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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Had to give it a try

Naruto- The End is Just The Beginning

The scene Starts off at Sasuke Facing Tobi ,there is No one else around

Sasuke – You Lied to me from the very beginning you made my whole life feel like it was just an illusion but you were in control this whole time!!!!

Tobi- Indeed I have, and yet there was one thing that kept destroying my goals, my plans, and the total control of you.

Sasuke- what’s that?

Tobi- That stupid Will of Fire!!!

Sasuke Flashback to Itachi

Itachi lay’s in Sasuke’s arms disappearing slowly.

Itachi- Sasuke I have always watched over you and I have always watched over Konoha these were the two things in my life that were most precious to me and I have loved them and you so dearly. I wanted you to hate me just as much as Konoha hated me for what I did to our clan, I wanted them to see you as a hero and protector of Konoha which I was once upon a time. But I can see I had it all wrong now….

Itachi pictures Naruto’s Face

Itachi- look what hate did to you, Konoha and this world. The Sage was right… love and passion is the only true way to peace…. Sasuke I always hoped you would take on my Will of Fire…

Sasuke- Will of Fire?!

Itachi- it is something in Konoha that we all strive to protect and that’s protecting the future Generations. It is my fault you are just learning about it now, I took you down the wrong path when you should have been walking beside him on his path….

Sasuke- who’s Itachi.

Itachi- Naruto’s....

Sasukes eyes widen

Itachi- Naruto from the day he met you Sasuke, he has made his own path and has collected so many other peoples Will of Fire. That his own Fire is the Brightest I have ever seen…. But Brother now that I have finally looked into your eyes brother I see you have a strong Fire in you too.
Itachi fades away

Zoom in on Sasuke’s eyes which are now tearing up.

Sasuke – your damn right I have I have Fire, yours, our clans, and somewhere deep I feel my will of fire building up inside of me, now I must go and protect what is precious to me and you Brother…. Thank you Itachi!!!

Flashback Ends

Sasuke- Take that back you Bastard!!!!

Tobi- why should I?!!.... You never followed that brainless Konoha Tradition before..

Sasuke- This was True… But the Smartest Man I ever knew changed my heart on the matter.

Tobi- Was, huh… that damn Itachi, your brother was smart I can’t disagree, but he was an idiot for ever having faith in the Next Generation especially YOU Sasuke!! But I see now you do have the will of fire growing in you little by little and I must end that right now.

Sasuke with EMS Eyes and hand on his blade gets in a battle stance
while Tobi grabs the end of the fan, and unsheathes a hidden blade. So in one hand he holds the blade and in the other the fan. And starts running head on at Sasuke who just stands waiting…. When Tobi is 30 yards away Tobi jumps in the air and spins so rapidly he is a complete blur. Out of the blur comes a yell

Tobi-Fire Release: Grand fire Vortex!!!!

The fire Vortex is spinning fast and heading straight towards Sasuke… Sasuke is about to use Grand Fireball Jutsu to cancel out his jutsu when … Tobi stops spinning and waves his Fan to strengthen the power of the flames which erupts into a mile high pillar of Fire heading towards Sasuke.


Scene switches to Naruto and the wounded 5 Kages

Naruto- I’m glad you are all alright, I came as soon as the other Madara aka Tobi ran off.

Ei- don’t worry about us how’s Bee

Naruto- Oh.. he’s tired and almost out of chakra but he is fine he is moving Kakashi and Guy sensei to where Sakura and other medics are.

Tsunade who is helping Gaara sit up and trying to heal the Mizukage and Tsuchikage glances at Naruto and see the image of Jiraiya and Minato’s hands on Narutos Shoulder…. But suddenly in the Horizon she sees the Mile high Pillar of Flame. Tsunade is about to point out the flame to Naruto, But he is already gone…

Tsunade- {yells} GO GET HIM NARUTO!!!!
As soon as Tsunade is done yelling the mile high Pillar of Flame turned black and disappeared.

Gaara- Sasuke…. I wonder what he will do differently to show you the light, that I could not show you myself.
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