader.
Kakashi: Yeah, well, we’re heading out. See you guys soon.
*Kakashi, Anko, and Kiba leave.*
Sakura: Sasuke… where are we going to stay tonight?
Sasuke: Your parents.
Sakura: But we can’t fool around in their house.
Sasuke: I told you, we’re not fooling around until you have my name.
Sakura smiles: It’s sexy when you act like that.
Sasuke: But first I must see the Hokage.
*There is a crash before Sasuke and Sakura. A small dust cloud forms, but is clears eventually.*
Sakura: Ton Ton!!!
*Sakura runs to Ton Ton, Tsunade, and Shizune. All three embrace.*
Tsunade: It’s good to see you again Sakura. Sasuke.
*Sasuke nods at Tsunade. Tsunade notices the logo on Sakura’s shirt.*
Tsunade: Don’t tell me…
Sasuke: Not yet.
Tsunade: But if a non-Uchiha were the Uchiha symbol, that was grounds for murder.
Sasuke: The Uchiha will not thrive in the darkness anymore.
*Sasuke throws Tsunade the scroll, which she catches.*
Sasuke: When you get some time, the Raikage askes that you take a look at that?
*All five head into Konoha. The scene switches to a tavern where there is a small party going on. Hinata is at the center.*
Hiashi: Congratulations!
Hinata: Thanks dad.
Hanabi: You finally did it sis. (Hanabi is now a teenager and a genin)
Hinata: Yeah, I did.
Shikamaru holds up a mug: To Hinata.
Numerous people hold up their mugs and yell: To Hinata!
*Everyone is drinking, and then a hush enters the room. Everyone stares at the couple who just walked in.*
Hinata: Sakura! Sasuke! Welcome Home!
Everyone: Here, Here!
*Hinata motions for the couple to come sit with her. Sakura leads Sasuke through the crowd. Ino comes rushing through.*
Ino: Sakura!
Sakura: Ino!
*The two embrace. Sasuke looks around.*
Sasuke: Where’s Naruto?
Hinata: I don’t know.
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