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Re: Naruto Chapter 585

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Its a shame that Christians try to fight the homosexual cause and say they are followers of Christ.. Christ only spoken words are listed in the new testament and he not even once spoke for or agianst homosexuality.. with him being the son og God and all it would make sence for him to weigh in on the matter seeing that it would be such a wedge issue but nope not one word..
let me clarify this for you a little hr.

many fundamentalist Christians believe that Christ's words do cover the scope of homosexuality (at least homosexual marriages). the Bible (and Jesus) has referred to the church as his bride, with Jesus being the groom. these two terms alone signify the sex/gender relationship in a marriage. it is also stated that Jesus was meant to fulfill the law (the OT for those of you who are ignorant to the biblical teachings). the only sexual act mentioned in the ten commandments is coveting (loosely) and adultery. but there are references given to two communites/city-states (Sodom and Gomorrah) where homosexuality was practiced rampantly. the Bible states that God smote these two locations. even history doesn't dispute that the places were destroyed (by natural causes according to historians).

personally, I think gay marriage is wrong. I also think that our country should leave marriage where it was intended to be, in the context of religion. look throughout history. marriage is a concept of most religions, not of government, excluding arranged marriages between royalty and noble families. I have a wife. we have a marriage license, which I have no idea where it is. we got married due to our religious beliefs, not so we could file our taxes a certain way (also, for those who think there is a difference under filing married jointly rather that individuals under a household with a head of household, there is no difference now).
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