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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The scene switches to Naruto standing on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. The shinigami appears behind Naruto.*
Shinigami: Naruto…
*Naruto turns around to face the shinigami.*
Shinigami walks closer to Naruto: Why do you not fear me like the kyuubi does?
Naruto: I just don’t, I guess.
Shinigami: You trust me?
Naruto: Well, my dad and the other hokages trusted you.
Shinigami: And what if that was all a genjutsu.
Naruto: I may suck at genjutsu and breaking out of them, but Kurama doesn’t.
Shinigami: Very well then. What you are about to find is going to explain a lot, but not everything.
Naruto: So you know what I’m looking for?
Shinigami: I must warn you, once you start down this path, there is no turning back, for you or anyone else.
Naruto: What’s that supposed to mean?
Shinigami: Your wife can handle herself if her opponent is a human. But what if her opponent is not human? Can you protect her and fight those whom you will need to?
*The shinigami fades away.*
Naruto yells: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Voice from behind Naruto: It means you need to continue what you’re already doing.
*Naruto turns around and sees a tall figure in a kimono walking up to him. The figure has long, straight white hair.*
Figure: You must keep training her. Your opponent is going to look to break you before they kill you. And right now, that is Hinata. Keep training her. She will never reach your level, no one will. But she should be able to protect herself.
Naruto: Who are you?
Figure: When you return, and you have found what you are searching for, that is when you will know who I am.
*The figure disappears with the wind.*
Naruto: What the hell…
*Naruto flashes out and back to his apartment, which is empty. He starts looking for Hinata and finds a note on the fridge. Naruto smiles and runs out the door. Scene changes back to the tavern, where everyone is partying.*
Shikamaru yells out slurring: Nahruetooooo!
*Everyone turns to Naruto and raises their glasses/mugs. Hinata runs to Naruto and jumps into his arms.*
Naruto: What’s going on?
Hinata slurred: I beeecam a juunin.
Naruto: Baby, you are a chuunin.
Hinata: No… I am a jonin *hic*
Naruto: A jounin… oh
*It finally hits Naruto. He picks her and kisses her.*
Naruto: Congrats baby!
Hinata: But you didn’t want to celebrate, so everyone else started celebrating with me.
*Everyone raises their mugs and glasses again.*
Naruto: I’m sorry baby. I’ll make it up to you tonight.
Hinata: Youh must nibble on my wegs and toesh. (Hinata has a unique foot fetish)
*Ino busts out laughing.*
Shikamaru: Whatsh sho funny?
Ino: Don’t you remember the night before Naruto disappeared, when the entire camp heard Hinata screaming and moaning?
Temari in thought: So that’s what he did! I think I would like the leg part, not so much the toes.
*Temari gets a devilish grin. She grabs Shikamaru by his collar and drags him out of the cavern. Ino keeps laughing. Sakura jumps and runs to Naruto and hugs him.*
Naruto: Sakura???
*Naruto looks over Sakura and sees Sasuke. He nods to him. Sasuke raises his mug. The two couples sit together at a table.*
Naruto: So…
Sasuke: So…
Naruto: Ah, I’m just going to say it, are you two married yet?
Sasuke: Not yet.
Hinata: You better get off you burtt buddee! Sakura is a fine woman!
Sakura: Don’t worry... I almost got him locked up.
*Sakura takes a swig from her mug.*
Sasuke: Yup. I already asked the future-in-laws. We’re going to make it official in a couple of days. And I guess our honeymoon will be our mission with you guys.
*Naruto gets a stern look. Sasuke is the only person who catches the look.*
Sasuke: I think it’s time we left.
Hinata: Where are you guys staying?
Sakura: The rentz! That is until we can find a place here.
Hinata: Oh… I’ll help you find a place Sakura.
*Sasuke pulls Sakura up.*
Sasuke: We’ll see you guys tomorrow I’m sure.
*Sasuke carries Sakura out of the tavern. Hinata turns and looks at Naruto.*
Hinata: What’s wrong honey?
Naruto: You know I don’t like it when you call me that.
*Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Hinata: Yeah…. well… it’s the name that your wife has chosen for you.
*Hinata nudges her head against Naruto’s.*
Hinata: Now take me home, and keep your word.
*Naruto smiles, and the two leave the tavern. Scene switches to the next day. Hinata is seen standing in front of the bathroom mirror.*
Hinata: I got so drunk last night.
Naruto from their shower: Yeah, you did.
Hinata: Did you keep your word?
Naruto: Check your leg.
*Hinata pulls her pj pants out and sees bite marks and a hickie on her leg. She giggles.*
Hinata: So what are we going to do today?
*Naruto turns the shower off and steps out, wrapped in a towel.*
Naruto: I’m going to get the details of our upcoming mission.
Hinata: And then…
*She grabs at his towel, but Naruto doesn’t let Hinata jerk it away. She starts to pout.*
Naruto: While I would love to ravage you right now, I have more important things to do.
Hinata yells: WHAT!!! What is more important than me?!!!
*She storms out of the bathroom.*
Naruto sighes: Nothing.
*Scene switches to Sasuke and Sakura walking down a street hand in hand.*
Sakura: So… where do you want to live?
Sasuke: I honestly would like to consider taking over the old Uchiha district.
Sakura: I’m not sure we can afford an entire district, plus are you sure they rebuilt it?
Sasuke: We’ll see.
*The scene switches to outside the Hokage’s office, with Naruto sitting on the curb. Sasuke and Sakura walk up.*
Sasuke: Sakura, go on up and talk to Tsunade about our wedding. I’ll be up shortly.
*Sakura heads inside the office building by herself.*
Sasuke: Spill it. I can tell that not only something is up with you, but the kyuubi is alarmed as well.
Naruto: I’ll explain once we reach our mission.
*Naruto stands up.*
Naruto: During your time in Kumo, did you train?
Sasuke: Yes.
Naruto: What about Sakura?
Sasuke: She honed her medical skills.
Naruto: You’ve got a week to train her up. That’s all I know.
*Naruto walks off back to his apartment. Once he walks in he sees a note from Hinata. He picks up the note and then crumbles it.*
Naruto in thought: That woman is going to cause me to go bankrupt.
*Scene switches to Hinata, Tenten, and Hanabi on a shopping spree through Konoha’s retail district.*
Tenten: Ok, spill it Hinata. Why are you spending all of this money? What did he do?
Hinata: Why is it that when I want to go shopping with a friend and my sister that I have to be made at Naruto?
Hanabi: Because of the amount you’ve spent.
Hinata: How much have I spent?
Hanabi: Two weeks’ pay for you.
Hinata: Oh shit. I spent way too much. Naruto is going to kill me.
Hanabi: I don’t understand why. I swear, I think sometimes you could get away with murder with him.
Tenten: I agree.
Tenten in thought: Wow, this is a month’s expenses for me. Thank goodness for Lee.
Hinata: Do you really think so?
Tenten: Yeah. Although I can’t say much. I know I can get away with a lot with Lee.
*The scene switches to Sakura and Sasuke walking out of the Hokage’s office. Sakura is glowing while Sasuke has a stern look on his face.*
Sakura: So we’re getting married in two days.
Sasuke: Yeah, we are, aren’t we? Sakura, we need to talk.
Sakura: About what?
Sasuke looks around: We just need to talk.
Sakura: So are we going to put the deposit down on that place tonight?
Sasuke smiles: Yeah.
*Flashback scene to where Tsunade informs Sasuke that Naruto himself rebuilt the Uchiha district, awaiting his return.*
Sakura: How long will it take us to pay it off?
Sasuke: Forever.
*He leans in and kisses Sakura’s cheek.*
Sakura: So are we going to play tonight?
Sasuke: Is that all you think about?
Sakura: I have needs too.
Sasuke: I know. But we are going to start training tomorrow.
Sakura: What kind of training… and why?
Sasuke: I don’t know. But something tells me we’ll be training alongside Naruto and Hinata.
Sakura in thought: What’s going on?
*Scene switches to a bistro. Hinata, Tenten, and Hanabi are all eating, Hinata’s treat. A figure is sitting in a corner with a hooded cloak on, sipping on coffee, staring at Hinata. No one in the bistro has noticed the person. Suddenly two figures are sitting with the person, one being the figure that spoke with Naruto in the Land of Whirlpools.*
Figure A(Naruto’s person): Unless you want an all-out fight with the two of us, you would think twice.
Figure B: That’s right.
Person removing his cloak: I’m just scouting brothers.
Figure A: If you lay a hand on her…
Person: Relax Fujin.
Fujin: Don’t tell me to relax Amatsu. Know your place.
Amatsu in thought: You can beat now, but you won’t be able to soon.
Amatsu: Alright, alright. I’ll leave. You know, she’s almost as pretty *nodding to Hinata* as my bride was.
*On a cloudless day, a strong breeze rushes through Konoha, and a crack of thunder is heard.*
Amatsu: Calm down boys. Fujin, you can dismiss your winds as mere coincidences. But you Raijin, a crack of thunder on a cloudless day…
*Amatsu pulls his hood back up and vanishes.*
Fujin: We must leave. They are not ready for us yet.
Raijin: But you’ve talked to Naruto, have you not?
Fujin: Aye, but it is to prepare him *turns to Hinata* and them.
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