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Re: Game of Thrones and other TV shenanigans

Never read the books, will marathon them this summer while I'm living in the woods.

But the show. goddamn goddamn it's pretty good.

Worst for me would probably the lack of nick offerman, but that's probably just because im watching parks and rec now.

But seriously, it makes me rage in a most awesome way how many absolute CUNTS are in this show. Characters, that is. And they seem to have found the most CUNTY looking CUNTS to play these CUNTS. Jaufree, his CUNT mom, his CUNT uncledad, that faggot rose prince who got sprayed with brienne's (waifu) CUNT fury, and his psycho CUNT wife with that funky dress everyone has been talking about. Oh and one more dried up furry pussy of a CUNT, that kid who told tyrion about the wildfire, the one fucking cersei

They are just...perfectly fucking annoying. Shifty, yellow bellied, liars, manipulators and sluts. Don't get me wrong, I love that the character makes me feel the hate for them.

Arya and Brienne are who I'd want with me in a zombie apocalypse.

Arya's story is getting reallly fucking good too dudes, Tywen (girls name) as well as that crazy old iron krakken pirate dude. The mole faced kids dad, the one who fingered his sister on the horse, yah that one.

Yah, he's such a IDGAF pirate king. "WE TAKE IT, WE PAY THE IRON PRICE" Made my dick hard with inspiration. Total Boss.

Stannis...I just sort of don't care about. I want Brienne to pop his head like a grape between her iron thighs. Maybe he'll get better but as of now he just has this gross looking crazy broad who apparently has hexxus hidden in her uterus. dirty dirty girl.

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