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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Raiden sitting on his throne. The invisible guards bring a chained, injured Quintrix. The god wears only his pants.The guard drops the man on the floor. Quintrix is visibly shaken, and sports large bruises and cuts on his body. It's clear that he suffered a long torture.

Raiden: Well, well, well...Quintrix. How do you feel today?
Quintrix spits some blood: Fuck you Raiden! You might as well kill me! I will never serve you!
Raiden: It occured my mind that i should end your misery. Too bad, that after the fight in Konoha, i was the one who got the hand on you. Nobody knows where you are...nobody suspects what it's happening to you...nobody Quintrix. Everyone has left you. Naruto is under my control, Sasuke cannot defeat me and Vishnu is dead. All your hopes are gone. You have no choice than to serve me. Otherwise i will torture you forever. Until the flesh rottens on your bones, and your soul begs for release from it's blood prison.
Quintrix smiles: Then, go for it, Raiden. I'm not afriad of you. One of this days, Yama or Krishna will take me out. And be prepared then. Because you will endure the same suffering that you have put me through!
Raiden smiles too: Yama? Do you think that Yama will save you?
Suddenly a man enters the room. A man dressed in red.
Quintrix turns around and spots Yama Dharma.
Raiden: Welcome back, Yama...
Quintrix whispering: Yama...what are you doing...?
Yama remains silent and goes closer to Quintrix. The man looks at the Death god with hope in his eyes. In an instant Yama hits Quintrix right in the stomach throwing him several meters away.
Quintrix coughs a lot of blood and looks confused at Yama.
Raiden: You just said that Yama would save you? Think again, my dear Quintrix. Do you really belive that you're the only one who was a double agent?*
Quintrix shocked: Yama?!? Since when?!?
Yama: Since the very beginning.
Raiden: He was the perfect spy. When i sent everyone after him, it ruled him out from being under the suspects. And i allowed him to grow as a god. Vishnu was tricked by him until the very end. Everyone was tricked by him.
Quintrix: But...why?!?
Yama: You're asking me why? It's simple, Quintrix. I'm the God of Death. I'm an arrogant and selfish god. Just like all the other gods. It means that i want power. And how do i achieve power? Through deaths. What brings enough deaths to allow me to gain power quickly?
Quintrix: A war...
Yama: Exactly. At the start of our conflict with the humans i was weak. Now, after a war, my powers are above the powers that the Trimurti once held. With every death that occured in the world my power grew. Even when Sasuke and Naruto decimated Nirriti's army. *Not even Naruto could compete with me. Only Raiden-sama here, has more power than me. So...they have lost, Quintrix. Your only choice it's to join us.*
Quintrix starts laughing.
Yama: Have you gone insane or what?
Quintrix: You just said that your power it's above Naruto's power. It may be true. But there is still someone there who can kill you.
Yama: Who?
Quintrix with a menacing demeneour: The God Slayer...
Raiden: Sasuke? Sasue is weaker than Naruto.
Quintrix: In his base form. You see Raiden...when you gave him those created a link between you and him. A connection that cannot be breaked. That kid aquires more and more power with every day. He went from being at the peak of the human level to a Trimurti level. I bet that your plan it's very complex and well made, Raiden. But even your plan has flaws. And Sasuke is one of it's flaws!
Raiden: You don't know what you're talking about.
Quintrix: Mark my words will die by Sasuke's hand. You tried before to eliminate the boy and you failed. You are afraid of his potential. Naruto has already reached a part of his potential. He will develop even more in the upcoming war. But he won't be your enemy. He represent the light and you represent the darkness. But Sasuke is caught between the light and the darkness. And that's why he will find a way to kill you!
Raiden looks at him and smiles.
Raiden: Nobody can kill me, Quintrix. Understand that. Anyway...if you don't want to join me...i think that i know a way to make you. Yama...
Yama: Got it.
Yama goes close to Quintrix and grabs him by his neck and raises him from the ground. Yama's eyes turns red.
Yama: Look into my eyes Quintrix!
Quintrix smiles and moves his eyes away from Yama's.
Quintrix: Fuck you Yama! I know everything about your eye killing technique! You won't get me!
Yama: This might have been a problem before...but now it's not anymore...
Yama makes a sign and red energies start going out of his body. The energies envelop Quintrix's body. Soon the god starts screaming in pain.
Yama: That's right...scream...scream out your torture...
Raiden: What are you doing?
Yama: I'm breaking his mind. You tortured his body. But i torture his mind. I've extended the Death Eyes outside my body. I can cast the attack with my body now, nor only with my eyes. Right now, he is in a great torture.
Suddenly Yama drops Quintrix on the ground.
Yama: Do you want more, Quintrix? Did you have enough?
Quintrix coughing blood and sweating heavily: more...please...please...i will do as you say...
Raiden gets a big smile on his face.
Raiden: Finally...You're mine!

The scene it's switched. It shows a giant japanese style room filled with Uchihas. In the middle are spotted Shisui, Fugaku and Itachi Uchiha.*

Shisui: is Sasuke?
Fugaku: Still in the hospital, out of his senses...nobody knows what happend with them...i'm very worried...
Itachi intrerupts them, by taking the word.
Itachi: Once again, we must prepare for war! We must aid Naruto against Raiden, so we can achieve peace! The Uchiha clan, as the most powerful clan in Konoha must prove it's valor on the battlefield! We will strike like never before!
Fugaku: You have spoken honest son. And i agree with you as your father and as the Head of the clan!
Suddenly a man steps forward. He is tall, sports short dark hair and a superior atitude.*
Shisui looks at him with disgust.*
Fugaku: Uchiha Yuu...Do you have somerhing to say?
Yuu: I do, indeed. Some of us, aren't to happy about this war. It will just bring more casaulties to our clan. I think that fighting in this war won't benefit us. It's not profitable for the Uchiha clan.*
Itachi : We do not seek profits, Yuu...we must protect Konoha from any threat.*
Yuu: I'm sorry Itachi...but we cannot do it. You and your brother the only ones in the clan that owns a Mangekyou. We have regular Sharingans. We cannot keep up. But if you or your brother( he mentions Sasuke with a lot of disgust) would show us how to achieve a Mangekyou...
Itachi: So actually you're seeking the power. You don't care about the Uchihas. You are just another power thristy Uchiha.
Yuu activates his Sharingan and looks at Itachi menacing.
Yuu: Measure your words...young Uchiha. I'm not the one that you could mock so easily.
Itachi also activates his Mangekyou: Then, Yuu...why don't you make me take back those words?
Suddenly near Itachi lands Shisui.
Shisui: Let him go, Itachi. He is just a lunatic. Don't waste your powers on such a lowlife.
Yuu smiles: And here is the puppet of the clan. How is it, Shisui? To live under Sasuke and Itachi's shadow...a man of your haven't ecen been able to activate your Mangekyou.
Shisui: Yuu...if you don't calm down...i will do it for you. Be careful.
Fugaku: Enough of this. We should be united. Not divised.
Yuu: Oh, the Head has spoken. You lack the courage old man to do what it takes! *You just follow what Itachi says. It's been a long time since we have been under the Uzumaki's dominion! We must conquer the Hokage throne! We must have an Uchiha capable to place fear into our enemies! We need a strong and powerful man! Sasuke is nit fit for the position! He has been under Uzumaki's influence for a long time. He has gone soft! Itachi is not fit either! He is weak and he complies to what the others want! A coward!We need someone adamant enough to control Konoha!
Itachi makes a step forward towards Yuu, but Shisui stops him.
Shisui: Let me do it.
Fugaku turns around disappointed in Yuu's behaviour.
Shisui: And that should be you? Right, Uchiha Yuu?
Yuu: Of course! I haven't been influenced by the Uzumaki like that brat, Sasuke!
Shisui: have disrespected have disrespected Sasuke...our Head of the clan...the Uchiha pride, and our loyalty to Konoha. You have to be punished.
Yuu laughs: By who? By you, Shisui? You don't have such power! You don't have the Mangekyou!
Shisui smiles.
Shisui instantly makes a couple of handsigns and throws a giant fireball at Yuu. The latter summons a water wall to protect him, jumps and lands in front of Shisui.
Yuu: You will die! Sharingan!
Shisui: I think that it's time to show you...Yuu...the power of an Uchiha!
Shisui's eye shifts immediatly from the regular Sharingan to his Mangekyou Sharingan.*
Itachi shocked thinking: Shisui...he had the Mangekyou?!? I knew that he aquired it in the previous dimension...but in this one too?
Yuu shocked makes a step back.
Shisui: That's right Yuu...i have the Mangekyou. And trust wasn't easy to gain. I had to endure a lot to have it. So now...
Suddenly he lands just in front of Yuu. He even left an afterimage behind him.
Fugaku thinking: Shisui's body flicker!
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