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Re: Game of Thrones and other TV shenanigans

oh man... if that list is accurate, the US political field is going to suck by book four.

Anyway, Tzu - I think what Shrike is upset about is that season 1 was a very very good adaptation, the tones, moods and characters were pretty well mapped out as they do in the books and if you put aside the fact that the direwolves are utterly ignored passed the death of Lady, it honours the story quite well. Brings to life just enough to tell the story.

In season 2, it seems like they've decided to go a different route, change the focus and even the motivation of major characters. The having to tell us that Renly is so utterly gay he can't even suffer sex with a woman for the sake of his claim on the throne, and so middling about everything (rather than being carefree like his brother without the ruthless streak) is bad. The portrayal of Stannis is worse. He's supposed to be one of the dominant characters in the book and he's fairly well overshadowed by Melisandre and even Davos. Likewise the overplaying of characters such as the Tyrells (still say Knight of Flowers is completely wrong), Varys, Littlefinger and Melisandre. It just doesn't feel right with what makes the books great - layers on layers. I worry what they'll do with the city of Braavos, Aristan Whitebeard and Strong Belwas and the Reed children (don't google those if you don't want to know)

I agree with Shrike that the Arya storyline is the best executed, but not having problems with the Ironborn (though I had Asha would be prettier), nor Catelyn's roll in it all aside from being a little minor (also supposed to be more major especially in Renly's group) and think her and Brienne will be good. The Northmen have been lacking but right now it's just about battering the Lanisters for a while, so no biggy.
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