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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Son of Thunder
*Scene opens up with Raijin and Sasuke appearing in an open field.*
Sasuke: Where are we?
Raijin: We are in what you call the Land of Snow. Kumo is a day’s journey that way for you.
*Raijin is pointing in the direction over Sasuke’s left shouler.*
Sasuke: Why are we here?
Raijin: For the elemental training, it must be done between myself and you. You must fully concentrate on me and what you are doing. Otherwise you could end up killing yourself.
Sasuke: But I can control lightning.
Raijin: That is mere child’s play! You play with the lightning and have no respect for the power that it wields.
Sasuke: That’s not true!
*Raijin does a double fist punch on Sasuke’s chest, sending two lightning bolts through the punches, hitting not only Sasuke with the punches, but sending the electricity through his body as well. Sasuke is sent flying back, rolling on the ground as he is knocked backwards. Raijin disappears, and then reappears next to Sasuke, who is writhing on the ground with the electrical currents still flowing through his body. Raijin holds his hand over Sasuke’s body and pulls the current out.*
Raijin: Let this be a lesson. Never talk back to me. And respect the power that you wield.
*Sasuke looks up at Raijin with fear and determination. Raijin holds out his hand, Sasuke grasping it and pulling himself up.*
Raijin: A son of thunder does not just play with lightning and thunder. He is one with it. In order to do this, you must learn how to control that electrical flow through your body. Your chakra may be lightning based, but can you harness the power itself?
*Raijin punches again at Sasuke, this time with only one hand. Sasuke blocks the punch, but the lightning bolt still enters his body, making Sasuke’s body convulse. Sasuke goes to a knee, trying to harness the energy. Sasuke is now grunting, trying to control the power. He manages to pull the bolt into his right arm. He punches the ground, sending the bolt into the earth, disappearing.*
Raijin: You catch on quick. That was still shitty. Next time don’t just block, but be prepared for the lightning.
*Scene switches to Konoha. Hinata is seen entering the Hyuuga main hall. Hanabi runs to greet her.*
Hanabi: Nee-chan.
*Hanabi runs to greet her sister. Hiashi is seen down the hallway and rushes to Hinata.*
Hiashi: It’s been a while since you’ve came and visited. You’re not mad at Naruto are you?
Hinata: No father.
Hiashi: Then what is it?
Hinata: You… You’re going to be a grandfather.
*Hiashi is stunned with the news.*
Hanabi: Then that means I’m going to be an aunt, right?
*Hinata nods her head.*
Hanabi: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
*Hanabi is jumping around celebrating as Neji walks up to the group.*
Neji: What’s going on?
Hanabi yelling: I’m going to be an aunt! I’m going to be an aunt!
*Neji stares at Hinata.*
Neji: Congratulations cousin. But where is Naruto?
Hinata: He’s training.
Neji: Yeah, I overheard some of the talk from Lady Tsunade. So he really found them?
*Hiashi walks up to Hinata and Neji (meanwhile Hanabi is still jumping around celebrating). He grabs the two in a fearsome bear hug.*
Hiashi yelling: I’m going to be a grandpawwww!!!!!
Hinata trying to speak while being hugged: Fa… Father… there is… more.
*Hiashi loosens his grip.*
Hinata: Lady Tsunade says it is twins.
*Hiashi feints. Scene switches back to Sasuke and Raijin. Sasuke is shown panting and sweating, while Raijin looks on.*
Raijin: You’re going to have to do better than that. Amatsu almost killed you last time. He’ll do it the next if you don’t get better.
*Sasuke punches at Raijin out of frustration, sending a small bolt of lightning to Raijin. Raijin catches the bolt and absorbs it.*
Raijin: Where did that come from?
Sasuke panting: I… I don’t know.
Raijin: Take a break then. Meditate on what just happened. Once you have figured out how you did that, then we’ll continue.
*Scene switches to Iwa as Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi, and Oonoki all return.*
Kitsuchi: Man… that technique by Mabui isn’t as smooth as Konoha’s FTG.
Kurotsuchi: Tell me about it.
*Akatsuchi comes running to the trio.*
Akatsuchi: We’ve got to talk. In private.
*Scene switches the quartet in Kitsuchi’s office.*
Kitsuchi: Ok, go on and spill it Akatsuchi.
Akatsuchi: While you were gone on this summit, a lot has happened here.
Kitsuchi: Like what?
Akatsuchi: The Ryun held a rally in a public building. They’re talking of going to war with Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.
Oonoki: They are just peasants.
Akatsuchi: I personally saw this Ryu guy.
*Kitsuchi cocks an eyebrow at Akatsuchi.*
Kitsuchi: And where did you see him?
Akatsuchi: I was at the rally.
Kitsuchi: And why?
Akatsuchi: We’ve been trying to get intel on them for some time. I saw an opportunity and took it.
Kitsuchi: And you weren’t recognized?
*Akatsuchi does a henge jutsu, changing himself into an elderly, skinny man.*
Kitsuchi: Well done. Did you recognize this Ryu character?
Akatsuchi: Well that’s the thing. I went back through our bingo books. I didn’t come across him, but someone who resembles him.
*Akatsuchi hands the file to Kitsuchi. In the corner of the file is Orochimaru’s picture.*
Kitsuchi: And you think there is some correlation?
Akatsuchi: Aye. According to the measurements, Ryu is a little taller, but add a goatee and mustache to him *pointing at Orochimaru* and you have Ryu.
Kitsuchi: And how do you know they were speaking of war?
Akatsuchi: It came straight from the mouths of Ryu and Kabuto.
*Oonoki perks up.*
Oonoki: So he didn’t die after all. What will you do son?
Kitsuchi: I will notify Princess Tsunade and then Mizukage-sama
Kurotsuchi: Why her?
Kitsuchi: Because if she’s not dealing with this yet, she will be soon enough.
Akatsuchi: There is one more thing.
Kitsuchi: Alright…
Akatsuchi: The yonbi has appeared on the mountainside. We await your orders.
Oonoki: Leave him be.
Kitsuchi: That’s not your call any longer, father!
*Both father and son look at each other.*
Kitsuchi: Take me to him.
*Scene switches to Sasuke meditating in an open field at the base of a mountain. Clouds begin to form. Snow begins to fall. Scene switches to Konoha, at Kurenai’s house. Sieta is playing in the floor. Shikamaru just walked in.*
Shikamaru: Kurenai-sensei…
Kurenai from the kitchen: In here Shikamaru.
*Shikamaru pats Sieta on the head as he enters the kitchen.*
Kurenai: What’s up?
Shikamaru: I guess you haven’t heard the news.
Kurenai: What news?
Shikamaru: Naruto found the rest of the bijuu.
Kurenai: He did what?
Shikamaru: He found the rest of the bijuu. But that’s not even the biggest news yet.
Kurenai: What is it?
*Shikamaru hands Kurenai a small envelope.*
Shikamaru: Three women *Ino, Sakura, and Tenten* threatened to kill me if I didn’t give this to you.
*Kurenai opens the envelope. Once she reads the letter, she covers her mouth.*
Kurenai: You’re kidding?!
Shikamaru: Nope. The shower is tomorrow after lunch. It will be at the main Hyuuga hall.
*Shikamaru walks out of the apartment. Scene switches back to Sasuke, who now has snow piled up on his head, shoulders, and lap. Raijin walks up to him.*
Raijin: Stand up Sasuke. Have you figured it out?
Sasuke: I’m not sure.
*Raijin enters a battle stance, forcing Sasuke to enter into one. Raijin does a straight thrust kick at Sasuke, to which he dodges. Like before, Raijin sends a bolt of lightning at Sasuke as well. Sasuke grabs Raijin’s leg, allowing the bolt to travel through him, swinging around, attempting a backfist punch, which is caught by Raijin, but Sasuke sends the bolt back to Raijin. Raijin absorbs the bolt.*
Raijin: So you are improving. But what about this?
*Raijin does a stomp into the direction of Sasuke, not hitting him, then there is a burst of energy, with the sound of thunder right next to Sasuke, sending him flying away from Raijin.*
Raijin in thought: Did I overdo it?
*Raijin walks up to Sasuke, who is pushing himself up off the ground now.*
Raijin: You ok?
Sasuke: Nope, not really. I’m not Naruto, you know.
Raijin: Aye, you’re not. Come, it’s time we took you home.
*Raijin grabs Sasuke and supports him over his shoulders.*
Sasuke: Tell me something… why am I the son of lightning and thunder? Why not Raikage or Bee?
Raijin: Neither of them is able to do what you do.
Sasuke: And what is that?
Raijin: Your kirin is the most basic form of what I’m trying to teach you. Not a single person has shown that promise.
Sasuke: So what makes Naruto the son of wind?
Raijin: You could say it is his lineage.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Raijin: Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, was a promising shinobi. He had the wind element. Wind is the fastest element, while lightning is the second. But the product of lighting is faster than the wind.
Sasuke: Thunder!!
Raijin: That’s right. Minato studied under the tutelage of the Uzumaki. He learned many things. He began to harness the wind like no other. Then the kyuubi struck. He sacrificed himself for his son. Luckily for us, his son had the same affinity, and realized some of his potential a lot sooner than Minato did.
Sasuke: And now Naruto’s daughter is going to be the daughter of water?
Raijin: It seems so.
Sasuke:But Naruto doesn’t have a strong affinity for water. And I don’t know about Hinata. How can Suijin be so aware of that right now?
Raijin: There is more than meets the eye with Uzumaki Hinata. Her suiton abilities do not compare to those of Senju Tobirama, but what she has learned… it has already taken a toll on her body.
Sasuke: What kind of toll?
Raijin: Do not worry, this is a good toll. What she has learned with her seals has transcended into her womb with her daughter. The boy however, we cannot tell.
Sasuke: Boy!?!
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