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Re: Game of Thrones and other TV shenanigans

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
1-Where the fuck is Pod? You'd think the TV show would realize they need him.
2-God do I hate staring at his emo, ugly mug.
3-Gonna miss the Queen of Thorns, but I think Margeary is the key Tyrell in this show.
4-Wife and I are separated on Halfhand. She thinks he should have been a more giant of a man; I always prefered the crafty look of a man who's legend is much bigger than his is. Thoughts on that?
5-Lately, I've cooled on Stannis.
1-He was mentioned once, and had almost 2 seconds of screen time... What more do you want? But yeah, really, Blackwater is coming up so they should definitely start to develop him some, or they'll miss the chance to show boat the stark contrast in his battle/non-battle personas.

2-Wholeheartedly concur. The only moment I didn't utterly despise him(just regular kind of despising). Was at that "Listen to this bitch" face he made behind Catelyn, when she gave the "If you were my sons speech". My old lady and I made the same face.

3-??? Was it mentioned somewhere that she wont be appearing in the show? Cause yeah... That would suck. Her role may have been minor, but she had a pretty significant impact on the political landscape of Westeros.

4-I wasn't disappointed at Halfhands casting. I pictured him taller, but what can you do. There's only like two or so casted characters that resemble what I had pictured when reading anyway.

5-Not sure what everyone is upset about with the Stannis actor, see above statement. I mean yeah, he doesn't look or sound what I had imagined, but again, few of the characters do. He plays the role well enough for my taste.

One thing in ep 5 I was looking forward too, that was omitted. Was when Stannis told Cat "Lord Eddard was no friend of mine, but only a fool would question his honor". Don't know why I wanted to see it, or why they changed it, but whatever.

Episode 6:
I thought the riot scene in the streets of Kings Landing was overdone. Joffrey taking a poo-ball to the face was good and all, because you know, fuck Joffrey. But the part where they ripped the the holy dude's arm if in under three seconds, then the commoner raises it over his head like a trophy. Also, the would be rapey guy who for some reason was fixated on taking Sansa's shoe's off. Seemed like a stupid way to try and slow the scene down, giving the Hound time to get there.

Tywin is starting to remind me off my father... It's not a good thing. Though, I did like his remarks to Little Finger. "You say that like you are the first man to think it.... Any more brilliant insights you'd like to share".

Little Finger

Anyway another episode down. I'm glad they decided to break up the books into 2 seasons starting with Storm of Swords. Way to much is happening in what little time they have.
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