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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Rising Snake Part V
Surviving ones Purpose

Scene is back where it started in the hidden Cave..Itachi, Kabuto and Sasuke all face one another as Itachi continues speaking...

Itachi: As it seems Kabuto you have had a life quite like mine. The main difference is the reason behind our existence and the ending of which we will meet our doom. Kabuto your doom awaits you but I feel even you lost your true reason for living. You claim you are no one.. a blank canvas much like Sasuke's that can be easily painted over by anyone. The fact that you abandoned your family and sought power through Orochimaru proves that you are nothing but a parasite. You live by feeding off the life of others. Kabuto you are a farce, let alone you are your own mystery. Do you really believe that even if Danzo hadn't interfered you would not still turn out like this?! Face were meant to be the reptile you are. A single snake that has no ties nor attachments to this world. You are nothing but a shell of what you were meant to be. I truly sympathize with you and I understand everything about how you developed and evolved. Answer me this Kabuto....Do you still think of your mother?

Kabuto gasps and steps backward. Kabuto: This game of cat and mouse will come to an end Itachi. If you plan to stop the Edo Tensei then lets see what you have up your sleeve. Itachi: It seems your mother still burdens your soul Kabuto. Kabuto: Hidden Serpent Gastric blades! Snakes hisses are heard echoing throughout the cave. Suddenly from under both Sasuke and Itachi white snakes dive up in the form of sharp blades. (Sasuke is being protected again by Itachi's Susanoo hand.) They slice and dive into the corpse of Itachi. Itachi: (panting and breathing heavily) Are you attempting to paralyze me or subdue me long enough to replant that tag back in me? Kabuto: My goal right now is to permanently shut you up. I can always recast you as one of my Edo pawns. Kabuto: Hermit Arts Chakra Shift! (the snakes that impaled Itachi glow a slight orange hue.) Itachi stumbles to one knee as he is crippled by Kabuto's jutsu. Sasuke. Brother what's wrong?!! Sasuke turns toward Kabuto grabbing his attention. As the amateurasu flames die down, we see a composed posture in that of Sasuke.

Kabuto: Giving up Sasuke kun? Itachi has been turned completely into stone! Kabuto: Very similar to the power of Muki Tensei, Chakra Shift turns the tables completely transferring my own chakra into another's body. Though it sounds beneficial it eradicates the harmony of your chakra network and forces in heavy levels of potent natural energy. If you've recently faced Naruto you would understand...Natural energy can turn anything into stone if it can not handle the energy drawn in. What do you think now of me Sasuke kun? Am I still an imperfect snake? Sasuke raising his head revealing his EMS...Sasuke: You will pay for what you did! I had so much to ask him! You will learn never to cross me! You will learn to never cross paths with an Uchiha period!!!!! Kabuto: Let me guess you are going to show me the power of your EMS?

Sasuke: EXACTLY!

As the stone Itachi is frozen solid, Sasuke places his hand on his cold brothers shoulder....Sasuke: Rest brother...I will avenge you!

Sasuke throws up a huge wave of amateurasu flames. An ocean of black fire takes over the caves floor. Kabuto jumps but Sasuke forms a Susanoo hand and sends a amateurasu disk at Kabuto who is stuck jumping in the air. Kabuto in thought ( You will have to do better than that!) Kabuto quickly summons a wall positioned with bodies. Kabuto: Dead soul defense! The flames hit the wall dead on pushing Kabuto towards the ceiling with it's force.(Kabuto lands on the ceiling) Sasuke pays close attention to the wall of dead bodies and notices something......a burning Uchiha logo. Kabuto: Oh you must have noticed your clansmen up there. Silly me, I guess I forgot to tell you the most important thing that I have done just for you.........I brought back the Uchiha clan! Sasuke grits his teeth and jumps in toward Kabuto. As the wall poofs away in the smoke, Kabuto: Hidden puppet jutsu! Kabuto forms chakra strings that race out attaching to Sasuke's limbs. Kabuto hurls Sasuke back down toward the black flames. Sasuke crashes into the ground but he is saved by his own impartial Susanoo. Sasuke in thought (Chakra strings? When did he use such tactics?) Sasuke clears the ground completely of the flames. Sasuke: Covet much!? (eyeballing Kabuto) Kabuto jumps down from the ceiling and prepares his battle stance.

Sasuke covers his hand in his signature black flames. Kabuto:???? Sasuke: Let me show you the power of my Black Lightning. Kabuto: The Third Raikage had black ration techs...what makes you think I should be worried? Sasuke: Let me bury this (referencing his black chakra blade that he quickly engulfs in lightning) in your can decide from there.....(looking straight at Kabuto grinning.)

to be continued............................... .......

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