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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Sasuke:'re my brother...i thought that i could always rely on you. I would gave my life for you. My life was in your hands since that day ehen you decided to belive in me! But...i never thought that i would have to fight the death...even id you cannot hear me, i will still say plan was to save you, and together we would defeat Raiden...but it seems that i failed...i won't be able to save you. You will have to kill Raiden by your own...i hope that my death at your hands will release you from the control that Raiden has over you...EVEN THOUGH I CANNOT WIN, I WON'T LET RAIDEN CONTROL YOU LIKE A PET!!!!!!!
Sasuke as tears rolls down from his eyes: I'm sorry...everyone( he pictures Hinata, Shisui and Zero's faces...but the most proeminent is Sakura's face) ...Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan...Demonic ways...Evil's incarnation!
Sasuke releases dense dark chakra energies that forms into the shape of a dark powerful chidori into his hand. Sasuke channels lightning through making it much more powerful.
At the same time, Naruto uses the Kyuubi's energy and the Natural energy to form a light release Rasengan. The panel shows Zero slowly rising up and looking at the scene.
The two men are looking at eachother.
At the same moment they both dash towards one another. Naruto wielding a Light Release Rasengan, and Sasuke a Demonic Chidori. Just as they are about to clash a powerful blue beam appears between them stoping the two from attacking each other.
Sasuke turns around and looks at a scene that will mark him for the rest of his life.
The panel shows Zero floating in front of them. The boy is entirely changed. His white hair got much longer, and it's flowing backwards. His eyes are completly white, his clothes are white. A blue aura surrounds him. The ground that it's touched by the aura, starts manifesting, giving birth to trees and grass. *The aura itself it's majestic. It emerged so high, that it goes beyond the sky limit.
Zero with a doubled voice: You are not meant to kill eachother, humans.
Sasuke shocked: Ze...Zero...?!?
Zero: My name it's not relevant to mortals. Not even the angels understand what great power stands behind my name. As i said, your destiny it's not to kill eachother. I'm afraid that i must stop you right now.
Sasuke thinking: What power! And it feels worlds apart from anything that i ever sensed before! If feels a benefactor just arised.
Suddenly the golden ration mark on Sasuke's back starts glowing. Sasuke shouts in pain and falls down on his knees. Using this opportunity, the brain washed Naruto aims at him, but Zero only looks at the Uzumaki, and the former Hokage simply gets thrown away.
Sasuke's dark chakras takes over him once again. His body gets fast covered by a dense black armor. The only thing that can be recognised are his eyes, since not even his face escaped from the armor.
He releases a beast like scream and attacks Zero. The boy simply points a finger at Sasuke and a blue beam impales him in the chest. But no harm has been done to the Uchiha. The beam eats away all the dark chakra and Sasuke falls down to his knees, reverted to his old self. He quickly gets up.
Sasuke: What...what happend?!?
Zero: You attacked me human. Those dark chakras had a trigger set:that, *when you witnessed my appearence, the chakras will take over you, and you'd go berserk trying to annihilate me. Unfortunately, Raiden underestimated me. It seems that he forgot about what it means to be the one who gave birth to life itself.
Sasuke falls again on his knees, this time out of humbleness.
Sasuke: The...The Creator!!!
Zero: Indeed. I was finally awaken again by your fight. I was reborn into this child. His life was just a sign of myself. He is and he is not. He is my avatar. Even his powers pointed out a thin portion of my own. Thank you, Uchiha Sasuke. Because of you i was able to rise again.
Sasuke: What do you mean?!?
Zero: A long time ago, a prophecy was made. Just before i went to sleep. There was a time when the humans were more corrupted than they are today. Even the Angels were evil, arrogant and selfish. I took a vow that day...that i will return one day...when i will witness the pure love in the middle of evil. You were the catalyst Uchiha Sasuke. You are covered in darkness my boy...but your love for your friend allowed me to manifest. You were the key from the beggining, Uchiha Sasuke. Your connection with Raiden will end everything.
Sasuke: What should i do?
Zero: Use the three treasures. They will show you the real path...the correct path. Now, you have the power to do it.
Sasuke: But i don't have it! I didn't had the power before, why should i have it now!
Zero: Because, unlike the last time when Raiden tricked you into beliving that he was the real Creator, you really habe now a portion of my own power. I gave it to you with that beam.*
Sasuke: But why won't you put an end to Raiden's reign?!?
Zero: Because i cannot. It's not up to me to end his life. You're at the boundary between evil and light, Uchiha Sasuke. You're the only one who can take Raiden's life with causing chaos to this world. If i would do it, the world would collapse. *You see...i designed the time as an unidirectional energy set into an unique dimesnion.If the pattern suffers any alterations, it would just gave birth to a separate dimension, but inside the original one. Like building a new room into a very large house. The new dimension it would still be dependent on the original one. Raiden understood that and used it to his advantage. When you failed to kill him in the original dimension and you flew to a new one, he used the original dimension to make himself a divine presence. That's how he tricked you all this time. And he thinks that he will take my place because in the original dimension he is the Creator.
Sasuke: And since the dimensions are linked to the one where we came from...
Zero: Exactly. Every actions that you make here, will ensure one way or another Raiden's succes. But his plan has a major flaw. You. You're able to break all the rooms in the large house and reach the original dimension and kill him there. When you will do it, this dimension will became the original one. If you kill him there, here he will continue to exist. But his form will be so weak that even a child could kill him.
Sasuke: I understand...what about Naruto?
Zero: For you friend i can do something.
He looks into Naruto's direction, and the Kyuubi's vessel body floats towards him. He touches his forehead with a finger and Naruto falls down to the ground.
Zero: He is no longer under Raiden's control.*
Sasuke: Thank you!
Zero: He is the light that appears after the darkness, Uchiha Sasuke.*
Sasuke: I know...he is the most important. Without him we would be doomed.
Zero: It may be...but you're also important. Uchiha Sasuke...became the darkness that will allow the light to manifest!
Sasuke shocked bows before Zero- The Creator.
Sasuke: What will you do?
Zero: I will retreat now. The boy cannot support my energy too much. He is just a vessel for my astral projection. As i said, he is my avatar. But he doesn't know it yet. When the time comes...he will assume his position.
Sasuke: One last thing...Creator...
Zero: Tell me, child.
Sasuke: What...what happend to Vishnu? After he died...
Zero: He still watches over you child...don't be surprised to see the results of his presence, soon. His part it's not over Until we meet again, Uchiha Sasuke..
Sasuke: And when will that be?
Zero: When you will kill Raiden.
And with these said the Creator's presence leaves Zero's body. The boy falls on the ground uncouncious.
Sasuke to himself: And so...this time...we will truly end Raiden's existence no matter what the costs will be!

The scene shows Raiden in his palace, sitting on his throne. Suddenly the palace gets violently shaked and Raiden quickly rises up.

Raiden: Naruto is no longer under my control...but Sasuke wouldn't have the power to release him...something is wrong...this energies that i just felt...
Raiden suddenly shouts : The Creator!!!!!

The scene shows him walking fast towards his balcony. He looks from there at the army of zombies that he prepared from the remnants of Nirriti's army and revived people by Yama.
Yama appears next to him.

Yama: What happend, Raiden-sama? I felt that your energies were disturbed deeply.
Raiden: He is back Yama. He just manifested for a few minutes and released Naruto from my control!
Yama: Who is back!?!
Raiden with a menacing tone: Him...the other brother...the army it's ready, Yama?
Yama: Aye, master.
Raiden: Then get ready. We will attack the humans soon. I need to get my hands on the last item that i need for my ascension as the Creator.
Yama: But what if He appears to stop us?
Raiden: He won't. He loves the people too much. If he kills me with his own hand, the world would crumble. He will have someone else to do it. Prepare yourself Yama! We're marching to the last war!

The scene shows only Raiden's bloodthirsty eyes looking at his army.

Raiden to himself: Everything will change...the Hell will rise on Earth soon!

The end.

Next chapter: Preparations.
Yama vs Konohamaru.
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