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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows that the afterimage it's actually the one in front of Yuu. The Uchiha looks at the afterimage as it vanishes and in the next second blood comes out of his chest. He falls down on the ground. Dead.
Shisui: That happens to those that disrespect our fellow kinsmen. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But we can do this the civilizated way, we don't have to disrespect one of our most proeminent memebers. I have been gone with Sasuke for the couple months. I have been on a mission with him. Even though he is younger than me, he was our team leader. And the power it's not the only thing about him. He is a good leader, a good friend and he is willing to sacrifice his life for his friends and comrades. He is an example to us all. So i won't allow any scumbag to disrespect him! He did a lot for Konoha and for the Uchiha clan! We must be proud of him, not desconsider him! And that goes for Itachi as well!*
So..if someone else thinks differently about our involvement in the upcoming war, please express your opinions the civilizated way. We will listen to any idea and we will act as the majority wants! Don't forget that we are the Uchiha clan! Not some low rate clan who just rose above random fodders! We are Uchihas!

The scene it's switched. It shows Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata in hospital beds. Sakura is in the room.

Slowly Hinata Hyuuga opens her eyes. She sees the light above her, coming from the lamp. She turns her head and spots Sakura.
Hinata: Sakura...
Sakura: Shh! Don't talk yet! Rest Hinata...and forget about everything right now!
Hinata almost asleep: Okay...*
She falls in a world of dreams almost instantly. There,in the dream, she sees a man...standing on a cliff around a small fire. The man wears some dirty clothes and tries to warm himself at the fire. She almost feels sorry for him, until she sees his face.*
Hinata: Raiden?!?
Suddenly another man lands near him. A man dressed all in black with the Uchiha crest on his back. The man has a sword at his back and the Konoha plate pinned at his shoulder.
Sasuke: I have finally found you.
Raiden: Who are you? You seem some that i used to know.
Sasuke: It doesn't matter who am I. Tell me your story.
Raiden: Why should i tell you my story?
Sasuke: Because tou have nothing else to do.
Raiden: I could ignore you.
Sasuke: Or you could unburden your soul.
Raiden: It would be nice if i could tell it actually.
Sasuke smiles: Then go for it, Raiden...
Raiden: At first...i want to ask you you know how it feels to lose yourself? To feel that you just a half of what you should actually be? To feel that you lost something that defined you and that you could never regain it? That's how i feel. That's how I feel...since...a long time..ago. Once i used to have everything...because i was everything. You was like..I had double personality. That i was bipolar. It was me...the part that represented the human traits such as greed, envy, gelousy and rage, and my brother that stand for tranquility, love, and generosity. We were a complete being...some cultures called us the "First". Soon, we used our energies to create other beings. Less powerful than us, but someone that would enjoy our company. They were made after us. But my brother wanted to dispose of his "evil " feelings. The problem was, that i was those feelings
*I was representing those feelings. Somehow he managed to get rid of rip me out of our body. We got separated in two different bodies. He banished me from our home, he banished me from our life...he took away from me everything i had. And since then, i tried to get back...i tried to achieve once again that state. But i failed. I'm now...just a miserable lonely man...waiting for my flesh to rotten and my bones to crack. I'm all alone...i lost everything and for no reason...just because my brother, who was supposed to have equal rights as me, thought that it was better to banish i was a dog. I've fallen so low, that i can't even remember the feeling that i had when i was one with my brother. So...Sasuke...if you're here to kill it.*
Sasuke surprised: How do you know my name?
Raiden: I'm aware of who you are. It seems that you have a connection with my alter ego. I'm the original Raiden...i gave birth to him...and it seems that he there is no reason for me to live anymore. Do it, Sasuke! End my misery!
Sasuke: I'm sorry that it has to end this way, Raiden...i'm sorry that everything happend like this...i wish that there was something that i could do...but i'm afriad that there is nothing else for you anymore in this world.
Sasuke slowly takes out his sword and stream electricity through it.
Raiden smiles: There was never...anything for me, Sasuke. Just a vain hope...everything...was for nothing!
Hinata's dream ends with a scene showing Sasuke from behind, as he makes a large swing and Raiden's head falls on the ground.

She wakes up sweating heavily and looks around her. It's night ouside. She sees that Sasuke waked up as well. Naruto is still asleep.
Sasuke looks at her with determination on his face.
Hinata: Sasuke! Did you...?!
Sasuke: Yeah...i dreamed the same thing too. I saw you witnessing everything.*
Hinata: What happend?!? How it's possible that we shared a dream?!?
Sasuke: I don't know...yet...but...promise me something.
Hinata: I know Sasuke. I won't tell Naruto!

The panel shows Naruto waking up. He is surrounded by people. He sees Sasuke and Hinata that already have waked up.

Naruto: What happend...?
Sasuke: I don't know...once that we revealed the treasures..i don't know what happend...
Tsunade: The three of you, started releasing beams into the objects from your chests. The next moment you fell on the ground. I didn't figure it out yet...but it's a matter of time.
Naruto: Another mystery...dammit...i hate not knowing what's happening!
Konohamaru: Naruto...
Naruto: What happend, kiddo?
Konohamaru: My position as Hokage...i resign! You're the one who has the title! I'm nit yet able to lead Konoha into war. You're more suited than me at this point!
Naruto: But..!!!
Konohamaru: I don't want to hear it. When you will decide to retire, i will be the next in line! But until're the Hokage!*
Naruto *moved: Thank you...Konohamaru...

The scene shows a gathering of the Hyuuga clan in their council room.Everyone is there except Hinata.

Neji is speaking.
Neji: They are back and they plan to bring another war to us! And it's Naruto and Sasuke's fault!
Hiashi: And what do you propose, Neji?
Random Hyuuga: It's not like we could overthrow them!
Neji: We must do sacrificies in order to avoid war! We don't want to end up killed!
Hiashi: What kind of sacrifices? We cannot bring down Sasuke without fighting the whole Uchiha clan. We would cause a civil war in Konoha.
Neji with determination and hatred on his face: Then...let it be a civil war! This way only the Uchihas will die! Not everyone! If we kill Naruto and Sasuke, this Raiden guy will leave us alone! We must do it! We don't need to live in the Uchiha's shadow anymore! We must prove that we are the most powerful clan! Are you with me?
All the Hyuuga yells their support at Neji's proposal. He has a satisfied look on his face, as he is preparing the clan for the first civil war in Konoha!
But, a panel shows someone attending their meeting. In the shadows, a man dressed in red is seen smiling.

The panel shows a giant red beam coming from the sky hitting the ground. A man appears from the impact. A man dressed in white that has several scars on his face. He is standing on a hill and looks at a distant Konoha.

Quintrix: Naruto...Sasuke...i'm sorry for what i'm about to do...

The end.
Next chapter: The Hyuuga riot.
Quintrix's appearence.
The death of an Uchiha.
Zero's backround.
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