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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Udon: Konohamaru hear us! Yama is a traitor! He tricked us all this time!
Konohamaru: I don't belive you. You have no evidence against him. I will end your lives right now,fakes!
Konohamaru dashes towards them. Itachi makes a couple of handsigns and rises a thick earth wall in front of them, trying to keep Konohamaru away. But the boy destroyes the wall with a Rasengan and lands in the middle of them. He places one hand on the ground and spins with his legs pointed at Kakashi and Udon. Udon dodges and Kakashi catches one of the legs. Konohamaru uses Kakashi's grip as a ledge and jumps above the jounin making handsigns.
Konohamaru: Water Style! Tearing torrent! Lightning style! Electrical surge!
A giant electric wave emerges from the ground and hits Kakashi.*
Minato throws several kunais at him, but Konohamaru dodges all. At the same moment Minato flashes, using the FTG, appears behind Konohamaru and tries to restrain him. But the boy simply makes a handsigns.
Konohamaru: Lightning release! Body stream!
Konohamaru streams electricity out of his body to keep Minato away. The former Hokage smiles and vanishes, appearing several meters away.
Minato: Your reaction it's pretty good.
Konohamaru: You seem to posses Minato's ability. It means you will be really fast at dodging my attacks. My base form isn't enough to keep up with Minato's
Suddenly Konohamaru gets in Sage Mode.
Minato thinking: He already planted a shadow clone in order to get into Sage Mode. He is like a second Naruto but with a killer instinct like Sasuke.
Konohamaru also envelops himself into Raiton chakra armor.
Konohamaru: Now...let's see how fast you're actually...
Konohamaru vanishes immensly fast, leaving even afterimages.
His speed it's at a whole other level than Minato's. He strikes the former Hokage in the chest with a powerful lightning punch, even before Minato even had enough time to react. He goes for another punch,that would surely kill Minato, when he suddenly stops. In front of him Itachi summoned the Susano'o to protect Minato and himself. Next to him is Udon.
Itachi: Konohamaru don't be hasty. Try to see the truth!
Konohamaru: The truth it's clear to me. Do you think that your Susano'o can hold against me?
Itachi: Don't get cocky. My Susano'o hasn't been defeated so far.
Konohamaru as he gathers his chakra and makes handsigns: Everything has a start...Sage Art! Lightning cataclismic punch!
He releases from his punch a powerful lightning beam that hits at full force Itachi's Susano'o, making a giant blow. As the smoke clears the panel shows Itachi wounded. His Susano'o breaked. *Udon is holding Minato and Kakashi.
Itachi: You're indeed...the former disciple...of Sasuke...
Suddenly Yama comes out of the building.
Yama: You got them! Good job! Let's elliminate this fakes!
Konohamaru: Aye...
He prepares another lightning punch.
Itachi as he falls to one knee: Dammit...i don't have the chakras to take another one...and Minato and Kakashi are out already...
Konohamaru releases another powerful lightning cataclism punch at the four men. The attack hits at full force causing a giant blast.
Unknown voice: I thought that i teached you better than attacking your own friends, Konohamaru...
Konohamaru looks shocked at the man who speaked. The man stoped Konohamaru's attack with his bare hand. The panel reveals Uchiha Sasuke protecting the four men from Konohamaru's attack.
Konohamaru: Sasuke...sensei...
Sasuke: Do you think that a fake would have the power to stop that attack? Get real boy!
You're the Hokage! You cannot make mistakes likes that!
Yama: Sasuke?!? He is a fake too, Konohamaru!
Sasuke smiles: Yama...if i am a fake...why don't you come here to eliminate me, personally?
Unknown voice: He is mine, Sasuke! Step aside...
Sasuke: As you wish...
Naruto steps in facing Yama.
Yama shocked: Na..Naruto!?!
Konohamaru: Naruto!!!
Minato, Itachi, Udon and Kakashi all shout his name, being extremly shocked at his appearence.
Naruto: Yeah, i'm back. And you...Yama...will pay. You betrayed us.*
Yama laughs like nobody saw him before.
Yama: Uzumaki will die soon.
Naruto: I should have died so many times again that i'm actually looking forward to that moment!
Yama: will met your end when we will fit...
He makes a sign and vanishes from sight.
Sasuke: I cannot belive that Yama betrayed us...He deceived us all this time...
Naruto: Indeed...i don't know what to belive anymore...

The scene shows Sasuke and Naruto inside a big council room. Around them are Kakashi,Minato, Itachi,Jiraya, The Third, Konohamaru, Tsunade, Shikaku, Shisui, Hinata and Zero.

Tsunade: So...i think that we need some explanations here...from you Naruto and from you Sasuke. What happend, how is it that Yama is now our enemy and most are you alive, Naruto?

Naruto: Well, let me start with the beginning. When we fought Raiden, i didn't killed him. I lacked the power to do it. I don't think that there is anyone who could kill him at this point. But he needed me in order to achieve the status of the Creator. How i was supposed to aid him, i don't know. So, i've made a bargain with him. In exchange for all your lives, i would go to the Celest City and became it's guardian, and with Vishnu's death, Raiden's servant.
Sasuke: And this is where i come in. Naruto told me about his plan, so i went searching for the three treasures, according to some clues that Vishnu left behind for me. We found soon enough the three treasures. But, eventually Raiden found out. After a brief confrontation, he left.*
Naruto: And attacked me back in the Celest City. He managed to place a control jutsu on me, and sent me after Sasuke.*
Jiraya: And, what happend? How did you stop him, Sasuke?
Sasuke looks at Zero.
Sasuke: Zero managed to restrain Naruto's powers and i just unsealed Raiden's jutsu. But Naruto still managed to land a punch on Zero and knocked him out.*
Zero: That's why i cannot remember anything.
Sasuke: It could be.
Itachi notices Sasuke's face, and understands that his brother is hidding something.
The Third: And that brings us here. So, the war with will never end, it seems.
Minato: It seems so. His plan, it's so vast, so complex...that we might fail to see the entire picture.
Naruto: Plus that i don't know why he wanted me.
Sasuke: Maybe he wants your Rinnegan, or Kurama.
Naruto: No...he had the opportunity to seize both of them. It's something else...
Shikaku: It's also strange that he left you alone, after Sasuke freed you.*
Kakashi: I fear that we might have fallen under what he wanted from the beginning. To isolate Naruto, to determine Sasuke to seek the three treasures and aquire them and probably to steal them.
Naruto: He knew the treasures location, before me. He would have gone to take them himself. What is he after? Dammit! It bugs me that i cannot figure it out.
Hinata: Hey you remember when Quintrix kidnapped me?
Sasuke: Sure. What is it with that?
Hinata: He said that Raiden wants my Byakugan.
Sasuke: But he could have took it when he attacked us. It doesn't fits...
Kakashi: It's odd indeed...but it seems that we cannot figure this out until we have more intel.
Itachi: So right now...we have no gods on our side, and we have to battle Raiden all alone. Vishnu was a great asset to us.
Sasuke: He was, brother. And he still is. But we cannot rely on the gods to deal with this, because with Vishnu dead, they have nobody near Raiden's level. We are the only hope.
Minato: What about Quintrix and Krishna? What happend to them?
Naruto: Krishna is currently preparing the Celest City for the war with Raiden. He probably awaits for my return. And Quintrix...i don't know what happend to him...nobody saw him again after the Konoha fight...but i have a feeling that Raiden is keeping him locked.
Sasuke: Or maybe he killed him...
Hiruzen: Anyway...let's see the treasures Sasuke.
Sasuke reveals the Yata mirror, the Magatama jewel and the Totsuka sword. The group closes in the objects to see them better. Suddenly, something strange happens. A thin beam of white energy emerges from Naruto's chest and hits the Magatama jewel. At the same moment a thin beam of blue energy comes out of Hinata's chest and hits the Yata Mirror. Instantly another beam emerges, this time from Sasuke's chest, a dark energy beam, and hits the Totsuka sword. The process takes a couple of seconds, then the three, falls down on the ground. The group immediatly gathers around them. Hinata stil, has some senses, and sees Tsunade over her trying to wake her up. Then, the world lost it's light for her.
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