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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
Your friends are awesome.

I think you're right about the zombies being a threat thing. From our point of view, we know exactly how much damage they're likely to take, their speed, and range of attack. Every time we come across one we have a plan to deal with it. But I know when I was playing the game for the first time when I was like, 10 or whatever, I killed virtually every zombie I came across and ended up having ammo problems on normal mode. I found the original game to be the most difficult of the first three because of that, since RE2 and RE3 do take a slightly more action-friendly approach, RE3 especially. People say RE4 was a big change in direction, I don't think it was. The series was always heading that way. IMO a remake of RE3 with RE4 mechanics would feel all that different.

I seem to be slowly collecting RE games. I'm aiming to get a Saturn copy of the original, Dreamcast copies of 3 and CV, and a copy of REmake. Never finished REmake.
Original RE is the hardest one, I wholeheartedly agree. If two zombies got you cornered it's a gg. Your character wouldn't push both of them away like in the other games, so they would take turns gangbanging you.

I would agree that RE3 is more action oriented then 2 and especially 1, but I cannot agree that RE3 isn't a huge difference to RE4 still. My reasons being that in 4 you can, well, buy things. It took away all the gritty feeling of reality every RE before had. Collecting points makes you feel like : hey, I am playing a game and the more of these things I kill the more points I'll get kind of thing.

In RE3 and those before it, you could feel the tragedy and the horror through sheer atmosphere, for example by picking up a shotgun from a dead guy surrounded by zombies knowing he died fighting, while in 4 you can just, well, buy it. Before RE4 there were these files and diaries which made the game SO much more awesome then when in 4 you find a file : There is an American here, take him out. Through those diaries you could just feel the atmosphere. There was more then one diary which concludes in the suicide of the writer, which makes it such a realistic zombie apocalypse kind of thing since you can see how hopeless people felt.

In 4 and 5 and ORC, you run around Ganados (not even zombies), shoot them, kick them and just keep repeating the same without much fuss (not saying about the difficulty, just the feel of the game. the difficulty in 4 was really well done). Even if RE3 took that shooting more heavily then it's predecessors, you had fucking Nemesis there. Even if RE3 had none of the atmosphere 1 and 2 had (and it did), Nemesis would repair it. You just HAD to feel dread from this guy. He kept showing around the corner, never letting go and he is just so challenging that even I who played for so many times have problems with him in certain encounters. So, no matter how much you felt RE3 went for a shooter (and if you ask me, it didn't, it just got a little more noob friendly then what the original did), it still had the survival thing to it. You would never think : hey let's kill Nemesis since I'll get points for him like you would when you faced El Gigante. Even if Nemesis did drop items on Hard difficulty, you would dread the encounter each time since you are dead if you get caught by him even when on Caution.

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