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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Shio: Where’s Toyo?
Hiru: We got separated a minute ago. He went up top.
*Hiru sensing an attack coming, twists around swinging Samehada, catching two clones, and slinging them away from the group. Samehada gives Hiru a little more chakra.*
Hiru: I really, really like you Samehada. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead by now.
*A flash occurs, causing the trio to jump up to the roof. As they land, they see Toyo impaling a clone with one of his swords. As he tries to withdraw the blade, the clone holds onto the sword, pulling it closer. Three clones are leaping at Toyo and the clone. Just as they are about to land on Toyo, an explosion occurs. Bodies are seen flying. Hiru rushes to the center of the blast, which is where Toyo was. As the dust clears and the debri settles, Toyo is seen kneeling next to the Blastsword. He looks past Kazuka and Shio, and sees Chizo and Jamena.*
Toyo: Bout damn time!
Jamena: This wasn’t a cakewalk for us either.
Shio: Quit your griping the two of you. Let’s meet back up with Mizukage-sama and Choujourrou.
*All six flicker off the rooftop. Scene switches to Mei and Choujourrou. Bodies of the clones are seen lying around them. Both are panting. Mei has to lean against a lava statue of a clone to support herself. More clones are surrounding them.*
Mei: How many are there?
Choujourrou: Too many.
Mei in thought: How did you accomplish this Kabuto?
*Three clones take the lead, charging at the two, when all of a sudden, their heads drop behind their bodies. Kazuka is seen with his arm fully extended out, wielding the Executioner’s Blade. Suddenly the rest of the swordsmen land next to the two. Kazuka calmly walks towards the group.*
Mei: I’m glad to see the rest of you are doing so fine.
Shio: All is not well. The only one who has a blade sufficient enough terminate these monsters is Kazuka.
Mei: Aye, we’ve seen that. Choujourrou is low on chakra. We must wait until the signal, and then we’ll head out.
A clone that walked up: Who said you could leave?
*All of the remaining clones gather and encircle the group now.*
Shio: Anyone been keeping count of how many they killed?
Kazuka: I’ve got four.
Choujourrou: I got two.
Mei: And I’ve dealt with six.
Shio mumbling: That’s twelve… So we’ve got to defeat 88 more?!
*Ryu rises up from the ground, heading the clones as they start to make their move.*
Ryu: Today, Kirigakure falls along with its Mizukage, Terumi Mei!
*Ryu is once again wielding his sword, leading the charge. The swordsmen all enter a defensive stance. Scene switches to Juugo and Karin.*
Juugo: This is the place.
Old man: Place for what?
Juugo: Karin, take him and continue on. I must go back and help them.
Karin: I can’t leave you.
Juugo: I promise I’ll return.
*Karin kisses Juugo. As the two separate, Juugo heads back to Kirigakure.*
Karin: We must go now.
Old man: Yes you must.
Karin puzzled: What do you mean?
Old Man: Go on. I’ll make sure he returns to you.
*The old man fades away. Karin shocked, runs towards the evacuees. Scene switches to Juugo running through the terrain, heading to Kirigakure. Next panel switches to Kabuto standing on the ocean. A clone appears next to him.*
Kabuto: What is it?
Clone: He isn’t going to meet you here.
Kabuto: Then Kirigakure it will be.
*Hachimon appears next to Kabuto.*
Hachimon: I’m not pleased, Kabuto.
Kabuto: Do not worry, Lord Hachimon. Lord Benten accounted for this. We know that Suijin will not lift a hand against you. Why else do you think I asked you to come?
Hachimon: I thought this was supposed to be a showing of how terrifying my army would be.
Kabuto: And it is. Come, witness the carnage of your army.
*The two start to head towards Kiri, seeing smoke arise to the clouds. Scene switches to Kirigakure. All the swordsmen are leaning against the swords, save Hiru. He is the lone swordsmen fighting off the attackers, as Ryu and the rest of the clones stand back and watch.*
Hiru smirking: Thanks to Samehada, I can last a long time against you guys.
Ryu stepping forward: Is that right. I think it’s time we finished what we started.
*Ryu motions for the clones to back off. Ryu walks up to Hiru, who is clutching Samehada with both hands.*
Ryu: I’ll even fight you without this sword.
*Ryu unsheathes his sword and tosses it aside.*
Hiru: I’ll teach you not to be so cocky against me!
*Hiru swings Samehada at Ryu, who leaps backwards performing hand signals. A purple aura begins to grow around Ryu.*
Ryu: Have you even fathomed as to why you can’t really damage my army or me?
Shio mumbling: What the fuck is he talking about?
Ryu: Yakushi Kabuto has become the Great Dragon Sage. I, studying under him, am the White Snake Sage.
*Ryu transforms into the form that Orochimaru took when he tried to take over Sasuke.*
Ryu: And once we’ve killed you, the others will fall. I’ll make sure that they beg for mercy before we kill them.
*Ryu lunges at Hiru. Hiru leaps into the air, landing on Ryu’s back, running down his back to his origin of his attack.
Hiru: I am Kon Hiru. I have been trained by the samurai from the Land of Iron. You will not defeat me here.
*All of a sudden all the clones along with Ryu lunge and leap at Hiru. Just as the forces are about to reach Hiru, a monstrous explosion occurs. Dust and debri fill the air. Once things begin to come clear, Juugo, in his transformed state, is seen standing over Hiru, lying at the bottom of a crater. Juugo is panting.*
Juugo: Hiru, get them out of here. You don’t know what you’re up against.
Hiru: And what makes you think you can boss me around?
*Juugo looks at Hiru, grabs him by his collar, and tosses him to the group.*
Juugo: Give them chakra so they can leave. I can’t beat them, but I can hold them off.
Hiru: But together…
Juugo: You must survive with them. Go, inform the other villages…
*Kabuto appears in the group with the SSM, holding Mei in the air by her throat.*
Kabuto: We can’t have that now, can we… Juugo?
*Ryu transforms back, walking up to Kabuto and kneeling.*
Ryu: My apologies Lord Kabuto.
Kabuto: Do not fret. I believe you would have destroyed them, but things have changed.
Ryu: What is it milord?
Kabuto: Don’t you think it’s about time you showed yourself?
*The old man steps out from behind a building, walking towards the group.*
Old Man: Please don’t kill me.
Kabuto: Don’t you think it is time you revealed yourself… Suijin.
*The old man changes into Suijin. Everyone gawks at the god of water.*
Suijin: Let her go. Let her go, and you can have Kirigakure.
Kabuto: I don’t think so. I know you won’t stand against me or him *nodding to Ryu*. And my army can handle these miscreants anytime. Nothing can stop me from taking this place, and their lives!
*A huge tidal wave is seen on the horizon behind Suijin, raising up to 200 feet tall. Kabuto sees the tidal wave and smiles.*
Kabuto: That won’t work either.
Suijin: Will it?
*Juugo flashes over and tackles Kabuto, who releases Mei. Ryu sprints towards Mei to finish her off as the wave comes crashing down on Kirigakure. Scene zooms out to show Kirigakure covered in water. The only building showing above water is the Mizukage office. Scene switches to the Koi pond. Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi are seen staring into the pond.*
Susanoo: To think, that fool just destroyed his stronghold.
Amerterasu: Do not make haste brother. We must stick to our plan.
Susanoo: Easy for you to say.
Tsukuyomi: She speaks the truth brother. We all know how trustworthy Benten and Hachimon are.
Amerterasu: And they are the least of our worries now.
Susanoo: What do you mean?
Tsukuyomi: Amatsu has father’s spear, brother.
*Scene shows Amatsu in his ogre form, sitting on a pewter throne, holding the Amenonuhoko, grinning. Inzanami walks up to Amatsu, kneeling before him.*
Amatsu: Arise my bride.
Inzanami still kneeling: But you are the wielder of Amenonuhoko. You graced me to wield it for a moment, and I almost lost it.
Amatsu: Yes, that Uzumaki twerp somehow avoided your blow. Are you fit to be my queen? Maybe Benten….
*Inzanami looks up at Amatsu sharply, which is now in his human form.*
Amatsu: I am the only being who understands the beauty of your rotting flesh of a corpse.
*Inzanami gets a wicked smile, and crawls to the lap of Amatsu. Scene zooms in Amatsu’s face smiling and laughing.*

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