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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Part IV The Rising Snake

The Great White Snake

Kabuto is seen working diligently in his laboratory. He crushes up some bones and pours in a mixture using his mortar and pestle. A colored hue is seen rising from the concoction. Suddenly a large thud is heard on the outside hideout door. A ravage beast is found by Kabuto. As the beast goes beszerk, Kabuto forms dual chakra sickles. Kabuto: I am unsure just how you found our hideout but you won't be passing this information along. Orochimaru: Kabuto!!! DO NOT KILL HIM! I sense a energy unlike anything we have faced. It's dark and melancholy almost to the touch. Kabuto: Why is he raging like this? If we don't tame him he could cause some serious damage to my research. Orochimaru: Well then shall we put this dog in his cage! Orochimaru turns his attention toward his fearsome foe whose body is covered in dark talons and tremendously mutated. Orochimaru: The more upset it seems you get the more powerful you become. What a hulkish beast! Orochimaru summons a huge snake mouth that swallows up the predator whole. Just when the gargantuan throat clears it's meal a terrifying rip is heard. Kabuto: He ripped through THAT anaconda with ease??? That is Lord Orochimaru's second pet... What exactly is this monster???

Orochimaru: ENOUGH! Landing behind the psychotic creature Orochimaru forms many snakes from his finger tips and stabs all ten of them down deep in the torso of the beast. As the snakes enlarge due to the chakra absorption technique used by the sannin the untamed beast falls unconscious. Orochimaru: Kabuto look how even at this weak stage he seems to be crawling toward our door. Could it be that we have a prisoner of his own free will?

Beast: Please! Don't turn me he completely collapses on the rock floor. Orochimaru: Prep the lab immediately KABUTO!!! I feel a rich energy coming from him! Something so potent we may be able to pinpoint it's power. The way his chakra is amazing..The only thing I have seen like this are jinks. Just as a Jinchuuriki receives its power from the bijuu they are almost at impossible odds of controlling that immense power. Also they rage just as so when up against unknown foes. After a certain point without true harmony with the beast they can even take over the purest consciousness. Overtaking the individual psyche and making their jink their puppet. There is something very striking about this boy!!!!!!!!! Kabuto: My lord did you notice his transformation? Almost like he calls upon this power! I have never seen such in a clan. It could be a Kekkei genkai but just maybe his chakra pool is special to him only. Orochimaru: Whatever the case we will have some interesting studies for the rest of the day. Let us proceed!

Time passes....(4 years)*
Orochimaru: This Uzumaki has shown promising results. Abilities that differs from her elder clansman. (referring to Yotoishi who they captured and researched relentlessly until death)

Kabuto: With Karin's dna we can fuse it with Juugo's and make a perfect shinobi. One whose chakra pool is fueled by anger and rage but also the ability to sustain heavy wounds and heal them rapidly enough to continue fighting. Now that we are able to duplicate Juugo's process we should consider new test subjects. For even your Anko was a failure. Orochimaru: She survived the seal but she has shown poor skill in managing the power and the toll it takes. Poor ant, if only....then she would of been my next body! (as he stares down a hand in a jar) Kabuto: With the work that, THAT organization is completing we need a serious power up for our armies. Orochimaru: Speaking of that Kabuto I need for you to meet with Sasori. He has some interesting details about Suna that I am very curious about. Kabuto: I will need you to place a mind stamp on me just in case he questions or tests my loyalty. We can not have him finding out about me just yet. Orochimaru: You could just spoil it all Kabuto and try to stop me!....(Kabuto turns to eye his master) Kabuto: I am loyal to you my Lord. I would never double cross you for the sake of Sasori. I should not have to prove this to you Lord Orochimaru.

Scene switches*

Panel shows Karin, Juugo and Suigestu locked up in their rooms. Juugo: Kimimaro please don't leave if they ask you to. It's too dangerous for you to use that jutsu. Kimimaro: Juugo, this power is a gift from you my friend. It fuels my appreciation for Lord Orochimaru. With this at my fingertips I will shape the world in his image. Kimimaro stands bold and tall as he comforts the worried Juugo.

Scene Switches*

Orochimaru: Kabuto your notes were double checked correct? Kabuto: Yes I had to confirm the results..with this it proves a higher connection close to that of the Sage.
Orochimaru: Our powers have a similar origin. Mine come from a white snake sample and years of research. Juugo's clan derives from that of the White Snake Sage itself. I must locate this Sage myself and master everything I can. Kabuto: We could confront Manda about the location. Orochimaru: I would have to come up with an entire Village worth of offerings to submit to that stubborn tool. It isn't worth the headache to deal with Manda. I must devise a way to track the chakra back to it's source.

Months pass*

Kabuto's glasses are seen gleaming in the dark light in his laboratory. Kabuto: Finally I have done it! With this elixer, when it bonds with his dna he should be able to at least track the natural energy back to the White Sage. I must give this my Lord immediately. Orochimaru is shown training with Kimimaro and Juugo. Kabuto suddenly lands next to his heinous master. Kabuto: It is complete... We can now move forward with your next stage.

Scene switches some weeks later. Orochimaru is facing the Great White Snake....
Sage Snake: To be able to sense my power from afar just who are you human?? Orochimaru: I am Orochimaru..The Snake Sannin of Konoah. I come here to master your gifts great Sage and pass along my knowledge only to the worthy. If I prove even myself worthy I would hope you would pour your soul into teaching me the fine arts of Hermit Jutsu. Oro now bowing down in respect to the Snake.

White Snake: So be it, no human has ever dared to come this far into the world. If you exist to study and master all known jutsu you will need to aid of the Great White Sage as he slithers his tongue and pulls deeply on his smoking pipe.

Orochimaru smiles viciously......

Scene switches*

Orochimaru: We do not need to aid in that organization any longer. I grew bored of their games and outlandish schemes. (with a thrilled sadistic look) THAT DAMN ITACHI!!!!!!! I MUST HAVE HIM! HIS POWER IS SO DARK AND POTENT! Orochimaru falls back into his chair. Kabuto: Master please calm yourself, soon we will have a living body that suits your tastes. Leave it to me I have a plan and idea regarding just that. Orochimaru appeals to Kabuto's idea by nodding his head and granting Kabuto permission.

5 years pass*

Kabuto: He is alive! He is still ripe and innocent. Orochimaru (in thought)You thought you were slick Itachi but nothing can hide from me! Orochimaru: Kabuto, I will go out and test these flies myself. I want you to enter the Chuunin exams and take note of their abilities. The game has finally started and still.....I'm so anxious! Panel pulls in close to Orochimaru's face it is dark with desire.

A week later*

Hurizen Lord Hokage is revealing the plan for the Chunnin exam. Kabuto looks on at the contestants that sit forth. Kabuto (in thought) Soon you will fuel the most powerful man in the Shinobi world and help mold his dream over the horizon. As soon as we possess you...SASUKE UCHIHA!

________________________________________ _____

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