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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Continuation-The Sacrifices we make

Both Konoah nins speed at Sasuke. Orochimaru jumps in the air spitting our hundreds of snakes. As the tidal wave of snakes come down swords emerge from their throats. Sasuke looks up with one eye bleeding. Sasuke: Sharingan Genjutsu! He captures all the snakes quickly in a stasis and commands then to turn upon their master. The snakes start to team up and impale Orochimaru over and over. Itachi swoops in tossing fire engulfed shurikens at his brother. Sasuke manages to form a Susanoo arm that sends out multiple discs at his brother. Itachi is nailed by a disc and falls to dust as the pile is covered in flames and smoke. Sasuke rises and jumps back in a familiar spot. Kabuto rushes him showing his monstrous strength and speed. Sasuke: I feel so I have been fighting all day.Kabuto (in mind) Those zetsu spores should have drained him quite a bit. Kabuto blinds Sasuke with his Hakugeki. As Sasuke's vision returns Kabuto has slipped in front of Sasuke holding a blade to his throat. Kabuto: The game is over...I have won...with my power I can not be defeated by anyone. Now I would hate to deny you your talk with your older brother so I will do this last favor before you become my favorite test subject. Kabuto reverses his technique exerting Itachi from his release. Kabuto: let me get that for you Itachi kukukuku. Kabuto unlocks the bind on Itachi's edo. Kabuto: Now say good bye!! Itachi as he looks at his brother he quickly turns to Kabuto. Sasuke and Itachi at the same time: GOOD BYE KABUTO! Sasuke reels in Kabuto with his wired traps. As the wires wrap around Kabuto rapidly Amateurasu flames are summoned as they race down the wire. Kabuto is covered in agonizing eternal flames. Itachi: I told you that you would fail Kabuto. Strange thing is I pity you, if you would of had love in your life you may have lived differently. Now it is time to end this. Itachi: Tsukuyomi! Sasuke stops the amateurasu as Itachi proceeds to stop the jutsu.

In the genjutsu*

Itachi: Kabuto I used Izanami right before you slashed me. At that moment I made you believe I was under your control. By changing my own fate I saved Sasukes. Kabuto: That is impossible you were my puppet. You almost killed your brother along side my master. Itachi: All an act you said I am the king of lies...and I have lived such a deceitful life. It was easy to have you believe you had won. You desired it so much it blinded you. Your power was part of your demise as well. With great power demands great control. Itachi forces Kabuto to end the jutsu. Kabuto: Itachi you do know don't you...? Itachi: You are truly a sage Kabuto. I almost didn't notice till the end that this body was a clone. Where ever you have escaped to... I really wish you a life of peace. Farewell Kabuto...for I hope that you find your real self. The clone of Kabuto's is shocked as he smiles and quickly puffs away.

Back in the cave*
Itachi returns and he quickly puts Sasuke under Tsukuyomi. Itachi: This is the end Sasuke, I am soon to fade away. Before I go...he walks up slowly to his brother and taps his forehead.....Itachi: I am sorry brother. (as he smiles genuinely) Sasuke: Bro.....ter Bro..........

Sasuke falls unconscious.

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