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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene it's switched. It shows the Celest City. Suddenly a giant light hits the top tower.

The panel presents Naruto's office. He is sitting at the window. As the light hits his tower, he simply turns around and looks at the man who came for him.

Naruto: What do you want, Raiden?
Raiden: Uchiha Sasuke managed to gather the three treasures.
Naruto: And shy should you care?
Raiden: I thought that i ordered you to send someone to guard them.
Naruto: I did. It seems that they weren't powerful enough for Sasuke.
Raiden: As you wouldn't know Sasuke's level power. You want him to access more powers!*
Naruto: What, Raiden? Are you afraid?
Raiden: Uzumaki Naruto. You have defied me one last time. It's time for you to learn what can happen to someone who doesn't bow in front of his god.
Naruto gathers his energies: You're not my god Raiden!
Raiden vanishes and appears in front of Naruto, faster than Naruto's highest speed. Raiden manages to touch the former Hokage's forehead with the tip of his fingers.
Raiden:Ninshu devotion power!
Suddenly Naruto loses the expression in his eyes.

The panel shows Naruto inside his mind. He is floating, surrounded by dark matter. Kurama's voice is heard calling him, but he doesn't answer. He is sleeping.

Switch to reality.

Raiden: Uzumaki Naruto. You're under my power right now.
Naruto doesn't answer and his look in his eyes is lost.
Raiden laughs: Soon! I will have the power to *awaken " it" !
Yama lands near Raiden.
Yama: It is done?
Raiden: Uzumaki Naruto is under my power. I will send him after Sasuke to retrieve the three treasures.
Yama: You're after them?
Raiden: Of course. The three treasures are actually remnants of the Creator's power. By awakening their true power, i will be able to summon "it" .
Yama frightened: You're not serious!?!
Raiden: And why not? By being it's master i will be finally able to remodelate the world as i always wanted.*
Yama: You're insane Raiden! What if you don't manage to control it?
Raiden: I will. Trust me. Until now i played with the dimensions to allow me to reach this point. Everything is going as planned. Vishnu is dead, Uzumaki Naruto is under my control, such as it's the Celest City, the three treasures have been uncovered by Sasuke and there is nobody powerful enough to oppose me. I will summon the legendary beast and i will triumph! Until now, i had control only on the time flow...but with the summon it will come the power to create...and destroy...the Creator's true power!Vishnu knew that my plan was to summon "it" . Because with my power alone, i don't own the energies of the Creator even though i stand above anyone else. Now...go to my dimension. Prepare the army. Soon we will invade the world once again!*
Yama: Raiden-sama...what happend to the Creator?
Raiden: He falled. At a certain point before your creation, we were one being. I was the side that gave the humans the malice and evil in their hearts. He was the side that gave them mercy and love. But that side managed to separate from me. We fought a terrible battle...a battle that your mind cannot comprehend. The Universe was born from that clash. He defeated me and stripped me of the most of my powers. But he falled. Because the beings that he beyonders...also had evil in their hearts. I was already using the time to ensure his downfall. His powers were useless against the your hatred. It was a latent one but it was there. Then...he created the humans. But they had much more cumulated hatred than you, because of their numbers. So he couldn't take it. He vanished, crushed by the enormity of the evil that was in the world. That made room for me to emerge. Even I don't know what happend with him exactly. But one thing is sure...even if he is alive...he doesn't hold anymore to power to stop me!
Yama: This i know...from you...but...what about the prophecy?
Raiden: won't happen. The prophecy says that the Creator will rise again if he witnesses the pure love in the middle of evil. Something like that doesn't exist anymore. It's just a matter of time...but i've already won! Now go, Yama! I will prepare Uzumaki Naruto for his encounter with Sasuke!In the meantime...besides from preparing the army...i want you to use your powers as a death god. Summon me, four warriors. Four fallen warriors to damage Sasuke's team, until Naruto's arrival!

The panel shows Sasuke holding the Totsuka, Magatama and Yata mirror in his hands.

Sasuke: Nothing happend!*
Shisui: Hmm...something's missing, Sasuke.
Zero: Give them to me. Let me try.
Sasuke hands the objects to Zero. The moment when the boy touches them, the three legendary items, start to glow. At the same moment Zero lost the focus in his eyes. He falls on his knees, still holding the objects, and from his chest emerges a giant column of light. Sasuke tries to grab him, but the column has a protective field around it. The Uchiha gets thrown back.
Sasuke: Shit! What's happening?!?
Instantly the column vanishes, and Zero regains his senses.
Hinata: Zero! What happend?!?
Sasuke: What did you see?
Zero a little confused: The...whole history of the world...and..many more...
Sasuke: Rest now! You will tell me later.
Zero grabs his hand: No Sasuke! I must tell you now! I saw something of great importance! I saw the Celest City! And...N...Naruto! He is alive! But he is under Raiden's control! He plans to send Naruto against us!
Hinata shocked: So he really is alive!
Sasuke remains silent.
Shisui notices it.
Shisui: But you already knew this, didn't you, Sasuke?
Sasuke: Not that he is coming after us.
Hinata turns around and looks at Sasuke surprised.
Hinata: You knew...that he was alive...and you didn't told me?!?
Sasuke: I'm sorry Hinata...but...
Hinata starts crying: Sasuke...i came in this mission with you...because i hoped that i would found Naruto alive. lied to me, deceived allowed me a thin hope,
Sasuke: Hinata...i tried to protect you...
Hinata shouts crying: From what?!? From what did you tried to protect me!?!
Sasuke shouts: From what Naruto did! From not hurting you! Fom the fact that he left you behind!
Hinata remains speechlees at Sasuke's shout, being very shocked.
Sasuke turns around and looks at the horizont.
Sasuke: We will talk about this later. Right now, we need to prepare. If what Zero saw it's true, it means that Raiden managed to gain somehow control over Naruto. And he knows that Naruto is the only one that can stand against us. It means that we are against a touh opponent.
Shisui: hid things from us. How can we trust you anymore?*
Sasuke: You don't need to trust me. Trust Zero!

The panel shows later that night, Sasuke standing on a rock and looking at the stars. He guards the others that are sleeping.

Suddenly Hinata jumps next to him.
Sasuke: I thought that you were sleeping.
Hinata: I cannot sleep. I'm thinking about what you said. And i understand why you hid from me what he did. But i don't understand what he did actually.
Sasuke: I was there...He said goodbye to you...then...he attacked Raiden with his most powerful attack and the bastard survived it. He made a bargain with Raiden: in excahnge for our lives, he would became the leader of the Celest City and Raiden's servant. I thought that you'd be dissappointed if you'd find out what he did...that he left you behind...
Hinata: Sasuke...
She stops because at the same instant Sasuke jumps from the rock alerted by something. Instantly she is back to back with him.
Hinata: Byakugan!
Sasuke: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!
They wait for attack that fails to come. Shisui and Zero wakes up and looks at them.
Sasuke: Something is strange...
Shisui activates his Sharingan. He goes back to back with Zero.
Sasuke: This feels familiar...the blood lust...i can feel it!
Unknown voice: Of course that you can, Uchiha Sasuke.
Second unknown voice: killed us once.
Third unknown voice: But this time we will make sure...
Forth unknown voice: That you will go down.
The scene reveal four people closing in. They all wear red mantles. The panel shows Narasimha, Kalkin, Kali and Mara.
Sasuke shocked: You! But you should all be dead!
Narasimha: We should. But we are not. We were revived for the sole purpose of eliminating you.
Sasuke thinking: Shit! I cannot fight the four of them alone...i need to take a tough decision here!
Sasuke: I will fight you Narasimha! Zero! You will take Kalkin! Hinata take the woman!*
Shisui: And i will take the last one...Mara...
Narasimha laughs: You really think that you can defeat me again, Sasuke? Now i know your powers!
Sasuke smiles: No you don't...
Instantly each of them vanishes and reappears, meeting their opponents face to face.
Narasimha: I heard that you have an interesting moniker...the God Slayer!*
Sasuke: And i've earned it. Now, i will just prove it once again!
Sasuke: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Demonic ways! Shadow's power!
Instantly Sasuke gets covered into his dense dark chakra armor, wielding the black energy blade. Narasimha takes out his blade and smiles.
Narasimha: Here we go...
They both vanish and the next panel shows them clashing!
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