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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Last one for now.....

gonna think it through see if I wanna do a whole ARC

“Uchiha vs. Hyuga”

Neji is looking at Sasuke as they both size each other up.

Neji, “I am looking you in your eye for two reason Sasuke Uchiha. One is out of respect as a formidable, worthy opponent. The other is to show you that your Genjutsu is useless against my Byakugan at this level.

Sasuke pulls his sword, “if you insist on not listening then I have no choice but to defend myself, bring it on Hyuga!”

The both charge to each other matching each other’s movements and blows with blocks and sways.

Neji, {he doesn’t realize it yet, good.}

While everyone watches on Sakura tries to approach when Hinata jumps in front of her.

“do not go any further, Sakura.”

Sakura, “get out of my way Hinata, I won’t go easy on you just because…”

She flashes of her confessing her love for Naruto.

Hinata, “you don’t have to, you also don’t have to be defeated either. Stay where you are.”

Sakura, gets upset, “what? Why you get out of my way!!”

Kakashi, “sees the altercation but does not interfere.

Hinata, {she has strength on her side, but anger is clouding her. Frustration is defeating her.} “32 palms”

Sakura gets hit by most of them but jumps back, “dammit, that won’t work, my master taught me to shift the chakra fluctuations in my system around. With bursts of chakra at the points you hit I can over power the effect!”

Scene change.

We see the Kages being escorted by Samurai away from the hidden location.

Mei, “why didn’t you do something Kazekage?”

Gaara, “It would be useless, they out number us and with all of our chakra levels so low we would have not survived against the numbers…also, him.”

We focus on Madara, walking with Mifune at his side.

Suddenly Madara summons many huge beasts, all the Samurai load up as well as the prisoners and the two leaders.

As the beasts fly off we see Iruka Sensei is left in hiding. He seen it all.

Scene switch to Naruto.

Naruto, “alright, I am done. Just in time.”

The symbol on his fore head glows in focus again but then crumbles away into dust.

Scene switch.

Neji kicks Sasuke in the face causing him to go back several steps.

Sasuke, “you asked for it.”

Neji, “give it to me.” {here it comes.}

Sasuke. “Amatera….ah!!!”

He grabs his eyes in pain.

Neji, “I am sorry, there was another reason I was looking in your eyes. I receded your eyes back to there origin, it just took you to send a surge of chakra to them, like when you try Ameterasu.”

We see Sasuke eyes losing all design, he now has red pupils with no design, they begin to fade slightly.

Sasuke, “what have you done to me?! You took my power! I will kill you!”

Neji, “no the Sharinghan aspect of your eyes has been sealed, the seal is not permanent.”

Hinata is now evading Sakura, when, “I am sorry, he taught me this…just in case.”

She dodges Sakura jumps up and, “rasengan!”

She slams it into Sakura's back causing her to fly past Bee who is staring at all happening.
Hinata, “this is my twist, 64 palm all points mini rasengans!”

She is doing her technique with small rasengans swirling around, she is moving at Sakura too fast for her to dodge. At the same time

Now we see Sasuke, doing hand signs with much speed.

Anbu ninja in unison, “leaf style, invincible barrier!”

It covers themselves and everyone behind them.

Unfortunately Kakashi several Hyuga, and Neji are not protected.

Sasuke puts his hand to his mouth, “Dragon flame fire cannon jutsu!”

At the same time Hinata is about to make contact and The Giant dragon shaped flames emerge.


Naruto(clone?) grabbed Hinata’s hands and another has created a huge wall off water that blocked the flames.

Naruto comes from above and lands in the center of it all. He has on a jogging pants that are black with orange pinstripes. HE has a orange shirt on with a Konoha vest that is black. It has mini scrolls running up both sides of it. He has an Uzumaki seals on his forearms. The clones are dressed the same, they disperse.

The water wall recedes and vanishes.

Naruto, “what the hell is everyone doing?!”

Later we are at a different location.

Sasuke is looking in a small mirror and Neji is talking to Sakura. Hinata, is beside Naruto.

Naruto, “well it is over, Tobi is dead, the Edo Tensei is cancelled, My clone found Captain Yamato and was able to take him to the med tent. It will be a while before he is up again.”

Kakashi, “well it seems that only a few things remain.”

Bee, “yeah orange hero, the tailed beast are ready to go.”
Naruto, “I’m taking care of that right now.”

We see another location, the demon statue is in front of Naruto.

Naruto cuts himself then makes hand signs, Forbidden technique: shadow clone soul merge!”

Shadow clones appear but they literally come from Naruto’s body and then chakras are being pulled from the statue.

They all fall down and stand up with seals on their stomachs.

Naruto, “there, it’s better than being trapped inside that statue I hope, but it’s only temporary. Okay?”

All the clones look at him with respective tailed beast eyes, “okay!”

Soon after.

Iruka is Seen making his way to the camp.

Next, the war is over, but now what happens?

“The New Danger”

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