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Re: Naruto Chapter 585

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
The choice if you will lies in the idea that it's ok to have such urges so long as you don't choose to act on them. Choosing to act on those urges is what is considered immoral. What is the big cosmic joke in all of this is the idea of a creator giving us these urges & the freewill to act on them while also creating a set of rules where it'll punish you for doing what it created you to do. The whole idea of a creator filled with so much vanity & rage could sit there expecting your love & devotion while threatening to condemn you to an eternity of suffering if you chose not to is rather hilarious. The creator is simply a twisted puppet master who throws a shit fit when it doesn't get it's way.
honestly, you won't understand how asinine your comment is until you have children. I have a daughter who is less than 2 yrs. of age.
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