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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Naruto and Sasuke look at each other. Naruto steps over to Sasuke, putting his hand on his shoulder, and then the two flash out. Scene switches to a tavern in Iwa. Naruto and Sasuke enter, looking around.*
Sasuke: Why didn’t you do the whole flash in and out thing like you did with Bee-sama?
Naruto: Because we’re getting three people. If everyone is not connected or encircled with my chakra, I won’t get everyone, and that would set off some alarms.
*Naruto and Sasuke walk past a table where the group of shinobi who attacked the travel lodge that he and Sakura stayed at, are sitting. One of them notices Sasuke, and then Naruto, and almost jumps out of his chair. The others then notice Sasuke and Naruto as well.*
Fodder A: We need to let Grand Marshall Ryu know of this now.
*The group gets up and leaves, without Naruto and Sasuke noticing them. Naruto spots Choji and walks over to him. He’s hitting on the barmaid at the tavern.*
Choji: So when will I see you again?
Barmaid: Probably never.
*She pours him a shot of sake. Choji downs it.*
Choji: C’mon. I’m not that bad, am I?
Barmaid: No, you aren’t. Thing is I’m moving to the Fire Nation. My uncle just opened a restaurant, and he has said he could use my help.
*Choji is getting all excited.*
Barmaid: Plus it’s the home of the Great Sage, Uzumaki Naruto. I figure that will increase my chances of marrying him.
Choji mumbles now with a frown: You know he is married.
Barmaid: What did you say darling?
Naruto taps Choji on the shoulder: Where are they?
*Choji turns around, jumping and almost falling off of his stool.*
Barmaid: Hey there Handsome. You and your friend want a drink.
Naruto: No thanks.
Naruto looks down at Choji: Pay her and tip her.
*Naruto and Sasuke turn around and leave as Choji pays the barmaid and runs out after Naruto and Sasuke.*
Choji: See you around.
Barmaid: Doubt it.
Choji: You’ll see.
*Scene switches with the three walking to a hotel in Iwa.*
Choji: I thought I would give them some alone time. Ino’s always complaining about me being a third wheel.
Sasuke: Well, there has been a change of plans.
*Scene switches to Naruto standing in front of a door. He’s about to knock, when Choji stops him.*
Choji: Should we… you know… interrupt them.
Sasuke: He’s right you know.
Naruto: I don’t care.
Sasuke: Imagine if it were you and Hinata.
Naruto: I don’t care, because I can’t hear them. You would hear Hinata.
*Choji chuckles at that statement.
Sasuke: Then just knock. Don’t break the door down. At least try to give them some privacy.
*Naruto knocks on the door. There is no response. Naruto knocks again. Still no response.*
Naruto: I’m starting not to like this.
Choji: Knock harder this time.
*Naruto knocks on the door as hard as he can without knocking the door down. Still no response. Some mumbling is heard. Suddenly the door opens, and Ino is standing there in a bed robe.*
Ino: What is it? *not really seeing Naruto and Sasuke*
Choji: Is Sai with you?
Ino: Yeah, what’s going on?
*Choji gestures to Naruto and Sasuke. Ino turns to them and then gasps.*
Ino: Give us a minute.
*Ino slams the door and then yells at Sai.*
Naruto joking: I’m wondering who put who to sleep.
Choji chuckling: From what I’ve heard from Ino, they aren’t that boring.
Sasuke: Really.
Naruto laughs: I know exactly what that means then.
*Scene switches back to Konoha, at the Hokage’s office. The entire Konoha 12 are there with their jounin senseis.*
Tsunade: I’m sorry to interrupt our night again girls, but something has come up. The Gedo Mazo has been found, finally. I know there is the wedding tomorrow. After the ceremony, there are going to be a lot of changes made. I’ve already canceled the mission to the Land of the Whirlpools. From here on out, no one is allowed outside of Konoha unless they are on a mission accompanying me.
Tsunade looks at Naruto: I really need your cooperation on this.
Naruto smiles: You know me.
Tsunade: You’re right, I do…. Dismissed.
*The Konoha 12 leave, excluding Shikamaru and the jounin senseis.*
Shikamaru: You know we can’t keep him here.
Kakashi: He’s right.
Kurenai: Your only shot is Hinata.
Gai: You think Naruto can be manipulated through Hinata? Ah to have that youth again.
Shizune: Be careful milady. I’m not sure that we can keep both of them here.
Kurenai: What do you mean? I know Hinata has grown…
Tsunade: Her skills in seals outclass even me now.
Kakashi: Regardless, Naruto will do what he wills. We all know that. He’s already sacrificed himself once before, leaving Hinata. Don’t forget that.
Tsunade: We just have to trust in Hinata. She is a woman after all. We have our ways.
Shikamaru: Thank goodness that Kiba isn’t here.
*Scene switches to the training ground with Naruto standing in front of the pole he was tied to several years ago.*
Naruto in thought: Surely this all isn’t a coincidence.
Kurama: I doubt it as well.
A voice from behind: What on your mind?
*Naruto turns and sees Sasuke.*
Naruto: Sasuke… you need to be resting. You’ve got a big day tomorrow, and if Sakura is anything like Hinata, a big night tomorrow night.
Sasuke: Yeah, who would have thought that Hinata… you know?!!!
Naruto smiles: Don’t let her shyness fool you. She knows what she wants, and she gets it, a lot of the time.
Sasuke: I want to thank you.
Naruto: For what?
Sasuke: Rebuilding the Uchiha district.
Naruto: Don’t mention it. It was more like training.
Sasuke: How so… nevermind. You created probably 10,000 clones, didn’t you?
Naruto grins: Yeah.
Sasuke: Then why in the hell didn’t you rebuild Konoha and come to Kumo yourself?
Naruto: Because I was warned by the shinigami.
Sasuke looking at Naruto seriously: Warned about what?
Naruto looks at Sasuke: There is something out there more powerful than the juubi. A lot more powerful.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Naruto: He told me that the juubi was a god’s pet.
Sasuke: God??? What do you mean a god?
*A crack of lightning is seen and thunder heard on a night with few clouds. A figure is seen approaching Naruto and Sasuke.*
Figure: Stand down, son of thunder, son of wind.
*Naruto and Sasuke look at the figure puzzled.*
Sasuke: Who are you?
*As the figure gets closer, his features become present: a tall man in a dark purple kimono with black hair and handle-bar mustache.*
Figure: Son of wind and son of thunder, you are to go the Land of the Whirlpools in three days.
Sasuke: But Tsunade-sama…
Naruto: We’ll be there.
Figure: And bring your women. It is time that they took their place by your sides.
*There is another crack of lightning and thunder, and the figure has vanished. The scene switches to a courtyard with a koi pond in the middle. Three figures are seen talking amongst themselves.*
Figure A: It seems that they are going to stand against us.
Figure B: Our task becomes difficult if Fujin and Raijin are aiding them.
Figure A: That’s easy for you to say. If they take up the mantle as the son of wind and the son of thunder, you’re not the one to be replaced Tsukuyomi!
Tsukuyomi: Calm down brother. Surely our sister can calm you better.
Figure B: I can’t overtake Suijin if I have to handle these two as well, and you know that. They’re not pushovers!
Tsukuyomi: Relax Susanoo. I will not tolerate your outbursts.
Figure C: Both of you need to calm down if you don’t want to draw any attention. You never know where your father is lurking.
Susanoo: Even more reason why we need to eradicate those two along with Sujin, Fujin, and Raijin. Do you have any advice Benten.
Benten: Being the goddess of knowledge grants me many things. You are correct in saying that those two need to be handled. For if the son or daughter of water is found, surely your cause is lost.
Tsukuyomi: What if he were to align with us?
Benten: I will speak to him. He is my brother and mate after all.
Susanoo: Thank you. And what of Amatsu? You know he will pick a side in all of this.
Benten: Amatsu and his bride will definitely play a role in this.
Tsukuyomi: I don’t see how he can be of any importance.
Benten: Remember, he is the god of the underworld. It would be well to keep that in mind. He was the one who caused your father his pain.
Susanoo: And what do you recommend we do about father.
Benten: I would leave Inzanagi to Amatsu and Inzanami. Tell Amerterasu that I’m in.

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