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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Swordsmen
*Scene opens with Ryu and the Zetsu clone army reeking destruction on the citizens who stayed in Kirigakure. Ryu has just beheaded a man when Hiru lands right next to a woman who was staring at Ryu.*
Woman: But why Lord Ry…
*Hiru shoves the lady out of the way as Ryu is swing his sword down on the lady. He immediately swings Samehada down on the blade, not allowing Ryu to pull it back up.*
Ryu: So it looks like not all of you are cowards. Good, now we really get to see how good this army is.
Hiru: Ryu, I presume.
Ryu: And who be you?
Hiru: I’m the guy who’s about to whoop your ass.
Ryu: Really?!
*Ryu attempts to kick Samehada off of his blade, but once his foot touches Samehada, some of Ryu’s chakra is drained by Samehada. Ryu pulls his leg back, realizing which blade he is against.*
Ryu: The famed Samehada. I thought Killer Bee owned this blade.
Hiru: It has returned to its rightful home, Kirigakure.
*Ryu drops his blade and enters a crane stance.*
Ryu: I don’t need my blade to finish you off.
Hiru: Why is that you villians never know when to shut the hell up?
*Hiru swings Samehada horizontally from right to left at Ryu. Ryu ducks the swing, pivoting on his left hand, kicking Hiru on his left side in the ribs, sending him flying back. Ryu makes a few handsignes and then fades into the ground. Hiru looks around. He is suddenly knocked from behind by a Zetsu Sage Clone. The clone walks over to Hiru, pulling out a blade, and just as it is about to strike Hiru, a lightning bolt strikes the clone, momentarily rendering the clone immobile. This gives Hiru enough time to maneuver around and get out of the area where the strike will hit. Just as the bolt is finished, the blade comes down where Hiru was.*
Hiru: Thanks Toyo. You see that Ryu guy?
Toyo from atop a building behind Hiru: Nope.
*Toyo flickers down to Hiru, getting back to back with him. He has kiba (the thunderswords) in each hand, ready to attack the next oncomer.*
Toyo: And I don’t like the fact that my lightning bolt did nothing to him.
Hiru: It paralyzed him momentarily, and saved my ass. I owe you one.
Toyo: Aye.
*A clone some distance from the duo summons a rock golem, sending it to attack the two. As the golem is about to connect with a hammerfist puch, Hiru swings Samehada, severing the golems arm. Samehada begins to give some of the absorbed chakra to Hiru. He sees the clone and makes a mad dash to him. He leaps on the air, preparing for a downward swing on the clone. Just as he is about to land the blow, the clone crosses his arms in a blocking motion, blocking Samehada. Samehada begins to absorb the chakra from the clone. Hiru stares at the clone, wondering how long it will be able to parry his attack, when Samehada starts to wither and whine. Samehada throws itself away from Hiru, landing back in the area with Toyo. Hiru watches on astonished, leaving an opening for the clone. The clone then hits Hiru with a fuuton blast, sending him into a building. Toyo picks up Samehada and runs after Hiru.*
Toyo: Hiru….
*Scene switches to more clones attacking the north part of the village. A woman holding a baby is crawling away from the clones. One clone pulls out a kunai and throws it at the woman. A splatter of blood is seen. The panel zooms out to reveal a long-haired man, dressed in a kimono. He is wielding the Executioner’s Blade. He pulls the kunai out of his forearm, and wipes his forearm on his blade. He looks up at the clone who threw the kunai with a grevious smile.*
Swordsmen: What type of religion kills their own?
Clone: Who said we were a religion?
Swordsmen: Then what are you?
Clone grinning: The first wave.
*The clone leaps at the swordsman, changing forms into a giant white snake, headed at the swordsman with its mouth wide open (the snake and mouth are large enough to swallow the swordsman whole). Just as the snake is about to reach the swordsman, at the last moment, he sidesteps the snake, swinging his blade horizontally, cleaving the flesh from the juncture of the jaws all the way to the tail of the snake as it sails past the swordsman.*
Swordsman: Next time you’ll think twice about messing with me.
*Ryu walks up behind the swordsman.*
Ryu: And who are you?
Swordsman: Momochi… Momochi Kazuka.
Ryu: Any relation to the Demon of the Mist?
Kazuka: That bastard of a father… I will rewrite the name Momochi in the history books.
*Suddenly a figure lands on what was thought to be Ryu, causing a dust cloud. As the dust clears, a white haired man holding the bluntsword (the axe and hammer) in a slice on the ground. Ryu appears between the two swordsmen.*
Ryu: Nice try. But I grow tired of you as well. Surely there is one here I can test my strength on.
*Ryu once again sinks into the ground, leaving the two swordsman. Clones are beginning to enclose on the duo.*
Kazuka: I could have handled him, Shio.
Shio: You blade didn’t even cut through that entire snake *pointing to the clone in area, healing himself*. And my sword isn’t the best for this type of opponent.
Kazuka: Then what should we do?
Shio: We need to regroup. That’s going to be our only chance of surviving.
Kazuka: Mind explaining how we do that?
Shio: Mizukage-sama and Choujourrou are staying in the middle of the village. Hiru and Toyo are at the Main Gate (West Gate). Chizo and Jamena are at the South Gate. We’ll circle around back to Mizukage-sama and Choujourrou.
Kazuka: Alright. Let’s move.
*The two shinobi start running towards the main gate, unaware of what awaits them. Scene switches to two shinobi, one short and stubby, another one even skinnier than Kazuka. The short and stubby fellow wields the Blastsword, while the other wields the longsword. The two are standing in a dust cloud that is beginning to clear revealing several clones surrounding them.*
Skinny guy: Dammit Chizo. Your blast had little to no effect on them.
Chizo: Well, at least we learned that you long sword is effective in bringing them together.
*All of the clones start to leap at the two. Scene switches to the Mei and Choujourrou battling clones in front of the Mizukage’s office. Mei is spewing her acid which is eating away some of the flesh from the clones.*
Mei: Dammit, why isn’t this working?
Choujourrou sweating: Get back milady.
*Mei leaps behind Choujourrou who swing his Hiramekarei at a group of clones, releasing chakra at the group. The chakra beam only cuts through two of the clones.*
Mei in thought: Damn, this is not good. Hurry the hell up Karin and Juugo.
*Scene switches to Karin and Juugo entering a hut.*
Karin: Anyone home? Hello!
*Juugo rushes through the hut, looking in the second room.*
Juugo: No one is here.
Karin: Good, this is the last one.
*The two start to turn around and walk out of the hut. Open walking through the doorway, they are greeted by an elderly man.*
Juugo: Sir, we need to get you away from here.
Old man: But why?
Juugo: Your life is in danger.
Old man: My… My life? My life is not in danger.
*Suddenly footsteps are heard by the trio. All three look in the direction and see a Zetsu clone heading towards them. Juugo stands in front of Karin and the old man.*
Juugo: Get him out of here. I’ll hold him off so you can get away.
Karin: I’m not leaving you.
Juugo: Don’t worry. I will handle this one.
*The clone stops directly in front of the trio, staring at the old man. It points at the old man and opens its mouth to speak. Juugo immediately transforms into the monster, flashing to the clone, grabbing its face and slamming it into a tree, imbedding the top half of the shoulder, along with the clones entire neck and head. Juugo starts to transform back.*
Juugo: What the fuck kinda power is this? That would have killed a normal human being.
Old Man: Maybe he’s not normal.
*Juugo picks up the old man and Karin, hauling ass away from the clone as it begins to pull itself out of the tree. The clone looks at the spec of the trio as they run away from him, grinning. This is news that must be returned to him. Scene switches back to Kiri. We see Kazuka and Shio in front of the main gate calling out for Hiru and Toyo. They spot a group of clones heading into a building. The two pursue the group, both wielding their blade. Just as they come to a wall, Shio takes the lead, striking the wall with his axe. He immediately hits the axe with his hammer, breaking the wall down. Immediately a clone goes flying past Shio. Kazuka not missing an opportunity, swings his blade, cutting the clone in half. Hiru emerges from the rubble, wielding Samehada.*
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