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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A Union
*Scene opens with Naruto and Hinata at the training area, Naruto is sitting on a branch, watching Hinata spar with his clones. Hinata is panting, falling to a knee.*
Hinata: I can’t do this. I don’t have you stamina.
*Naruto disperses his clones, jumping down from the branch and running over to Hinata. He helps her up, and supports her by her waist as she stands.*
Naruto: You’re doing just fine, Baby.
Hinata: Is it lunch time yet?
Naruto: Yeah. You’ve earned it.
*Naruto carries Hinata off the training area. The scene switches to Tsunade’s office. Pakkun is seen in front of Tsunade’s desk.*
Tsunade: And that is all?
Pakkun: Aye.
Tsunade: Shizune, send notices to all the kages. We’re going to have another summit.
Shizune: Aye, Tsunade-sama.
Tsunade: Pakkun, I have a request of you.
Pakkun: Yes, Lady Tsunade?
Tsunade: Return to Kakashi and deliver this message.
*Tsunade hands Pakkun a letter. Pakkun takes the letter in his mouth and then runs out of the office.*
Shizune: Do you still plan to attend Sakura and Sasuke’s wedding?
Tsunade: Yes. We’re going to have this Summit here in Konoha.
Shizune: But the location of the Gedo Mazo is nearest Kumo.
Tsunade: Its location does not bother me. What bothers me, is that apparently none of our sensors have sensed it for over two years.
Shizune: You don’t think…
Tsunade: I’m not sure. But something like that, just appearing, and unnoticed at that.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata at a roadside stand eating some fried rice.*
Hinata: So we’re going to the wedding tomorrow, right?
Naruto: Of course.
Hinata: Reminds me of our wedding day.
*Flashback scene to the top of the Hokage building. Naruto is scene in a traditional tuxedo, with an orange handkerchief in the pocket of the jacket, and a lilac pinned to his lepel. Hinata is shown being walked down the aisle by Hiashi in traditional Hyuuga attire, with Hinata in a tight, white dress, with lace around her chest area. There is a thigh-high slit in Hinata’s dress, which accentuates her curves as she wears white stillettos. Kiba is shown gawking over Hinata. Naruto and Hinata stand before a monk, say their vows, and the next panel shows them kissing first time as husband and wife. Flashback ends.*
Naruto smiling: My favorite part was that night.
*Naruto has a flashback of Hinata in a sheer teddy, wearing that and only her garter.*
Hinata: Naruto?
Naruto: Yeah.
Hinata: Are you going to help me develop any jutsus that use my water affinity?
Naruto: I can try. Did you have anything in mind?
Hinata: I don’t know. I’m just married to the man who has come up with some of the most… terrifyingly great jutsus.
Naruto: Well, there is one thing… but I don’t know if it will be “terrifyingly great” as you put it. But it will push you beyond what I’m doing now.
Hinata: I’m not sure I can do that.
Naruto: You can. You’re my wife after all. Over the last two year we’ve been building up your stamina.
Hinata laughs: Yeah, well… We were newlyweds.
Naruto: And I still crave you like I did then, maybe even more.
*Hinata rests her head on his shoulder.*
Kurama to Naruto: I hate to ruin this moment Naruto, but we need to talk… ALONE!
Naruto in thought: Ok, just give me a moment.
Naruto: Hey Baby, let’s call it a day. Go home and rest up. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.
Hinata smiling: What about tonight?
Naruto: You keep this up; we will have a kid soon.
*Naruto flashes out of the foodstand. The scene switches to Naruto on top of Yondaime’s head on the Hokage Mountain.*
Naruto: So what’s going on Kurama.
Kurama: You need to go to Kumo. We need to talk to Bee and Gyuuki.
Naruto: Right now?
Kurama: Yes, now. Can’t you feel them?
Naruto: What do mean?
Kurama: Clear your mind Naruto.
Naruto: I think you can understand why that is so hard for me right now.
Kurama: Just go to Kumo, NOW!
*Naruto flashes out of Konoha. Scene switches to Naruto appearing in the Raikage’s office. Ei looks at Naruto shocked.*
Ei: What the hell of you doing here?
Naruto: Where’s Bee?
Bee: Right behind you brah.
*Naruto turns around and smiles at Bee. He holds out his fist, and Bee bumps fists with Naruto.*
Bee: I see. So you’re liking married life!
*Naruto grins. Scene switches to Bee and Naruto walking down a street in Kumo.*
Bee: So Kurama felt it too? Why not you?
Naruto: I’ve had a lot on my mind, but now that I’m closer, I feel it too.
Bee: Yeah, I’ve been feeling it for around a week now.
Naruto: Why do you think it started all of a sudden?
Bee: I don’t know. I’ve wanted to go check it out, but that’s hard for me to do. I can’t flash in and out like you.
Naruto: Do you think anyone knows about it.
Bee: If they don’t yet, they soon will.
*Naruto looks up into the sky.*
Naruto: There’s a lot going on right now. Keep in touch.
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