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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Instantly he dashes towards Sha.
Sha raises his hands and the earth gets shaked. Massive rocks are ripped from thr ground and sent towards Itachi. Itachi blocks them with his Susano'o.
Sha suddenly points his hand at Itachi, and the Uchiha gets violently pushed back.
Itachi thinking: It's like Naruto's Shinra Tensei...but different in a way...this one feels like a projectile.
Sha quickly points his hand at Itachi again and keeps pushing him back.
Itachi makes a few handsigns and sents a giant fireball at Sha.*
Sha smiles and blocks it with a rock.
Sha gathers his energies and forms a red beam in his hand.
Sha: Powerless negative force!
He sents at Itachi with such speed, that the Uchiha doesn't have time to dodge. The beam hits at full force the Susano'o, and at that moment the Susano'o vanishes.
Itachi: What the..!?!
Instantly Kakashi appears behind Sha and attemps to strike him with a Raikiri. Sha dodges, catches Kakashi by his arm and slams him into the ground. Kakashi reveals himself as a lightning clone, and the real Kakashi appears above Sha trying to hit him with another Lightning Blade. Sha creates put of nothing a spear and impales Kakashi in the shoulder with it. He pins Kakashi to the ground using the spear. The Jounin coughs blood, as Sha after capturing him, impales him again in the stomach with his bare hand. Again, Kakashi vanishes revealing himself as a shadow clone this time.
Itachi appears behind Sha.
Itachi: Amaterasu!
Sha gets enveloped in black flames as the Amaterasu hits him. But he simply makes a gesture and the flames are pushed away from his body.
Sha: You cannot kill me with that, Uchiha Itachi.
Itachi smiles: Who said that i was going to kill you, Sha?
Suddenly Sha gets a very shocked look as he looks down at an energy blade that goes straight through his chest.
Sha: What the...!?!
Itachi: This is the spiritual power of the Totuska sword. The real sword it's guarded by you...but i own a portion of it's powers. It's sealing abilities.
Sha: I you accessed the power of gods yourself...Uchiha think that you would defeat me with the very tool that i'm guarding.
Itachi: I defeated you because your pride didn't allowed you to see past your arrogance.*
Sha: Uchiha don't know what powers you are messing with.
Itachi: Naruto...he is your leader actually. And Raiden survived also.*
Sha: How did you...!?!
Itachi: Let's say that i'm smart. Now vanish...Sha...
Itachi takes out the sword and Sha slowly fades away like he was never there.
Itachi: And so...another Beyonder goes...
Kakashi appears behind him.
Kakashi: Good job Itachi.
Itachi: Thank you, Kakashi. Now let's go and take the sword.
Suddenly a voice is heared.
Unknown voice: Not so fast...
Itachi turns around surprised: You!!!
Sasuke lands in front of him.
Sasuke: Not so fast brother. I don't know why Konohamaru wants the sword, but i'm also looking for it!*
Itachi smiles: I had a feeling that you were searching the treasures too, brother.
Sasuke: Exactly. I already have the Yata Mirror and the Magatama jewel...all i need is the sword.
Itachi: Interesting. And What for?
Sasuke smiles: I told you that i have something to do.
Itachi: Yeah you did. But you know that i have to obey an order from the Hokage.
Sasuke: is everything back in Konoha?
Itachi: Back home you mean.
Sasuke: No. Back in Konoha.
Itachi: Konoha it's no longer your home?
Sasuke: Not until i came back with Naruto. No.
Itachi: Everything it's fine. Yama came the other day to visit us.
Sasuke: Yama? That's strange.
Itachi: He gave Konohamaru the location of the sword.
Sasuke instantly activates his Spiralling EMS and catches Itachi into a Tsukuyomi.
Itachi: I see. You have something that only my ears have to hear.
Sasuke: Itachi...something it's strange. You told me that Yama gave Konohamaru the coordinates for the sword, in order to retrieve it for Konoha, right?
Itachi: Exactly.
Sasuke: Itachi i have something to tell you. Raiden is not dead. Neither is Naruto.
Itachi shocked: Shat do you mean?
Sasuke: Naruto made a treat with Raiden. If he spares our lives, Naruto would became the new leader of the Celest City. And that's exactly what happend. Naruto is currently trapped in the Celest City without the ability to leave it, until Raiden commands him to do so.
Itachi: So why do you need the Totsuka?
Sasuke: Because i plan to free Naruto. Vishnu left behind some clues. I'm just following the clues left, brother. We need to stop Raiden!
Itachi: Actually, we really need that anymore? Think about it...Naruto sacrificied himself in order for us to achieve the peace. If you start another war with Raiden...countless lives will be lost again. The last time the Celest City falled. Konoha falled. In the other dimension, the whole shinobi world falled. Can't you see that every time we have a war with him, we tend to lose? Not even your power combined with Naruto's couldn't defeat him.*
Sasuke shouts: So what are you saying?!? That i should simply abandon Naruto!?!
Itachi: I think that Naruto took the mature decision. His actions reflected his status as a Hokage. If you start another war, Sasuke...Raiden might decide to kill us all. And this time Vishnu isn't around to be able to stop him.*
Sasuke: I can't belive it, Itachi. I never thought that you'd ever say this.
Itachi: People grow, Sasuke.
Sasuke shouts: He went through hell to redeem me! How could i let him down!?!
Itachi: What was the stake back then Sasuke? It was simply a shinobi's life! This time there will be countless lives lost and for what? I would like Naruto to come back! But think about the costs!
Sasuke drops a tear and looks at Itachi. At the same moment he lands a powerful punch on Itachi's jaw, throwing his brother several meters away. Sasuke breaks the genjutsu.
Itachi: I'm sorry brother...but i must put the interest of the Shinobi World above our interest.
Sasuke: If this is how you want it to be, Itachi...then we will do it this way.*
Itachi shouts: Udon! Kakashi!
Instantly Udon and Kakashi lands behind Sasuke.
Itachi: Our mission changed.*
Kakashi: I thought so.
Itachi: We are no longer after the Totsuka sword. Sasuke can have it.
Sasuke surprised thinking: I thought that he was going to stop me! He is ready to start another war?
Itachi: But...this not spares you of the consequences, Sasuke. Be careful. If you start another war, i don't think that Konoha will aid you.*
Sasuke: I know. Thank you, brother.
Minato lands near them. He recovered himself from the shock.
Minato: Sasuke...
Sasuke: Minato...
Minato: I've always been proud of you and honest with you, Sasuke. So don't lie to me. Is he...
Sasuke stops him: The answer is yes, Minato. He is.*
Minato: And why? Why did he acted in such manner?
Sasuke: It's complicated. But it was for Konoha's best interest.
Minato: That's all i wanted to hear. Itachi, let's go. Our mission here ends.
Kakashi: Take care Sasuke! See you soon.
Udon: Sensei...a pleasure to see you.
Minato looks at Sasuke: Thank you, Sasuke. Your sacrifice honors the Uchiha clan and Konoha. But be careful! You're exposing the whole ninja world at a great risk if you fail!
Sasuke: How do know!?!
Minato smiles: It's not that hard to figure it out...a Beyonder guarding the Totsuka sword, a brief genjutsu conversation between you and Itachi, you being here...the power that the treasures give to one...take care.
Sasuke: I will.
Itachi: Where is Shisui?
Sasuke smiles: Well, actually...i came here to keep you busy. They are currently taking the Totsuka sword.
Suddenly a voice is heard.
Shisui: We already did it. The Totsuka it's ours, Sasuke.
Itachi: Take care, Sasuke. I don't know exactly what's your plan...but if you fail...the whole ninja world will crumble. And...i will send you news soon...about the Hokage. Something strange happend with him.
Sasuke: You do so...farewell brother.
The Konoha team departs after an useless mission, leaving Sasuke and his team alone.
Shisui reveals the Totsuka sword. Sasuke takes out the Yata mirror and the Magatama jewel.
Sasuke: And now...let's see their power!
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