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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

One more after this
scene cuts to Ichiraku’s

???- give me his special again sir

Sakura- not that again, if you keep eating that… you will…..Hell give me
one two sir.

Mr. Ichiraku- 2 Great Naruto Specials coming right up

Sasuke- haha … see you like it two

Sakura- maybe it’s the name…

Sasuke- I know what you mean every time I come here I see his name and I must order it.

Sakura puts her hand on his shoulder rubbing his back. While Sasuke turns and smiles at her… this time a weathered old yell can be heard by all outside Ichiraku’s

Old Man- I..ITS HERE!! its actually here! we must have a bowl I’ll treat

Shikamaru- maybe later you need to see the Hokage Now!

Old Man- Naruto Talked about this place all the time he has made me have cravings for it.

Sasuke stands up abruptly and walks out Ichiraku’s, sakura puzzled but follows.

Sasuke- Old man did You say Naruto as in Naruto Uzumaki??

Sakura- What?… leave this man alone Sasuke he did not say Naruto.

Shikamaru- Actually he did Sakura, I’m taking him to the Hokage as we speak. And NO Ichraku’s for you yet old man.

Old man- alright lets go then… wait your Sakura and Sasuke

Sasuke and Sakura- yes

Old man- by god bless my lucky stars, you are all right, When Naruto talked about the two of you he was always worried happened to you both. But I can see now you are in a happy place.

the Old man smiles

Sasuke- wait when did you see him

Old man- about a year ago

Sakura- is he alright?

Old man- he is perfectly fine, if I say so myself he is at peace.

Shikamaru- we must be going

Shikamaru guides the old man with hand on his back nudging him forward, the old man yells back to Sasuke and Sakura

Old Man- I’m glad I got to meet his Friends especially the two of you!

The panel shows the face of the old man smiling and in the back ground you see Sasuke hugging Sakura and swirling her around.
Scene cuts to the Hokage’s Office, it zooms in on the office chair which is facing the window. Shikamaru walks with old man right behind him.

Shikamaru- Hokage we have urgent news on Naruto

The chair swivels around revealing…. Kakashi who is still wearing his signature blue mask but is now wearing the white cloak and a white headband over his left eye with the shadow insignia on it.

Kakashi- So he has returned

Shikamaru- Not quite sir.

Kakashi- then what?

Shikamaru- this old man

Shikamaru step aside revealing the old man

Shikamaru- he has a message from Naruto for you

The old man smiles and then squints his eyes

Old man- Naruto Told me to give the Message to an old Granny in disguise. And you look like a man so Bravo for the disguise because you fooled me.

Shikamaru and Kakashi smile

Kakashi- Haha that Naruto. I was appointed as Hokage 3 years ago. Though everyone in the village knows it is Naruto’s position when he returns.

The old man smiles

Old man- whatever happened to the previous Hokage?

Kakashi- she is fine, she is teaching all the medics in the village to become masters of healing…. I’m sorry to be blunt and end this pleasant conversation here but what is the message from Naruto sir?

Old man- ah yes… the business part of my trip… Naruto wanted me to say
Suddenly someone barges into the room yelling

Hinata- Is it True, is it True?!!

Shikamaru- Hinata this is not the right time

Hinata- I must know if this man has seen Naruto I must know if he’s alright…I must…

Kakashi halts her with his hand signaling her to Stop!!

Kakashi- sorry about that please continue old man

The scene cuts to a split panel of all 5 Kage offices
in one room is Gaara with Kankuro.
the Second room is Ei with Killer Bee.
The third room is Mei with Ao and Chojuro.
the fourth room is Akatsuchi who is in Tsuchikage cloak now and with Onoki by his side.
And finally Kakashi with Shikamaru and Hinata
Every room is waiting on the words of this one old man....
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