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Re: NEW naruto chunnin exams episode " naruto vs konohamaru"

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode or spin off or whatever it is :P It actually addressed something that's always bugged me about Naruto mainly the fact despite all the high advanced jutsu Naruto has he still is only Genin wouldnt mind seeing him being promoted. Would like to think the same thing happened to him ( Naruto ) that happened to Shikamaru, despite not going ahead he still got given the rank.

I really did like Konoharmaru was awesome that he had both Third Hokage and Asuma's Jutsu and can now do more Shadow Clones.

I loved the ending part when everyone was saying 'Idiot' I thought it was too Konoharmaru at first until the flashback to the rules was priceless.

Would like to see more episodes of this actually some of the Genin's looked really cool.
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