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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
Haven't played Operation Raccoon City yet. I know it's not a proper Resi game, it's just a middle-of-the-road third person shooter. Still want to play it, because I'm a RE fanboy and the idea of the game appeals to me. Looks competent enough to have fun playing it.
About ORC, I am sure you will keep cursing the game mechanics until you get used to it. It is bad, and I mean really bad. The AI is absolutely atrocious. It sometimes so happens that a goddamn Hunter turns away and goes somewhere instead of chopping my head off.

Even so, you can't help but love it. I mean, it's Raccoon City man. And seeing all the BOWs feels awesome still no matter how bad they did the AI or whatever. The sad thing is that main threat for me were the humans in the game though, with a few exceptions.

So, even with all the handicaps, I am sure you will be satisfied at least to an extent in the end. Too bad it's such a short game, too.

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
I think old-style slow zombies worked in Resident Evil not because they were scary, or a threat. They worked because they were bullet sponges. The old games, especially the first, were about working out a strategy from getting from A to Z (heh, Z), while sustaining the least amount of damage and using the least amount of ammo. If you didn't plan correctly, you got overwhelmed. The zombies usually weren't enough to kill you even then, but the addition of enemies like the Hunter that do a lot more damage per hit meant that if the zombies pinned you down, something else would fuck you up. Hell, Hunters even have a one-hit kill attack if you're even slightly damaged, but only when they're behind you. Not having a plan, and getting distracted by other enemies like zombies meant you'd get instantly decapitated.
I'll add to that. When playing 2 or 3, for example, saving bullets by running past the zombies was good...unless, that is, you are too scared to try to get past them because you know it's going to be fucking hard to do so unless you have played the game for some time. I've had two friends playing RE 1,2,3, Remake, and Code Veronica at my place this winter. We were chilling, drinking and I only watched them play because they never played before. They are 26, and holy shit were they scared (Nemesis and Crimson Heads in Remake gave them screams). I know that I cannot enjoy RE as much since I am a moron who played every RE game for a hundred times, but I LOVED watching them play.

Then, a few weeks ago, I gave them to try 5. Their reaction was - It was okay :/

When it comes to difficulty though, I would have to disagree with you. You said that the zombies wouldn't overwhelm you that easily usually. Think of playing RE2 for the first time in your life. You have to reach the police station and you don't know how many zombies are between you and the facility, so you start shooting... and realize there is about thirty more zombies to kill and you are out of ammo. And that's only one example. I love RE for the reason of zombies being an actual threat, not a fodder to charge through. Nowadays you just melee five zombies like in ORC :/ I thought knife should be like the last resort, right?

There is one last thing I'd like to mention... fuck, had a 10 min phone call and my thought went to shit. Oh well. Probably wanted to say something along the lines of Fuck yeah, Resident Evil!

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
I don't quite know what point I'm making here. I think I just fucking love Resident Evil.
I know it's old but...

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