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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Raijin starts to have lightning bolts travel all across his body as he begins to psyche himself up and then enter a battle stance.*
Fujin: Calm down brother.
Oonoki: Unbelievable. They were all true.
Tsunade: What are you talking about?
Oonoki: Well, by what we’ve just seen, this fellow is Raijin, the god of thunder and lightning. And that must mean that these two are Fujin and Suijin, god of wind and god of water.
Fujin: So I see you have not forgotten your history lessons, Oonoki-san.
Tsunade: How do you know this?
Oonoki: I dismissed them as fairy tales, but growing up, my parents would tell me about how Inzanagi, Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin would defeat Amatsu and keep him in the underwor… Is that part true then?
Inzanagi: That is why we must train these few that we have selected.
Oonoki: Oh dear. Who… who has your spear?
Fujin: Inzanami.
*Oonoki goes pale and is wide-eyed.*
Oonoki: You would all be smart and let these people train. And then you would get the hell out of here.
Ei: What are you talking about old man?
Suijin: Without his spear, Inzanagi has lost half of his power. That spear contains half of Inzanagi’s power, as well as the majority of Amatsu’s power. And now that Inzanami and Amatsu have that spear, even we gods are in a dire situation.
Inzanagi: But enough of that. We should give Naruto and his bride some privacy.
*Everyone but Naruto and Hinata disappear. Naruto walks up to Hinata.*
Naruto: What’s going on?
Hinata: I have something I need to tell you Honey.
Naruto: It doesn’t matter how much you spent on that shopping spree Baby. We’ll be ok.
Hinata: That’s not it. I… I’m…
*Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Hinata: I’m pregnant.
Naruto: Excuse me.
Hinata: I’m pregnant.
Naruto: You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant!
Hinata smiles: Yeah. You’re going to be a daddy!
Naruto smiles: And you’re going to be a mommy!
*Naruto picks Hinata up and spins around with her, kissing her.*
Hinata: You’re not upset?
Naruto: Upset… no. I am a little surprised.
Hinata: How so?
Naruto: Hinata…. I can count on my hands and feet (fingers and toes) how many nights we have not done it since we’ve been married.
Hinata: Are you including last night?
Naruto: We’re going to be parents.
*Everyone appears again around Naruto and Hinata. Sakura and Sasuke are smiling at the couple while the Kages are oblivious. Sakura runs to Naruto and hugs him.*
Sakura: You better straighten up and settle down mister.
Tsunade: What’s going on?
Suijin: Naruto is the son of wind. Sasuke is the son of lightning and thunder.
Oonoki: So who is the son of water?
*Hinata holds her pelvic area.*
Suijin: She is in there.
Sakura: Tsunade-sama, we need to examine her to make sure she has the right vitamins, see if we can determine the sex…
Tsunade: The god of water just said it was a she.
Sakura: But….
Tsunade: We still need to make sure that everything is right with you Hinata. Your father is going to be so proud.
Inzanagi: Sasuke, Naruto… you must start your training now. Suijin and I will stay here with everyone.
*Sasuke and Naruto nod their heads. In an instant, they are gone with Fujin and Raijin. Scene switches to Iwa. A group of people in cloaks is walking down a street. They walk into a rather large building. Ryu is scene on a stage.*
Ryu: Brethren, welcome, welcome. Tonight, I have a surprise for you. Tonight, you hear from our great sage, Yakushi Kabuto!
*Kabuto is seen moving to the center of the stage to a thunderous roar and applause. Kabuto holds his hand up to silence the crowd.*
Kabuto: Two years ago, there was a war that your nation was dragged into, that it had no business in. Countless lives were lost. And all for the sake of stopping… a ghost. Nobody saw Uchiha Madara, except for the Kages, or so they say. And yet the Kages stand by and have dropped all charges against a man that was seen attacking shinobi of that alliance, Uchiha Sasuke.
*The crowd roars.*
Kabuto: The Kages let a shinobi from Konoha brainwash them into thinking that Sasuke was pure in all his detriments. That he wasn’t to blame for attacking Kumo. He was power hungry, I saw it with my own two eyes.
*The crowd roars again.*
Kabuto: Naruto and Sasuke are trying to destroy what Iwagakure has strived for. You want peace! You want security! Only we can offer it from those two. Yes, there is another war on the horizon. And this time, there will be casualties. But it will be a holy war! Feast your eyes on the reason why we will win this war!
*The curtain that was behind Kabuto and Ryu falls, revealing Ryuden coiled up, with Benten walking around on his torso.*
Benten: Humans, you do not know who I am, but it is time you learned and remembered. I am Benten, goddess of wisdom and knowledge. For too long, we gods have forsaken you lower beings, leaving you to your own devices. You see where this has gotten you. You are a third-rate village in a third-rate country. But not for long. Konoha, Suna, and Kumo will all recognize their mistake.
Shouts from the crowd: What about Kiri?
Benten: Kiri shares in your pain.
Ryu steps forward: Brethren, brethren. I have traveled to Kiri. I have seen their pain and misfortune. They too had to house remnants of that shinobi alliance army. They actually had to house civilians from Kumo. Together, we will join with Kiri, and crush Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.
*The crowd roars with approval. Scene changes to a medic tent where Tsunade and Sakura are inspecting Hinata. All three women walk out of the tent.*
Suijin: I am sure you discovered that everything is fine, correct?
Sakura: Yeah…
Tsunade: Both are fine!

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