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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“Enter: Team Madara”

We see Naruto with the clones, while separately Bee, Sakura and Sasuke with Itachi in Huge snake form wrapped around his waist are gathered.

They appear to have just finished talking with each other. Naruto takes the scrolls from the clone and they disperse.

Naruto, “Okay guys I have to go for a while, to Toad Mountain, it’s the best place for me to do this with no interruptions. I have to trust in you Uncle Bee to keep my team safe.”

Sasuke, “what, your leaving? What about releasing my clan from that scroll?!”

Sakura, “he knows Sasuke, he will be back, I am sure he is doing what he thinks is best.”

Naruto goes Sage mode claps his hands and disappears.

Later we see Kakashi with the other leaders of the Army, along with Tsunade.

Omoi, “I think we won, there are only a handful of those plant guys left.”

Kankaro, “well all the Edo summons are gone plus no sign of that Madara with the mask.

Kakashi, well, I do want to check up on my pupils, I heard Sakura hasn’t been seen sense she went to the rear for supplies, I am sure she is fine.”

Iruka walks in, “oh excuse, I apologize, but one of our scouts has picked up Sasuke’s trail. He is with Sakura and Killer Bee”

Tsunade, “what? Are they prisoners, they maybe under a Genjutsu!?”

Kakashi, “Lady Hokage…”

Tsunade, “go!”

Soon we see Raikage , Mei, Gaara and Oonki. They are gathered in a secret area, having a meeting.

Gaara, “So then with only the masked man for Naruto to deal with it is time we left the fighting to our men.”

Mei, “yes it is tie we discussed the Alliance after the war. Will we keep the same structure? Will Raikage be the Supreme leader of all the Hidden Villages?”

Raikage, “we do need a plan, maybe even a restructuring, unless we go back to the old ways. But I am better at physical matters rather than the politics.”

Oonki, “well I am picking a successor, it will be up to them to decide where the Rock stands in this. But I have no plans of being ruled by another village in any way.”

Gaara, “we should govern our villages as we always have, but have regular meetings under a ruled council. That council has limited but absolute authority, they cannot tax any village other than their own, but they can authorize the aid to other villages outside the hidden villages.”

Raikage, “war, can they start war?”

Gaara, “I don’t think it is right to volunteer anyone or village for battle.”

Oonki, “but they can hold council so we may vote on it, or say who is going to help or not.”

Mifune, walks in, “sounds like the beginning of a new ninja system to me.”

They all look at him, wondering what he is doing there.

Soon Madara walks in, “oh yes I am here, in the flesh so to speak. Alive and well. You will all kneel to me and my old clan.”

Raikage, “what?!”

Madara, “that’s right as you all should know, most of the original clans came from Samurai. That is why most of the elder ninja wear similar dress in battle.”

We see flashes of the 1st,2nd and 3rd Hokage.

Oonki, “you are a traitor.”

Mifune, “I only want peace, He is an elder member of my samurai branch, as such I am bound to him.”

He puts his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Raikage is in his face, with an angry look on his face.

“you are scum…”

We see that Mifune pulled his sword out and laced it with lightning in time to impale Raikage.
Oonki flys upward only to havae Mifune jump and tackle him before he can get out of range.

Mifune, “you Kage are making this hard on yourselves and your villages.”

We see Raikage, do a sign with his hand. A huge serge of lightning occurs filling the room.

A few feet from him everyone sees a huge lightning Tiger, it roars and leaves with the speed of a lightning bolt.

Raikage is dead.

Gaara is sitting at the table when Madara jumps on top of it looking down on him and Mei is backing away, not quit sure what to do.

Suddenly Samurai fill the room surrounding everyone.

Mifune, “it is done”

Soon we see Naruto reading a scroll, “hmm, great this one should work just fine.”

He does some hand signs then, “Uzumaki technique: seal of Learning!”

A seal forms on his forehead shaped like the Uzumaki crest then fades away.

He then begins reading every single thing on the scroll at tremendous speeds.

Now we see Sakura and Bee walking behind Sasuke.

Sakura, “He almost seems like his old self, I mean he was always serious, and so, cool . But it’s like the hate in him is gone.”

Sasuke speaking back, “not gone just put away, Naruto did it, he said he separated it form me.”

Suddenly, Sasuke goes EMS and blocks and attack from.

Sakura, “Sai?!”

Then Kakashi and several ANBU ninja along with Shikamaru, Omoi and members of the Hyuuga clan. Including Neji and Hinata.

Kakashi, “get back we will take care of Sasuke!”

Sasuke, “you don’t understand, I am not the same anymore.”

Itachi(snake) surfaces form behind him, “Kakashi.”

Kakashi, “You have started to use the same methods as your old Teacher Orochimaru plus the Mangekyo! Be careful everyone!”

Sakura, “stop, he is on our side now! Sort of.”

Bee, “Yeah don’t be fools, he’s a good dude!”

Omoi, “sorry master, but we can’t follow anything you say right now.”

Neji, “yes you are all under a Genjutsu, you have to be! We can’t trust anything any of you say.”

Kakashi, “that being said we don’t want to but if you aid him, we will not hold back fighting you as well.”

Sasuke, “fine then, Susan’oo”

Everyone backs up but this Susan’oo has no weapons. Suddenly the Hyuga members surround him.

Hyuga in unison, “master trigrams: God killer palms!”

They all strike it and with in ,moments it is gone and they are in close range striking Sasuke.

Neji, ‘come out Sasuke.”

Sasuke appears, “better than I remember, those eyes. You think they compare to mine?”

Kakashi, “Neji!”

Neji, “no I will handle this, If I fall take him down.”

Suddenly the snake gets defensive.

Sasuke, “No brother you go heal, recover your chakra, I will be fine.”

Neji takes a stance, “we are the masters of our destiny, Byakugan: mirror release!”

Suddenly Neji Byakugan changes to a red color and his vines stop bulging.

Sasuke is a bit surprised.

Neji, “this is why the Uchiha never crossed the Hyuga, now face me!”

Next: Hyuga vs., Uchiha
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