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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Then tell me why Madara's EMS is his exact MS and Izuna's exact MS.
I can't because it's not. Izuna's MS is upside down.
As far as I know (and I have not read a singal data book), Kishi has neither confirmed nor denied your theory.
Nope, but everything points towards it, so the theory holds up.

My question to you is why is one "exact" and the other not.
Read above. Neither of them are "exact". Both are clearly a combination of the two though.

You can't explain it, because you're not Kishi.
My theory does explain it, actually. So until you can refute the evidence, or Kishi throws something new into the mix, it's the most plausible idea.

All we can do is theorize.
Exactly what I'm doing. So how about you actually tell me why the theory doesn't hold true. Unless you can't.

Hence why I said "laziness" on Kishi's part. He's not thorough.
I'm calling this laziness on your part. You jumped in this conversation, talking about how I'm wrong, and my theory doesn't hold true/up. Yet you can't answer any of my questions or refute anything I'm saying. Your entire argument boils down to "lolol ur not kishi".

How do you explain both MS designs? How do you explain Izuna being eyeless after Madara got his EMS, if it doesn't require both? What exactly is your theory?

Edit: Also, thanks Kael. I figured since he was speaking so surely he would have at least googled the designs so he didn't look like an idiot.

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