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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

An Old Power Is Found
*The opens with Sasuke and Sakura leaving a bank.*
Sakura: We did it, we are now homeowners!
Sasuke smiling: Yeah, we are.
Sakura: And in a few days, we’ll be married! Oh this couldn’t get any better.
Sasuke: Just enjoy this moment. Tonight we rest. Tomorrow, I’m whipping you into tip-top shape.
*Sasuke gives Sakura a playful slap on her ass.*
Sakura: And after training….
Sasuke: Not until you have my name.
Sakura pouting: Once this is all said and done, you owe me big time.
Sasuke smiling: Yeah, I do.
*Sakura jumps into Sasuke’s arms as they spin around several times. Scene switches to Hinata walking into the apartment with 10 bags of clothes and small knick-knacks. The lights are out and Hinata calls out for Naruto. No one responds. Hinata sighs and begins to put the things she bought away.*
Hinata in thought: I’ll cook him his favorite meal.
*Hinata starts to gather some ingredients and begins to make a dish (its pork ramen, what else). Scene switches to Naruto at the old training grounds. He’s leaning against the middle post that both he and Jiraya were tied to during their training with their sensei.*
Naruto in thought: How can I train her?
Kurama: I have an idea.
Naruto: Yeah…
Kurama: Hinata’s prowess in seals is on par with your dad.
Naruto: Really?
Kurama: You need to have her incorporate that into her fighting so she can defend herself against those who would attack her.
Naruto: But we’ve only got six days left before we leave. Is that enough time?
Kurama: For you, that’s more than enough time, but for her, probably not.
Naruto getting an idea: You’re a genius Kurama.
*Naruto flashes out of the training area. The scene switches back to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment, showing Hinata in the kitchen, pulling the noodles out of the boilding water. She just dumps them into each bowl as there is a knock at the door.*
Hinata: Come in.
*The door opens and in walks Sasuke and Sakura.*
Hinata: Sasuke-kun… Sakura-chan… What’s going on?
Hinata in thought: Please don’t stay all night. I want to make up with Naruto.
Sakura: We were just in the neighborhood.
Sasuke: Where’s Naruto? I wanted to talk to him.
Hinata: I don’t know actually. We kinda had a fight this morning.
Sakura: What did he do Hinata? Want me to knock some sense into him?
Hinata: It wasn’t him. I just overreacted and blew things way out of proportion… and I spent two weeks’ worth of pay on clothes and decorations *now crying* and he’s going to be upset when he finds out how much I spent…
*Sakura goes to Hinata and hugs her.*
Sakura: It’s going to be ok Hinata.
Sakura in thought: And knowing Naruto, he’s got a hidden stash somewhere, so don’t worry about the money. He was always so cheap on missions.
Hinata sobbing: Do you guys want to eat dinner with us?
Sasuke: Thank you for the offer, bu…
Sakura: Sure.
*Sasuke looks at Sakura as Sakura returns her all-knowing glare.*
Hinata inbetween sobs: I can make some fried rice.
*The women start cooking the rice as Sasuke sits on the couch. Another knock is heard at the door.*
Hinata: Come in.
*There is another knock at the door. Then footsteps are heard running away from the door.*
Sasuke in thought: That was weird.
*The scene switches to a travel lodge, with more men dressed in the same cloaks as those who followed Sasuke.*
Fodder A: Were you able to get her?
Fodder B: No.
Fodder A: Why not?!
Fodder C: Because we sensed him.
Fodder A: Who?
Fodder C: The Toad Sage, Uzumaki Naruto.
Fodder A: So it would have been two on one, don’t be such a big crybaby.
Fodder B: He wasn’t the only one we sensed.
Fodder A: So they’re here already?
Fodder B and C: Aye.
Fodder A: Then we must return to Kirigakure. Lord Ryuden will want to know this.
*Scene shows the three men leaving Konoha through the main gate. As they walk outside the gate, Naruto flashes in front of them.*
Naruto: What did you want with my wife?
Fodder A: Please let us pass; we’re humble monks traveling about.
*Naruto walks through the group and just as he passes through them he stops.*
Naruto: Make sure Kabuto knows that I know he’s still out there. His time will come.
*The fodders facial expressions are shocked and they run away. Scene switches to Naruto opening the door to his apartment. Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata are all at a table eating dinner. Hinata jumps up at the sight of Naruto and runs to him, leaping into his arms. She gives him a full kiss (tongue) and Naruto pulls back.*
Naruto: How much?
Hinata: What?
Sakura: Naruto, just eat with us, please.
Naruto: Just tell me… how much.
Hinata looks down, still in Naruto’s arms: Two weeks’ pay.
Naruto sighs: Fine.
*The couple walk back to the table and join their friends.*
Sasuke: Where have you been?
Naruto: When were you going to tell me about Kabuto?
*Sasuke goes wide-eyed.*
Sasuke: What do you mean?
*Naruto looks down*
Naruto: Nothing.
Naruto in thought: Why am I sensing him here in Konoha. His chakra was on that group of monks as well.
*Scene switches to a figure walking the streets of Konoha in a long black cloak. Panel focuses on the face, showing Kabuto pushing his glasses back in place on his face.*
Kabuto in thought: This is starting to get fun, Naruto. I’ll keep an eye on you for now. Our time to play hasn’t come just yet.
*Kabuto walks out of Konoha and into the darkness. Scene switches back to the apartment around the four at the table.*
Sasuke: What in the hell do you mean nothing? Kabuto is dead. He died by my Amerterasu.
Naruto looks up at Sasuke with Sage eyes: Then why do I feel him?
Sakura: Calm down Naruto. There’s got to be some explanation to this.
Naruto looks at Sasuke: You told the Raikage that Kabuto had become a Sage of Ryuchidou, right?!
Sasuke: How do you know about that?
Naruto: I just do.
*There’s an awkward moment of silence.*
Naruto: He’s not dead. And he’s stronger, a lot stronger.
Sasuke: Surely not stronger than you.
Naruto: No, but knowing him, he’s got something up his sleeve to get rid of me or bring him to my level or beyond.
Sasuke: Could he beat me?
Naruto: It would depend on his knowledge of senjutsu and how he is able to use it. Knowing him and how Orochimaru was, I wouldn’t doubt it that they could take out all of Konoha right now.
Sasuke looking down: That does make sense
*Hinata stands up and walks over to Naruto.*
Hinata: Everything will be ok.
*They all look at Hinata.*
Hinata looking Naruto in the eye: We’ve all matured, both physically and mentally, except for maybe Kiba… but we’re better than we used to be. And we have you… in here.
*Hinata takes Naruto’s hand and places it over her heart.*
Hinata: Your will feeds my will.
Sasuke: Aye, it does.
Sakura: You are our knucklehead after all.
Sasuke: We need to leave. C’mon Sakura.
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