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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

So it Continues.....

Scene cuts back to Sasuke and Tobi

Sasuke is covering his eye, while a plume of smoke covers the whole battle field

Tobi- Amaterasu… you’ve become very good at that technique

Tobi is seen walking through the smoke as if it was parting with every step he made… Sasuke seems shaken with anger and goes in Sasanoo mode and shoots arrow after arrow but hits nothing but smoke

Tobi- you have No Control, didn’t your mindless brother teach you anything while I allowed Kabuto to bring him back to be my puppet for a second time. Hahaha

Sasuke slowly breathes in and exhales

Sasuke- you right he did Teach me something…

Tobi- so what is it more Will Of Fire crap?

Sasuke- No… Every Jutsu has a Weakness and I’m yours
Sasuke in Sasanoo mode launches all three arrows with Amatersu at the tips … they miss and strike right in front of Tobi and the black Flames rise and blur Tobi’s Vision…

Tobi- you eyes are weak you are no true Uchiha

out of nowhere another arrow almost hits Tobi straight in the head but lands right behind him. Tobi looks back and says

Tobi- that’s more like it.

Tobi faces forward to face Sasuke in Sasanoo mode but it vanishes… by the time he looks back at the arrow Sasuke has his blade in Tobi’s chest.

Sasuke- I can’t believe something like that still works. I owe you one Naruto.

Tobi- No I owe him one…

Sasuke looks at Tobi, and a poof of white smoke appears.

Sasuke-!!! Shadow Clone!

Tobi swirls in right behind Sasuke with Blade in hand…

all you see in the next panel is Sasuke’s knees on the ground, and blood drip down next to them. The Panel zooms out to see that Naruto has been Stabbed in the back and the blade went all the way through and almost got Sasuke as well but Naruto grabbed the blade halting its progress. Sasuke looks up and realizes and sees the blade inches in front of his face and Naruto Smiling over him Bleeding.

Sasuke- Na…Na.. Naruto Why?

Tobi- NARUTO !!! why do you always Interfere with my business?

Naruto- {cough… Cough}- Be…Becau..Because you business always ends up….

Naruto is now looking eye to eye with Sasuke

Naruto- ….Hurting my Friends

in that moment Naruto Falls to the Ground clutching the blade and still Smiling. Sasuke is seen dipping his hand in the Blood, and slowly rising to his feet

Tobi- hehe hahaha…Well that’s not what I was going for but at least I Killed my biggest obstacle First and now all I have left is little weak Sasuke Uchiha…

Sasuke- WRONG!!

Sasuke is standing above Naruto with bloody hand in the Air

Sasuke- Naruto is not DEAD… He promised... HE PROMISED EVERYONE he would not die until he became HOKAGE….AND…NARUTO NEVER GOES BACK ON HIS WORD…So NOW Disappear with THUNDER… KIRIN!!!!!
Kirin Strikes and when the smoke clears blood is seen all over the ground.

Sasuke- it’s Done.
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