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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Ok Vishnu, let me toss a suggestion. Start off the war with a major scrum army vs army. Have as many matchups vs comparable competition. Get Sasuke and Konohamaru vs Yama & another God to challenge that betrayal from Yama. Then once Raiden makes his presense on Konoha have Konohamaru charge and toss that kunai so that Naruto can return in dramatic fashion. Work in the 3 artifacts for Naruto, Sasuke, or Konohamaru or one for each of them to activate them. Also have Zero play a big impact on Raiden to take away his advantage. How about these ideas?
Well the plan is to make Konohamaru fight this time. He still got lots on his sleeve. Obviously Sasuke will face Yama and Naruto another mysterious figure. Zero's true role won't be revealed until the end. He will have a major impact, and in the meantime i will also introduce a bit of his backround. About many matchups...that comes with it. Also for the three artefacts your idea it's pretty good, i May use it, but in a different way. It's too linear to just allow them to use the artefacts just like that. Expect one of my twists again. And the inspiration just came to me! Gotta run, i have a chapter to finnish!

Btw...thanks for the suggestions they are awesome!
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