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Re: Naruto Chapter 585

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
in which state is interracial marriage against the law (or not recognized)?

just curious...
It's only been 46 years since Mississippi legalized interracial marriage. There is to this day a movement in Mississippi attempting to ban interracial marriage. In fact in 2011 46 percent of likely GOP primary voters openly admitted that interracial marriage should be illegal, while only 40 percent said they think it should be allowed. Another 14 percent said they were unsure. So yes it is still fought against to this day.

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
this all revolves around freewill.

for example, my daughter has a fascination with our stove/oven. she likes to pat/bang on the oven door, especially when it is on. every time my wife or myself open the door to get out, say a pizza, she runs to the door, wanting to touch what is inside.

enter the dilemma. do I restrain my daughter, preventing her from burning herself? or do I let her burn herself, gaining the knowledge not to touch things that are hot?

do I let her have complete free will, so that she can make choices and consequently some mistakes and learn from them and gather experience and knowledge, or do I keep her in a cocoon, restricting the free will, but keeping her safe... and ignorant.

by the way, we haven't let her touch it yet. my wife has said she would kill me if I let her touch a hot pan or the burner/rack on the inside of the oven.
You can show her the process of cooking meat in front of her & explain the concept of heat. Explain that if you touch extremely hot things like your stove this could happen to her flesh & that it would be extremely painful. Compare it to an injury she's had in the past while explaining it'll be worse. Then if she still chooses to touch the hot stove she should learn the lesson through personal experience & hopefully won't touch it again. Sheltering a child could potentially harm them in the long run.

How exactly does this relate to things like gay sex(lust), idolizing mickey mouse(false idol), eating a piece of cake(gluttony), relaxing on a beach(sloth), wanting a new toy(greed), or wanting to have a bike like the kid next door(envy) exactly when these things won't necessarily cause harm to another? All of these things are considered sinful/immoral btw.

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

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Yeah vengeance, if i could giuve rep to your o so epic post too i would, but unfortunately I have already repped your greatness already so i cannot either. Just wanted u to know im on your cock now too
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FOOLS! Time is no obstacle for utter lunacy! Reality is but an illusion that can be ignored if the insane demand it!
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1) There may well be some literary or map correlation between the Uzumaki and Ireland.
Check out this awesome manga called Magi.

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